The best children's camps at sea in 2021

Children's camps on the Black Sea

The Black Sea traditionally remains the most popular holiday destination in Russia. And not only for family vacations, but also for spending the long-awaited summer holidays for children in various children's camps.

There are many children's camps and sanatoriums on the Black Sea. Probably even the most picky families will find offers to their taste. Here, for example, you can still find classic camps that follow the traditions established a couple of decades ago. And there are all sorts of specialized camps where they try to make children's rest as rich as possible with sports and other activities that meet the latest trends in pedagogy and upbringing of children of different ages and different interests and inclinations.

English with Native Speaker,

comfortable accommodation, 5 meals a day, age groups,

all-inclusive voucher, medical care, security, insurance, transfer from Moscow.

Types of children's camps

Children's health camp (DOL) is perhaps the most common option for children's recreation. There are many entertaining activities, teamwork, new acquaintances, games, the beach and the sea for children. Recreation in such camps is, first of all, in the fresh air, balanced diet, moderate physical activity and, of course, the absence of schoolwork. Popular camps: VDC "Eaglet" (Tuapse, includes several camps).

Children's sanatorium for planning and conducting events is not much different from DOL. Here, in addition to the entertainment part, the children are waiting for some medical procedures: baths, inhalations, physiotherapy. The appointment of the necessary treatment is carried out by the doctor of the sanatorium.

Sports Camps

In sports camps, in comparison with others, physical activity is greater. Classes are not limited to regular exercises - a full-fledged workout awaits children. Its nature and duration depend on the specific sport. But, as a rule, there is no more than two or three hours a day of training, so the children still have a lot of time to communicate with friends, swim, play. Sports camps are most often divided directly by sports: basketball, football, martial arts.

In addition, there are also “active” or fitness camps. They are somewhat different from sports: such places for children's recreation involve physical activity, but in a somewhat lighter version than camps specifically for athletes. Children are taught to have a good attitude to sports, they offer healthy physical activities. Popular camps: Smena (Anapa, Sukko village), Kirovets (Gelendzhik district, Kabardinka village).

Language Camps

Children's camps on the Black Sea

Sometimes there are cases when parents, due to circumstances, cannot go on a trip with their children. But do not despair and postpone such long-awaited tourism and recreation for children, organized children's tourism is beginning to gain great popularity all over the world.

Tourism and recreation Children's entertainment

Of course, this type of travel should be planned to the smallest detail so that the children do not need anything, do not experience any inconvenience and, with all this, comprehensively develop and get real pleasure from the trip. Therefore, tourism and recreation for children must necessarily be accompanied by competent guides and educators who will look after the children and guide them on their journey.

It is better for parents to prepare for the trip in advance: find a good resource about children's tourism and recreation - a site where you can find out information about the weather conditions for the planned trip, in order to understand what clothes to take with you, sort out the upcoming route, pick up the necessary documents and choose a comfortable hotel.

Children's tourism and its types

As practice shows, children's tourism has several directions. Nowadays, educational tourism has gained great popularity. One of its varieties is a language camp, where children can not only learn about the history and culture of a particular country, but also make new acquaintances, as well as learn a new language in a relaxed, entertaining and playful way.

And if your child is too mobile and active, then sports tourism will be an ideal option for him. This can include seasonal tourism such as skiing, hiking, or diving by the sea. There are other options as well, such as dance camps or riding schools. It remains only to make a choice among all this variety.

Entertainment and health tourism and recreation

Of course, children will quickly get bored of endless trips to museums or wallowing on the beach. And therefore, recreational tourism and recreation is, of course, something that absolutely any child will like. After all, all children want to get to a place where fairy tales become reality. And this is best achieved in an amusement park, for example, in Disney parks, which are located in Paris, California or Tokyo.

Many parents choose health tourism for their children. Children's health resorts can be found all over the world, including Russia, Europe and the CIS. There, children will receive proper nutrition, the necessary medical procedures, sports games in the fresh air. After such a rest, the child will return with new impressions and strength.

Children's camps on the Black Sea: what are there, how to choose, where to go. The most popular children's camps on the Black Sea.

With the onset of summer, parents try to distance their children from the dusty, loud and bustling city. Not everyone has a dacha in the Moscow region, besides, many parents work. From the pioneer times, children's summer camps have come to the rescue, in which you can live in a tent, dive with scuba diving, shoot a bow, learn English, play Robinson Crusoe and much more. On the "Mel" - an overview of the most interesting summer camps of this season.


This camp has a sea and a beach (why else go to Crimea?), and its main feature is diving. Dives take place every day, and they are necessarily preceded by a medical examination. In addition to diving, various activities take place in the camp every day: you can just walk on the beach, play volleyball, board games, take part in quests, and go on excursions.

There are no strict rules in the camp, the children are not forced to anything, all classes are voluntary: there are no lifts and lifts, there is no terrible five-minute whistle at sea, strict age separation. Children go to sleep when they want, but they must understand that if they oversleep the medical examination, they will not go to the morning dive, which is the main event of the day. In addition, swearing and alcohol are strictly prohibited on the Shelf, the first threatens to wash the toilets, the second - immediate expulsion from the camp.

Where is it: Crimea, Tarkhankut, Olenevka village

Shifts: 16 days from June 5 to August 27

Cost: about 36,000 rubles

Maxatiha Camp

Maksatiha is a children's creative cinema camp in an ecologically clean area next to a forest and a river. For the sixth year now, Maksatiha has been helping to develop a child's talent in the film industry, during which time the children have developed and shot more than 60 short films. Participants choose professions for themselves and master them at master classes: they can become actors, cameramen, directors or screenwriters. Specialists in their field work with children: choreographers, cameramen, actors, vocal teachers and sports trainers. You can learn fencing, dance, improve vocals and be like acting classes. You can take part in sports competitions or watch a film and discuss it with connoisseurs of the film industry. Interaction with professionals and joint creativity teaches children to freely and accurately express their thoughts, listen and be heard, teaches them well-coordinated teamwork.

In addition, Muscatiha spends a week in the UK in August in conjunction with European camps (20 children from Russia and 20 from European countries will go to replace them) with exactly the same program and full immersion in the language environment.

Where is located: Tver region

Shifts: The camp is open all year round, 5 summer shifts of 14 days from June 7 to August 28.

Cost: about 47,000 rubles

Summer camp is the most popular type of children's leisure time among busy parents, because not everyone is given the opportunity to send a child to their grandparents in the village or to the country for a long time.

Summer camp for children is, first of all, rest and entertainment. Adults, on the other hand, pay attention to the level of the teaching staff, living conditions, educational programs and many other factors on which the comfort and safety of their children depends.

All-Russian Children's Center "Eaglet", Tuapse

VDC "Orlyonok" is perhaps the largest children's center in Russia, engaged not only in organizing children's leisure time, but also in the intellectual, creative and social development of the younger generation. "Eaglet" includes 10 camps of various types, 4 of which are year-round.

The Center annually holds thematic contests, the winners of which can use the right to receive free vouchers to some of the most interesting thematic shifts and other pleasant bonuses.


Stormovoy has been operating on the Black Sea coast for a very long time: the official opening date of the camp is August 30, 1966. For one shift, a patrol ship of the Great Patriotic War called "Storm" is ready to take on deck up to 220 young lovers of sea romance.

Here, children will find a unique sea voyage, completely saturated with the sea spirit: children will live in multi-berth cabins, participate in camp activities according to the author's thematic programs, and lessons devoted to maritime craft will not pass by: the history of the fleet, the flag semaphore , sailing, etc.

Throughout the shift, sea travelers will be closely watched by the experienced counselors of the Flame crew.

  • Coast: Black Sea;
  • Location: 45 km from Tuapse;
  • Season: year-round;
  • Age requirements: 10-17 years old;
  • Accommodation: cabins with bunk beds;
  • Meals: five meals a day;
  • Tour cost: 52000-66000 rub.

"Storm" is included in the list of preferential programs. This means that talented children who won prizes in annual regional competitions will be able to receive a free ticket.

"Eaglet" actively interacts with other children's development centers, attracting them to sponsorship and participation in camp activities. Therefore, in addition to the standard educational programs "Orlyonok", sponsors organize special thematic sessions. The following sponsorship programs are being implemented in Stormovoy in the 2021 season:

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