The best sights of Penza with photos and descriptions

The best sights of Penza with photos and descriptions

Penza is a very small, but very cozy town, with an amazing combination of tranquility, leisurely provinces and an impressive number of interesting cultural sites. The old streets of Penza are mesmerizing, the museums and sights of the city are impressive, I want to take a photo near every historical object. In addition, the city is considered one of the greenest in Russia. Any microdistrict of the city is located 30 minutes from the forest on foot. Today I will introduce you to the very interesting sights of Penza and tell you where you can go in Penza to have fun and relax.

Cultural and Historical Sites

Being the center of the European part of Russia, the city was founded in the second half of the 17th century. The location of Penza, as well as its historicity, make it possible to find what to see from the sights, of which, to my surprise, there are many. Starting from the Penza fortress, the city grew and became more cultured, despite the next fire in 1858, it was able to preserve many of its historical sites intact. I would like to share with you my impressions of the sights, visiting museums and places where it will be useful to relax with a child.

Penza Architecture

Walking through the city center, I was impressed by the architecture of the Building of the former Meat Passage - the most picturesque and expressive stone building in Penza. It is represented by luxurious chambers, in the construction of which were used red brick and where six tents flaunt. The walls, which have ornate brick patterns, give the structure a solemnity and special festivity. The general style of the building traces the architecture of religious buildings from about the second half of the 18th century. The construction of the Meat Passage building at the end of the 19th century was entrusted to the Penza architect V.P.Semechkin, very popular in those years. Although the building has a rich decorative finish, it was intended for the meat trade that lasted until 1974.

An interesting architectural monument for me was the Tambov outpost, represented by two stone obelisks with a barrier. From this place, the postal route between Pumza and Tambov originated, which became the so-called Tambov highway. The appearance of the outpost dates back to the turn of the 17th-18th centuries, however, over time, it nevertheless lost its significance, which led to the dilapidation of the obelisks. The current brick obelisks were installed in 1972 to replace the previous ones. Not far from the brick obelisks you can see an old lantern, a barrier and a small sentry box, where the diorama "Old Tambov Outpost" is located. At one time, the Tambov Outpost saw very historical celebrities: the emperors Alexander I and Nicholas I, the famous philanthropist and art connoisseur, Count Stroganov, the head of the gendarme corps, Count Benckendorff, many writers and artists. But more often it provided the opportunity for trade to ordinary peasants.

Also noteworthy are the following architectural structures:

  • The estate of Prince Kurakin near the village of Kurakino, Serdobsky district.
  • Bar "Thermometer" on Maxim Gorky Street.

Monuments of Penza

The city center delighted with the Afghan Gate Memorial Complex, which was dedicated to the natives of Penza who died in Afghanistan. The memorial complex was erected thanks to the initiative of the regional organization of disabled veterans of the Afghan war, Penza veterans and the leadership of the Veteran charitable foundation. Not without the honored Russian sculptor Alexander Bem, who was the author of this monument. The memorial complex is represented by a granite stylobate, which has eight beautiful bronze bas-reliefs (each of them weighs about a ton), steles, where the names of the dead and missing Penza residents, of whom there are more than 130, are spelled out. the main square of the city. The columns are painted with life-size images, which indicate the path of an Afghan warrior with wires, military operations and return to his homeland.

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