Tahiti; paradise island of French Polynesia

Tahiti; paradise island of French Polynesia

The Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky once ventured to take on a serious mission - to answer in verse the child's question "What is good and what is bad?" But Vladimir Vladimirovich had no idea how difficult it would be to answer the same question 100 years later.

Don't be shy

Modern showmen offer more and more new forms of upbringing and education of children. And at times it seems that some of these experiments are teetering on the brink of seducing minors.

The project of the Danish national TV company DR, released on the children's TV channel Ultra, seriously puzzled adults not only in the country itself, but also far beyond its borders. The talk show called Ultra Strips Down, according to its creators, is aimed at supporting body positivity and combating the complexes that arise in children due to the stereotype of the so-called "ideal body".

“Children, now you can ask our guests your questions. There is no need to be ashamed, there are no bad questions, ”said the presenter.

"Are you happy with your member?"

Various “models” were offered to children: a lady with tattoos, a black man, a man with dwarfism syndrome, a woman with excess skin after losing weight, a man with a prosthesis, etc.

The kids at Orestad School in Copenhagen were pretty awkward to be in front of naked adults. However, they soon began to actively ask questions. So, a man named Martin was asked if he was satisfied with the length of his penis. In response, the hero of the program said that he was worried about this in his youth, but over time he learned to accept himself as he is.

The Ultra Strips Down Show is out on Danish TV for its second season and has already received professional awards. According to The New York Times, an issue with uncles and aunts undressing in front of children provoked a sharp rise in the ratings of the program. However, not all of these methods of education seem acceptable.

“It's too early for children to look at male and female genitals. At this age, they still have something to think about, besides this. Everything has its time. Let the parents or the school do it, and the broadcast looks just vulgar, ”said Peter Skaarup, a member of the Danish People's Party, to the Danish portal BT.

“This has nothing to do with sex, it’s about treating your body naturally, like children do,” proves the host Yannick Shaw in response.

This is not a fairy tale for you

My occupation forces me to keep abreast of events and learn something new all the time. I love to learn and develop.

One of the most ancient occupations is prostitution. Traditionally, it is believed that this is a predominantly female craft, although today we can observe that many young people sell sex services for generous rewards. There is even a special kind of tourism, which is aimed at complete relaxation of body and soul. Trips to the Land of the Rising Sun and beautiful Japanese prostitutes are especially popular here.

Interestingly, even the first street advertising was associated with the sex trade. She appeared in a Turkish town called Ephesus. Until now, on the so-called "Marble Avenue" you can see the inscriptions on the paving stones, directing travelers to relax in a brothel. This ad looked quite intricate and creative.

A portrait of a girl, punctured in several places in the heart and feet of the left leg, which pointed in the direction of the depraved institution, was carved on the ground tile. In Japan, there has never been an open advertising of sex services, although there are many rumors about this Asian country. It is believed that the Japanese master the art of love to perfection. They easily go for experiments and are not afraid to show their desires in bed. This applies to both sexes.

Today we'll talk about what Japanese prostitution is, when it arose and how it has changed in the process of development of society. Let's dispel a few stereotypes, as well as provide little-known facts. The most important thing is to distinguish between the concepts: a Japanese prostitute and a geisha. As you can imagine, these are two completely different concepts, between which there is practically nothing in common.

Who are Japanese geisha i

A geisha is a girl of special upbringing and status, whose job is to entertain wealthy guests. Initially, men worked as geisha. These were the well-bred sons of the middle class of nobles.

Then in Japan, several bloody wars thundered at once. Young, educated men were called to defend their homeland. Many never returned from the battlefield. Those who used to be called "geisha" still have families in their native land. Wives and daughters, along with their husbands and fathers, lost their financial well-being.

From that moment on, women began to actively look for ways to earn money. Initially, they worked in taverns, where tired samurai stopped to eat and rest. The girls were educated and well-mannered enough to surprise guests with small talk. Many of them had talents for playing musical instruments, knew how to perform national dances.

Thus, a geisha originally and a real geisha now is a girl who can caress a guest in all possible ways, except for sex. Girls are taken into foster care, gradually introducing her into an extremely closed community. There they instill in her a special taste, develop all the hidden talents.

Meeting a true geisha in Japan is a very expensive pleasure. One short performance costs three hundred dollars and more. The maximum prices for communication with the bearer of traditions and culture are not limited. And communities today have become so small that most of the available offers are tourist hoax.

The average traveler, even with enough money on his bank card, is likely to be denied contact with a geisha. To meet a mysterious beauty, you need to have a certain weight and status in society.

The Ultra Strips Down show is out on Danish TV for its second season and has already won professional awards. The release with uncles and aunts undressing in front of children provoked a sharp increase in the ratings of the program.

What is the best time to go to Zanzibar

The best time to visit Zanzibar is from June to October during the cool and dry season. Zanzibar has two rainy seasons: from mid-March to late May and again in November.

What are the locals of Zanzibar

We don't need to explain what Hakuna Matata means. However, once you arrive in Tanzania, “don't worry” becomes your way of life on the island, and the Zanzibar people will definitely let you know.

Tourism money attracts workers from all over Tanzania to Zanzibar. Most of them are young and away from home for the first time. These migrant workers are among the most vulnerable to HIV infection due to the vulnerability of transit, sex tourism, gender-based violence and increased drug use.

Zanzibar is a popular sex tourism destination for European women. Unlike stereotypical sex tourists, these are usually middle-aged women seeking a resort romance. There are nuances in the deals. Young Tanzanian men wander the beaches and hotels, hoping to attract the attention of tourists.

What are the hotels and the level of service in Zanzibar

The magnificent island has a long colorful past and has been attracting tourists for several decades. They come to soak up the beautiful white beaches in warm weather, or stop for a safari in Tanzania, so the hospitality industry is well developed.

What to bring to Zanzibar

Anti-tan cream with strong sun protection, sunglasses and good mood. The population of Zanzibar is almost entirely Muslim, and women dress modestly in closed modest clothes. However, the colors of the fabrics are far from conservative.

Also, we do not travel without travel insurance, and we do not advise you. You never know what might happen in a foreign country, and it’s better to be prepared.

There are several types of hotels for adults (hotels +), in order not to get into an awkward situation, you should learn to distinguish them.Today we will tell you what types of hotels for adults are

Hotels for adults marked 18+ are a relatively new phenomenon in the field of recreation and tourism. This concept of hotels without children was first proposed in the Caribbean. However, the ambiguous designation in the name is perceived by many tourists with caution, but in vain. In fact, these hotels are in no way inferior to the rest and they do not mean anything beyond the bounds of decency.

In addition to using the 18+ designation, you can also find the inscription “adult only” in the name of the hotel, which means “only for adults”. While some are scared off by the number 18+ in the name, others willingly come here hoping to spend an unforgettable vacation, later disappointed by the completely different hotel format than they wanted. "Adult only" - these are hotels whose main task is to organize a quiet and relaxing holiday without children, or on the contrary, noisy and active non-stop without the right to rest.

Let's look at the main types of hotels +, perhaps just such a vacation will be of interest to you, on your next trip:

Quiet and relaxing break

Families with children over the age of eighteen are usually allowed in such hotels, although it is more often chosen by couples who prefer quiet calm music, measured walks along the beach and all sorts of spa treatments. Classical music is played here, people are not intrusive, and show programs with animation may be completely absent. The average age of visitors is over 40, but not necessarily, it all depends on individual preferences.

Hotels are similar in character to the previous ones, there are also no children. Young couples, whose choice fell on this kind of hotel, will receive a full range of services conducive to a romantic pastime. Bungalow with its beach, romantic music and interiors Cafe setting up on high feelings, services of musicians playing national music for dulling lovers, joint spa and much more.

go to more noisy options for hotels +

Hearing hotels for youth <

and the first of them, these are hotels aimed at the active youth, which has reached an eighteen-year-old age. Who came to disappear and not ready to spend a minute of their relaxation for sleep. Loud club music, contests, swimming pools, foam parties, a 24-hour bar and a sea of ​​alcohol, this is what characterizes them. Fun in these hotels continues without a break, a loud music around the clock for a dance floor. And in the morning everyone is chosen to the beach, continuing the fun in the rhythm of non-stop.


It is this kind of hotels by repeating many tourists from visiting the previous ones, it is often confused with them. More often, such hotels have the designation 21+, and the atmosphere reigning in them is absolutely not similar to the previous one. The main visitors of hotels 21+ are liberated couples, who want to diversify their family life, or are not accustomed to shy rest without clothes. Sometimes, casual tourists come to such hotels, but still on the threshold it becomes clear that it is not just a hotel without children, but a completely different format. It happens to the Word, it is extremely rare, tour operators always warn their customers about what they expect by arrival.

What we know about Tahiti, except that there is well fed

- Tahiti, Tahiti, we are well fed here. (Cat) <

Tahiti is an island and he appeared thanks to the volcano-Buzotor of the orcrew. After the strongest eruption at this place is the island. The volcano was enough for only 1042 km 2. Raw unevenly and therefore the island consists of two different parts. Between them is a narrow such experiencing - Taravai. And, of course, as always: somewhere dense, somewhere empty. In the northern part there lives a lot of people and is called Big Tahiti (Taiti-Nui). And in the southern part of the people - the cat is cutting, and he is called a small Tahiti (Tahiti-ITI). Today, the volcano sleeps, densely covered with jungle. The beginning of the appearance of people on the island consider a small period from 300 to our era to 300 of our era. Many, but who believes? The islanders keep the memory of such the number of their rulers before the coming of Europeans that the diva is given. Such a small island, and the kings on the empire will be enough!

The first Europeans who are coming to the island, of course, turned out to be omnipresent Spaniards. And it was in 1606. But, not finding neither gold, nor diamonds, in general, nothing valuable, safely forgot about this island. True, they told fascinating stories about the naked and beautiful girls of the island, who considered the Spaniards to be white gods. With these stories, they undoubtedly kindled the imagination of their business associates. And the crowd of "white gods", joyfully met by the Tahitian women, threw in there. Naturally, the white gods brought with them a bunch of European gifts, including syphilis and other diseases. It goes without saying that as a result of the disease, many of the local population, who did not have any immunity, were mowed down. Although what is the immunity from syphilis? He was also treated in Europe with barbaric ineffective methods. And yes ..., more beads were brought.

By 1788, King Pomare I ruled in Tahiti, who either fought or united the local tribes and the tribes of neighboring islands. His throne was already shaking quite strongly, when suddenly the British arrived on the island on a ship called the Bounty. The king decided that it was then that the card flooded him. The British possessed weapons and soldiers, which clearly came in handy. And then the ship was surrounded by the care and love of local Tahitian women. A very ancient custom of Polynesia - "hospitable sexual orgies" has entered the course. And it went well - the king received muskets and soldiers, and even a real ship, which was built by sailors led by a ship's carpenter. And the morally decayed sailors of the Bounty, after leaving the island, staged a mutiny and captured the Bounty. The sailors probably thought they were gods after all. And what about Pomare I? Pomare I in Tahiti, of course, became the main one. After all, a musket and a kind word are always effective.

Ships have come to these waters for centuries

Well, where without the missionaries of those times? They were punchy guys who penetrated wherever a European soldier went. So, it happened: Christian preachers arrived to teach the wits of the natives. Remember the orgies? Forget it! Of course, the clever guys started with their heads and converted the new king Pomare II to faith, who, seeing in his new friends a lot of benefits for himself, began the violent process of converting the inhabitants of the island to Christianity.

He banned the age-old traditions of polygamy, guest sex, and sacrifice. And also all the authentic rituals and local gods, of which there were many. And by 1880, Haiti officially became a French colony, having been under the French protectorate for 40 years before. It seems that there is little difference.

All Tahitian citizens are French citizens. Tahiti today is a hospitable tourist paradise. And a little economy in different areas. France annually transfers to its territory about 1 billion euros. Although the duty on the island's goods to France is 200% and sometimes more. Something with math ...

Tourism is developing towards expensive and high-service. And some areas of cities, as always, are in the direction of slums and banditry. So it's not entirely safe to venture out of the tourist paradise in search of adventure. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Summer all year round

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