The best children's camps at sea in Russia in 2021

Children's language camps abroad and in Russia

Sports camps in Bulgaria

Our company has been operating in the tourism market since 1994, for more than 16 years it has been specializing in organizing children's camps and training camps abroad and in our homeland for sports and creative groups and individuals.

At the moment, we have accumulated sufficient experience in holding sports camps not only in Russia (Anapa, Caucasus), but also abroad - in Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Spain. In the 2021 season we bring to your attention sports camps for children and adolescents of a wide variety of profiles - swimming (including synchronized swimming), for wrestlers and boxers, for gymnasts and dancers, game sports (football, rugby, volleyball, basketball, badminton, tennis etc.). And also - ski camps (skiing, snowboarding, half-pipe, freestyle, snowkiting ...).

Among our offers you will find the following options:

  • for ready-made sports groups with their own coach;
  • for group and individual rides.

The first includes camps specializing in organizing sports camps for sports schools, sections and creative teams (dances, amateur performances, etc.). Another type of children's sports camps involves both group and individual arrivals. You can come with your leader - a training schedule will be selected for you. Or you can just take a ticket for your child to a sports camp for children, where there will be an opportunity to relax and play your favorite sports. On the site you can choose a sports camp for your children abroad, or in Anapa, Crimea, Tuapse.

Just contact our Company, and we will definitely try to find for your sports group a specialized children's sports camp at sea for almost any popular sport.

Sports camps for children with copyright programs

In this row, we can proudly highlight the proposals of our author's project "MOTION". The main distinguishing feature of this direction is the opportunity to buy an individual voucher to a children's sports camp, where your children will be assigned to specialization on the spot and assigned to a professional trainer for subsequent systematic training. In this line, we already have options abroad: Sochi, Bulgaria, Italy.

Many parents, especially in the summer, prefer to buy tickets to children's sports camps at sea. So, in our "basket" there are most of them - both in Russia (Crimea, Caucasus) and abroad. Therefore, let's further analyze the alternatives by regional affiliation and the popularity of camps on the Black and other seas.

Children's sports camps abroad

Among the sports camps abroad, the Bulgarian are a special priority among the Russians. All of them are located on the sea. See details here: children's sports camps in Bulgaria

Children's sports camps 2021 - sports camps at sea for children

Counselor, Photographer, Animator, CHOREOGRAPH, Host, Leaders

salary for counselors - 14t/month, for sports and cu.

Responsibilities Leader, Photographer, Animator, CHOREOGRAPH, Host, Head of Hand made studio; Sport. instructor in the following areas: Football, Basketball, Table Tennis

Requirements Compliance with the requirements set by the camp administration, interaction with children during the shift. Lack of tattoos, bad habits, experience with children, the ability to build communication with children and charge with positive energy!

Working conditions wages for counselors - 14t/month, for sports and cult department from 17t/month -3 meals a day, -official employment, -full social services. aket, - good mood, the sea within walking distance, creative atmosphere and an unforgettable time in Terra Unique camps!

Salary salary for counselors - 14t/month, for sports and cult department from 17t/month

Instructor of the children's military-patriotic camp

Responsibilities The instructor is a mentor, authority and personal example of students. In addition to training, he solves the problems of fostering a healthy lifestyle, discipline and love for the Motherland. Promotes the formation of moral and volitional qualities of students.

Conducting classes with children 12-16 years old in the following disciplines: o Drill training; o Fire training. o Tactical training; o Providing first aid; o Orientation on the ground; o Basics of radio training; o Tourism.

Requirements • Age - from 18 years; • Experience in working with children; • Medical book; • Certificate of no criminal record; • Certificates from neuropsychiatric and narcological dispensaries; • Higher education or incomplete higher education (preferably - pedagogical); • Recommendations are encouraged.

Working conditions • Accommodation in the camp; • 3 meals a day; • Decent salary; • Official employment.

Children's sports camps at sea abroad and in Russia. Vouchers to the sports camp for children 2021 - for groups and individuals. Organization and holding of sports camps abroad and in Russia.

The children's camp, located by the sea, for a child is a great place to relax and a way to improve health. Being in a peer group will help you become more independent and make new friends. However, the question of choosing a camp requires a responsible attitude on the part of the parents. If the decision is wrong, the safety and health of the child may be at risk. In order to understand the huge variety of offers on the market and understand what to look for when choosing a vacation spot for a child, the editors of the site "I Found" have prepared a rating of popular and proven Russian children's camps at sea.

Pros and cons of going to children's camps

Among the main advantages of a child's stay in a children's camp at sea are:

  • Sea air and swimming have a beneficial effect on health: immunity, nervous and cardiovascular systems are strengthened, the frequency of ARVI decreases;
  • Staying away from home and parents helps to learn how to make decisions, allows you to become more independent in everyday life;
  • Constant presence in the environment of peers contributes to socialization, development of communication skills;
  • The child will meet new people, make new friends, get invaluable experience in building social contacts;
  • Almost all camps have daily sports training or sports competitions and events that contribute to full physical development;
  • Many institutions are specifically aimed at the formation of intellectual or creative abilities of a teenager, which will help in further studies and career guidance.

Disadvantages of children's camps at sea:

  • The resting place chosen by the parents must fully meet all safety requirements, otherwise the health and life of the child may be in danger;
  • Closed, inward-oriented children may not like staying with the company of noisy peers, so before buying a voucher, it is better to ask your child if he wants to go;
  • Small (under 6 years old) or dependent, painful and physically weak girls and boys should wait a little with a trip to a children's camp, first get stronger physically. For such children, being away from their parents for several weeks will result in severe stress, which, instead of health benefits, will bring harm.

Types of children's camps

How to decide on a children's camp by the sea? Main selection criteria

Tips before sending your child on vacation

Rating of the best children's camps at sea in the Krasnodar Territory

One of the most comfortable and popular holiday destinations at sea, located in the Sochi microdistrict, 25 km. from the city center. The camp is part of a huge sanatorium-resort complex on the Black Sea coast and includes a large park with various types of trees and shrubs. Designed for children of school age: 7-17 years old. Works in winter, during New Year's holidays (9 days). Throughout the summer, you can choose a shift of 10 days, 2 weeks and 3 weeks. Departure of accompanied children is carried out from Moscow.

Rooms are designed for 3-4 people and are equipped with toilet, shower, washbasin, air conditioning, small refrigerator, TV, sockets for charging phones, hot and cold water. From furniture there are beds, bedside tables, wardrobe, table with chairs. Meals: three meals a day for the winter shift and five meals a day for the summer shifts. Breakfast, lunch and dinner - according to the buffet system, afternoon tea and dream book (for the summer shift) are given in portions. In the event of a sudden illness of a child, the camp has a doctor and an equipped isolation ward. The territory is fenced and guarded around the clock, video surveillance cameras are located around the perimeter.

  • 9 days: from 22,000 to 24,000 rubles;
  • 10 days: from 26,500 to 28,000 rubles;
  • 14 days: about 40,000 rubles;
  • 21 days: from 52,500 to 55,000 rubles.

Healthcare Professional

Responsibilities of honey. viewing of children in the tent camp; food quality check

Requirements specialized secondary education; experience in summer camps

Working conditions shift - 13 days; food; accommodation; permanent employment possible

Salary from 15,000 rubles/week

Assistant Coach/Counselor

based on interview results

Responsibilities Help in organizing and conducting summer city camps for children 6-13 years old

Requirements Higher or incomplete higher psychological education, experience of working with children and adolescents is desirable, love for children, activity, responsibility, creative approach in work.

Working conditions Working hours - weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 Competitive selection.

Salary based on interview results

NVP instructor in the military sports camp

DTSO Zarya (English program)

Pivot point, Serpukhov district

A type of recreation that combines health improvement, active and intellectual games, sports and other attributes of the pastime of children in ordinary camps with foreign languages ​​is gaining more and more popularity every year.

It is clear that parents often have this desire. Of course, if the child himself categorically does not want to immerse himself in school again in his legal holidays, you should not impose language exercises on him from the first days of finishing school lessons. However, in the second half of the vacation period, the children had already had enough rest to invite them to go to a children's language camp abroad or in Russia. In addition, for children who have already traveled to a language camp at least once, it is obvious that the learning process itself is fundamentally different from the school one. The form of play captivates and evokes positive emotions. As a result, children quietly learn something new and improve their communication skills in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or any other language.

Children's language camps abroad

The direction of organizing recreation abroad for children and adolescents, combining education and entertainment, has appeared on the Russian tourism market relatively recently. In popularity, it is, of course, inferior to traditional mass offers. However, there has been a steady annual growth in demand for children's language camps abroad.

As a rule, language camps abroad are based on the territory of modern hotels. Therefore, comfortable accommodation and a good level of food are guaranteed. Services are often provided that include a wide variety of food, drinks and food in a buffet or all-inclusive system. In addition, the price of the voucher may also include the use of a fairly wide infrastructure and a variety of equipment. A trip to such a language children's camp is sure to please your child.

Language camps in Bulgaria

We offer overseas language camp options that combine a seaside vacation with a laid-back immersion in conversational English for children from 7 to 17 years old. In the season 2021, camps in Bulgaria are waiting for you:

Language camps for children in Greece

One of the most popular camps in Greece "Ellin Camp" in the resort of Kassandra (Halkidiki) is primarily known as an international sports center, but in addition to sports and recreation, the camp also hosts English classes organized by the famous international school English Summer School. The camp is popular with Russian children who live in cozy modern cottages, use the beach and swimming pools, tennis courts, roller-skate, learn horse riding, participate in games, attend theater and creative studios, and attend English lessons.

Children's language camps in the Moscow region

There are places not only abroad where children can combine recreation with improving their knowledge of foreign languages, develop speaking skills and improve pronunciation. For an even more economical choice, it is worth considering options that do not require a visa and high transport costs. After all, demand stimulates the development of this area in Russia as well. Domestic organizers are developing special original recreation programs with language learning for children. They are trying to select accommodation conditions and good infrastructure.

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