The best amusement parks in Thailand for tourists with children

Best amusement parks in Thailand for tourists with children

Jumping on trampolines, climbing a climbing wall and even flying in a hot air balloon is not very expensive with discount coupons. Made a selection of family weekend ideas with Biglion.

Active entertainment can be expensive: even trips to the children's area of ​​the nearest shopping center on weekends risk becoming a solid item of expenses. And this is where discount coupons come in. You can save money not only on popular water parks and trampolines, but also on exotic options - for example, flying in a wind tunnel or in a hot air balloon.

Biglion is a coupon service where you can find discounts on dozens of types of children's entertainment and more. We have selected the most interesting ideas for family vacations.

Hot air balloon flight

Most of us don't consider hot air ballooning as some kind of weekend entertainment. It is expensive and it is generally not clear who is doing this - certainly not ordinary Russian families.

This is misleading. For example, the Aeronaut club near Moscow offers hot air balloon flights for everyone. Guests here are treated to drinks and sweets, newcomers are initiated into balloonists. All flights are conducted with an experienced instructor.

With a discount coupon, an adult ticket will cost 5 490 rubles, and a child ticket - 4 941 rubles. The cost of the flight without discount is 10,980 rubles.


For a child, this is the best way to legally jump on the bed, and for an adult, it is the best way to warm up after sitting in an office chair. Jumping on trampolines also develops muscles, coordination and endurance.

Coupons from Biglion will save half the cost - for example, 30 minutes in the "Sky" trampoline park network will cost 150 rubles on a weekday and 200 on a weekend.

Water attractions, bright shows, life-size puppets and master classes - what options for outdoor activities in Thailand should families with children prefer? The Tourism Authority of Thailand has named 6 theme parks that are definitely worth a visit in the country of the "white elephant".

In this review - amusement parks for all tastes: with exciting roller coasters, fun water attractions, playgrounds or fabulous walking areas.

A distinctive feature of Thai theme parks from Western and European ones is the low price. Most parks have hotels, restaurants and gift shops. Adults will be able to enjoy the holiday, and children will have a great time and remember family holidays in Thailand for years to come. So, let's go through our TOP list:


Where: Bangkok

Topic: attractions, fairy tales and cartoons, shows

Do you dream of getting into the world of movie characters and favorite children's fairy tales? In Bangkok, in the Thanyaburi area, there is Dream World - a theme park with many attractions. Here you can visit the snowy residence of Santa Claus in a day and feed the animals on the farm of Uncle Sam, see the Giant's House and the Sleeping Beauty Castle. It will be interesting and exciting for both children and adults to visit 45 attractions and water slides in the park.

A trip to the park is best planned for the weekend, when the colorful "Colors of the World" carnival takes place here. Here you can meet the heroes of your favorite fairy tales - gnomes, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast.

In the natural garden of dreams, even young travelers can ride water bikes on the lake. And the Dream World cable car will allow you to see the magical park from a bird's eye view. Before heading home, it is worth staying for an evening colorful show (for example, a stunt show), which will be a beautiful end to a busy and fun day.


Where: Pattaya

It is adventure tourism that is currently the most popular type of exciting vacation for many groups of travelers. Such trips are attracted by the opportunity to spend time outside the box in another country, get a lot of additional impressions and, of course, visit unusual events, in particular, ethnic festivals, celebrations of state events, as well as other events that in most cases remain closed for tourists.

Let's figure out how a person leaves for such a tour, so that you can know whether it is worth choosing such a popular tourism for yourself, and how to organize a trip similar to your own taste.


Adventure as tourism is a popular form of travel, the main goal of which is to get the most out of the trip.

Provides for this type of travel is usually a fairly rich program of stay, regardless of the country chosen for departure, as well as the most comfortable conditions for travel and, of course, accommodation.

As a rule, it is precisely such an adventure-oriented vacation, entertainment that has the shortest program duration. On average, they are 2-4 days, no more. Very often among them there are weekend tours, as well as special holiday programs based on the peculiarities of organizing celebrations in certain regions and cities.

Currently, this type of recreation has a lot of interesting varieties. They can be embodied both among periodic and among one-time tours. Among them are:

  • Trips related to Christmas, Easter, New Years or other events. This category also includes more fashionable destinations today, such as trips to the celebration of Oktoberfest in Germany, as well as carnival, for example, in Brazil.
  • Visiting unusual places that are popular worldwide. These include, for example, a Las Vegas casino or other similar facilities. As a rule, they are visited as part of a one-day tour.
  • General excursions dedicated to one single city. As a rule, they also take place as part of weekend tours, however, unlike the previous categories, they belong to a variety of regular trips.
  • Trips to amusement parks. These can be large water parks, safari parks. An excellent example of just such trips can be Disneyland, which is preferred especially for family tourists.

Such tourism in most cases is aimed at travelers between the ages of 18 and 30. Less often, such tours are addressed to families with children, or to older people, but if desired, such tours can also be found.

The most important thing in this case is to decide directly on the content of such a program, and then in the future you will certainly be able to build it at your own discretion in tourism.

Also, it is in the category of adventure tourism that the extreme subspecies of recreation often belong, including parachuting, rock climbing, diving, cycling, and many other areas. However, in recent years, it is these areas that are expediently singled out into a separate category, which is referred to as extreme tourism.

Usually, it is classified as an adventure recreation only if a certain program has been developed, be it a quest or any other task that a tourist must certainly cope with. But ordinary trips, which involve daily engagement in a certain sport, can hardly be attributed to this type of recreation.

For schoolchildren on holidays and all year round, museums, rural houses and tourist centers of the Altai Territory are waiting. Museums have prepared traditionally interesting educational programs and routes for schoolchildren. This direction is today especially discussed in the government - more and more often there is talk about the need to revive educational tourism and local history for schoolchildren.

They are already actively developing and offering various thematic excursions. During the holidays, as the staff of the museums note, the flow of schoolchildren from nearby districts and cities increases.

The tour of the museum is very interesting with poems and videos. In addition to the traditional excursion dedicated to the famous poet, we offer other types of programs, but they are certainly associated with the name of the famous countryman. For example, at musical evenings the music of composers' friends Robert Rozhdestvensky is played. About 500 people visit the museum every month. Also, the institution works as a creative platform where musical and poetry evenings are held.

Interesting excursions have been prepared by the museum located in the Topchikhinsky district. According to the local historian, director of the Topchikhinsky regional museum Sergei Pozdin, groups of 30-40 people come, usually on the days of autumn holidays the number of arriving groups increases. “We offer a tour of our museum, as well as a military unit, which, of course, is especially popular with children. They see how the modern army lives, learn what a parade ground, a barracks, a military sports town and more. We are always accompanied by an officer who talks about the everyday life of the employees, answers questions. The excursion ends with an inspection of educational equipment. This is the most memorable moment for children in the whole excursion, because you can sit inside a real tank. "

The owners offer to relax with a sauna and fishing. “Rural tourism is mainly a holiday with families. The upcoming holidays and weekends have already been booked with us. We can say that one of the latest trends is that couples with children come to rest. Now these are guests from Barnaul and Aleisk, who came with their ATVs to hunt and fish, ”said Larisa Pastukhova, owner of the estate in Charyshsky district. According to her, there is still one warm house for a year-round vacation and it is always 100% loaded, but in the off-season there are also two houses with stove heating, in which you can still comfortably stay.

Every parent consistently asks the question of what to do with his beloved child during the holidays several times a year. The best option out of all possible is to organize an exciting, informative, healthy rest for him with his peers. And here you will find a huge variety of variations, both in geography and in the program. Let's study this issue in more detail - let's talk about children's tourism, as well as its capabilities and features.

Children's tourism is only two centuries old

The direction of children's and youth tourism itself is like a child - it is no more than two centuries old. Initially, the idea to organize holidays for children and teenagers belonged to Pastor Bion from Switzerland. At the end of the 19th century, he bought a small estate, where 68 children later came to rest. Subsequently, this idea was adopted by other European countries, and patrons of the arts began to actively engage in children's tourism. In 1888, the first ever congress of children's camps was held in Zurich.

In our country, children's tourism was born in the form of excursions, which were supposed to consolidate knowledge that schoolchildren did not get too eagerly. In 1910 in Russia, to the delight of children, the summer jobs of schoolchildren were abolished, which, of course, did not bring pleasure to anyone. Instead, the little ones were able to enjoy the warm season and go on trips and health walks. By the way, the very first health camps for children in Russia were created not far from St. Petersburg, and then in the capital. Later, pioneer groups appeared in the country, which existed until the 90s of the last century.

Today tourism is developing at an active pace, because the demand is growing and the number of children going on vacation, fortunately, is also increasing. What do travel agencies offer children today?


Each parent asks the question: “How interesting and entertaining it is to organize children's leisure time? Where to spend a birthday or a children's party? " A modern children's entertainment center ZAMANIA has been created especially for children and adults in Moscow. In this park, you can have fun and active time with the whole family. In addition, you can easily organize any festive event: birthdays, family celebrations and much more. Employees of the entertainment center help to create the most festive atmosphere, and a special menu will allow you to choose delicious dishes and drinks.

What is included in the organization of a children's party

A team of professional animators offers interesting show programs, which include games, contests and quests. Kids will get an active and unforgettable vacation. In the center, you can use the services of professional photographers who will take high-quality and bright pictures throughout the holiday.

Various play areas have been developed throughout the park, so every child can find an interesting activity. In Zamania, the smallest visitors are also taken care of. It is for babies that special safe baby zones have been created with a variety of toys, educational games and even labyrinths.

Zamaniya in Moscow is a place where professional chefs work who have developed a special children's menu. The festive table will be filled not only with tasty and healthy dishes, but also beautifully decorated, thanks to the imagination of the chef. For the birthday person, you can order an individual cake, during the preparation of which the pastry chef will take into account all the wishes of the customer. Every child will remember the holiday in Zamania for a long time.

Advantages of the Zamania entertainment center in Moscow:

  • First of all, all play areas and attractions are created in accordance with all safety norms and standards.
  • A variety of master classes, creative activities and show programs will make your vacation bright and unforgettable for both children and parents.
  • The territory of the park is 2000 square meters.
  • There is a cozy cafe in the indoor park with free Internet access. This service is convenient for parents, as you can get busy while the kids are actively spending time.
  • No need to buy tickets for various attractions, just buy one ticket and play in any zone.

Zamania children's entertainment centers, which are located throughout Moscow and in the Moscow region, will help diversify family vacations. For each visitor, you can choose the right entertainment. In the park you can find interesting labyrinths, various trampolines for different ages of children, rope towns and much more. Experienced animators try to create an enchanting show dressing up in the costumes of famous cartoon characters. Sometimes Moscow is not happy with good weather conditions, so the indoor park is ideal for relaxing in any weather, and nothing will stop it.

Family fun at the amusement park

Zamania in Moscow and the Moscow region is a network of modern family entertainment centers, which take care of each visitor, while trying to organize a vacation for the whole family. The play areas are constantly being improved, new attractions are being added, and the animation team is expanding the variety of master classes and show programs. Children of all ages will be able to enjoy games and entertainment, as well as get positive emotions and impressions. In addition, parents have the opportunity to spend a full vacation with their children.

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