The best free events in St. Petersburg for children

Rest in St. Petersburg 2021; what to see, where to go, tours, hotels

Visits to modern museums are interesting for children because they give new knowledge and positive emotions. In St. Petersburg there are many interactive establishments that will expand the horizons of the child, give joy and an unforgettable experience.

LabyrinthUM Museum

Exposition of the museum "LabyrinthUM", located on the street. Lev Tolstoy, 9A (near the metro station "Petrogradskaya") has 170 mechanisms and devices. Their work confirms the well-known laws of physics and other natural sciences. Visitors independently activate them, using the instructions.

Several expositions are located on the territory of 700 m2:

  • In the "World of Physical Experiments" you can light a light bulb from the energy of your body.
  • Visitors to the Mirror World, wandering through the maze, study the laws of optics.
  • The Water World introduces the properties of water.
  • In the "Black Room" will help to take a photo of the shadow.
  • The interactive exhibition "Man in Numbers" introduces interesting facts of human life.

Educational excursions are held in the museum, there is an opportunity to conduct experiments. The programs are designed taking into account the age of the visitors.

There is a Science for Toddlers program even for toddlers under 6 years of age. For students in grades 7-8, "Amazing Nearby" and "Believe it or Verify" are designed. The presenters do not read lectures, but play with visitors, popularly explaining to them the laws of gravity or Archimedes.

Visitors with an interest in science will love the one-to-one guided tour by scientific advisors. The museum accepts visitors from 10 o'clock. until 19:00 The ticket price reaches 500 rubles.

St. Petersburg Planetarium

You can get acquainted with the basics of astronomy at the St. Petersburg Observatory, located in Aleksandrovsky Park, 4.

Free children's activities are provided for residents and guests of St. Petersburg for exciting and useful leisure activities, which include not only walks in parks and visiting cultural and historical sites, but also visits to theaters, concerts, master classes, museums, excursions.

Top most interesting activities for children in St. Petersburg

The most popular places to visit with children that do not require financial expenses include:

1. Rollers. Fans of active recreation in winter can visit the ice rinks located at the following addresses:

2. Observation deck "Roof". You can admire the views of St. Petersburg from a height of 27 meters on an area of ​​1200 located at 74 Ligovsky Prospect (LOFT Project "Etazhi"). Free admission from 09.00 to 11. 0.

3. Excursions. The Excavatur travel company and the Free SPb group offer sightseeing tours around the Northern capital and its suburbs.

4. Conversation clubs. It is possible to improve the skills of foreign languages ​​in the library system. Lermontov, British Book Center, Mayakovsky Library.

5. Peter-Pavel's Fortress. You can see how a cannon is fired in front of the Naryshkin Bastion every day at 12 0. The entrance to the territory is open from 9 0 to 20 0.

6. Film screenings. Watching films in foreign languages ​​libraries and film clubs of the city.

7. Breeding the bridge. Many indigenous people come to the city center at least once a season to enjoy this spectacle. The ferry routing schedule may change, therefore, before you go with your child to get acquainted with the business card of the Northern capital, it is recommended to visit the official website of the Mostotrest State Budgetary Institution.

8. Theatrical performances are held at the Theater-Studio of St. Petersburg State University, the People's Theater "Glagol".

9. Young visitors will be interested in exhibits from numerous museums with free admission (Metro Museum, Arctic and Antarctic Museum, Zoological Museum).

When a guest first arrives in St. Petersburg, he wants to get used to it as soon as possible and see its most important sights. The city on the Neva, despite its relatively young age - just over 300 years old, which for the city as a human adolescence, literally abounds in monuments of antiquity, architecture and culture. The northern capital is such a huge treasury of great sights with world names that many tourists cannot understand the various lists of St. Petersburg cultural heritage sites of Russia and their merits.

What to see first? Where to go to attend the most important event? Than just to admire? Where to go for a walk? How to get to the sights - symbols of St. Petersburg, which you saw in the pictures? Where can I find information about theaters, galleries and museums in St. Petersburg? Are there free museums or free museum admission days in St. Petersburg? Is it possible to visit museums in St. Petersburg in the evening? Some of these questions are already answered by following the links. We will try to answer all the rest in our excursions - routes and walks designed for a full week - 7 days.

Day - from Palace Square to University Embankment

It will take no more than 1 hour to walk this route on foot. It starts from the exit at the Admiralteyskaya metro station and from the most central square of St. Petersburg - Palace Square. You can take a leisurely stroll. Or you can go to the Hermitage. It is not surprising to spend here not only a whole day, but also years. But you still need to orient yourself and see the main halls in the Winter Palace and in the General Staff Building. It is also advisable to look into the Menshikov Palace. It is worth visiting the Zoological Museum with children. Note that the zoological museum is closed on Tuesdays. The Cabinet of Curiosities is closed on Mondays. It is important to say that the Kunstkamera is not only a collection with alcoholized anomalies of people, which will take a maximum of half an hour to see, but above all, it is a set of rooms dedicated to the cultures of different peoples. With a full visit, it will take you a day, but you will not get tired especially, but you will get great pleasure and a lot of knowledge.

At the end of the route on the University Embankment, frozen ancient Egyptian sphinxes, which are about 3500 years old, are always waiting for guests. The acquisition of the sphinxes on the University Embankment in front of the Academy of Arts St. Petersburg owes to Andrei Nikolaevich Muravyov, who traveled in 1830 as a pilgrim to the holy places. In 1832, the sphinxes arrived in St. Petersburg. They spent the first two years in the courtyard of the Academy of Arts. It took so much time to create a pier at its walls, the architect of which was Konstantin Ton. The Sphinxes took their place on the embankment in 1834. The poet Alexander Blok mentioned them in his poem "Snow Maiden":

She came from the wild - The night daughter of another time. e relatives did not meet, the sky did not shine on her.

But the sphinx with a chipped face She met the gigantic Neva over the gigantic Neva with a slight cry Under the storm of the snowy night.

The cost of visiting the Hermitage, the Kunstkamera and the Menshikov Palace

  • Entrance ticket to the Main Museum Complex and separate objects: Main Museum Complex, General Staff Building, Winter Palace of Peter I, Menshikov Palace, Museum of the Imperial Porcelain Factory - 700 rubles.
  • Entrance ticket to the Main Museum Complex and separate objects: the Main Museum Complex, the General Staff Building, the Winter Palace of Peter I for citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus - 400 rubles.
  • Entrance ticket to one of the separate objects of the Hermitage: Winter Palace of Peter I, Menshikov Palace, Museum of the Imperial Porcelain Factory, Staraya Derevnya Restoration and Storage Center - 300 rubles.
  • Free: children of preschool and school age, students of educational institutions, students (regardless of citizenship), pensioners - citizens of Russia.
  • The first Thursday of each month is the day of free admission to the museum for all categories of individual visitors.

  • Admission ticket prices for adults - 300 rubles. Schoolchildren, cadets of higher military schools of the Russian Federation, students, pensioners - 100 rubles. Free day - 3rd Thursday of the month from September to April

  • Entrance ticket - 300 rubles. Schoolchildren, students, pensioners - free of charge. Excursion service - 150 rubles. (per person)

If you can't visit everything, then on the 1st day you should definitely see the Hermitage, the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. Such a pearl of the Northern capital with world fame as the Hermitage deserves priority attention. If you are not arriving on weekends, please note that the museum is closed on Monday. But on the first Thursday of every month and on December 7, you can get here for free.

In this article we will tell you everything about the rest in St. Petersburg. When is the best time to go, where to rent a house, the price of attractions, ticket prices and much more.

Brief information

St. Petersburg has many names. It is called the Venice of the North, the Northern capital, the cradle of the revolution, the city on the Neva, the cultural capital. It received its name not in honor of the emperor, but in honor of the Apostle Peter, who was considered the patron saint of Peter I.

In Soviet times, the city was renamed in honor of the leader of the proletariat V. Lenin. It was Leningrad until the beginning of the 90s of the twentieth century, when the previous name was returned by the decision of the city authorities. The memory of the Soviet past is preserved in the name of the region, which is still called Leningrad.

St. Petersburg is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is located to the north of all other Russian cities with a population of over a million. Petersburg is often compared to Venice due to the large number of canals and rivers. Initially, there were one hundred and one islands on the territory of the city. Over time, some of the ducts were filled up during construction. Nowadays, there are forty-two islands in St. Petersburg.

Sunny weather is rare here. There are no more than 62 clear days per year. Some seasoned city dwellers try to catch any suitable moment and sunbathe on the beach near the Peter and Paul Fortress, even in winter, if the sun begins to warm up.

When is the best time to go to St. Petersburg - weather

St. Petersburg is located in a zone of temperate climate, transitioning from maritime to continental. The city is often cloudy, the air humidity is high, and the weather can change several times a day.

  • Winters are moderately cold here, while summer is usually not hot. The coldest time is in February. Average temperatures this month are around -5.8C. The first half of winter is characterized by changeable weather, thaws often occur. Starting in the middle of winter, it gets colder, the number of sunny days increases, and the humidity decreases.
  • Spring comes late. Snow melting begins at the end of the first spring month, cold snaps and frosts often occur.
  • It's warm in the city in summer, but not too hot. Frequent weather changes are possible. Average temperatures in July are about 18.8C. From the end of spring to mid-summer, the period of white nights begins in St. Petersburg. At this time, the long evening twilight is gradually replaced by dawn.
  • Autumn weather in the city begins in August. The first autumn frosts usually occur at the beginning of October.

600-700 mm of precipitation falls here a year. The wetter period occurs during the warmer months of the year, from April to October. From mid-June to August in the Northern capital, the swimming season. The water in the Gulf of Finland warms up to 17.5 - 20 degrees in summer.

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