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Center for Folk Art GAU RK

IV Touriad Syktyvkar Winter

According to tradition, in Syktyvkar from February 17 to April 27, 2016, the Fourth Touriad "Syktyvkar Winter" on sports tourism named after Mikhail Eremkin was held. This tour is held in accordance with the "Rules of the competition for sports tourism (number code of the kind of sport 0840005411ya) group of disciplines" route "- ski". The "Syktyvkar Winter" turiad was carried out in 2 stages: Stage 1 - a power hike (February 21-23, 2016); Stage 2 - category hike (until April 15, 2016).

The results of the tour can be found here.

Song about tourism at the opening of the tour (Maxim Belyavtsev):

Video about the passage of stage 1 of the tour from the Red Arrow team:

Song performed by the tourist club Pass (the team of the Zapadny Sports Palace of Inta under the leadership of Natalia Kiseleva, 1st place):

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A story about the educational center for tourism at SSU at the State TV and Radio Company "Komi Gor"

Vesti Komi, State TV and Radio Company "Komi Gor" filmed a story about us - the educational center for tourism at SSU.

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Articles about us: hodgepodge

Champion route about mountain trekking in Altai in August 2015.

Escape from home captivity about ski LDPE around Syktyvkar.

Boots for climbing Elbrus

State Autonomous Institution of the Komi Republic "Center for Folk Art and Advanced Training" (GAU RK "CNT and PC")

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All-Russian action "Folk culture for schoolchildren" continues

In the first three months of the year, the All-Russian action "Folk culture for schoolchildren" is held for the first time throughout the country. Its goal is to involve schoolchildren in the study and popularization of the traditions of the peoples of Russia through modern formats of cultural and leisure activities. render completely.

Participants of club formations, hobby groups, employees of cultural and educational institutions can join the action. But the main characters are schoolchildren who will tell their peers about the rich cultural heritage of their ancestors.

The action has three directions: the creative direction "Ethnopremena", the educational direction "FolkUrok" and the research direction "Web expedition".

Within the framework of Ethnopremena, the participants of the action will show mass cultural events on the theme of folk traditions and holidays (concerts, festivals, exhibitions, excursions, master classes). "FolkUrok" involves conducting thematic Internet lectures, webinars, discussions and games. "Web Expedition" will present students' research on family and local traditions, video interviews with family members and old residents of the settlement, video works about objects of the intangible cultural heritage of culture.

All materials of the action "Folk culture for schoolchildren" will be posted on the Internet. They can be found by hashtags: # folk girl # traditions to school # ethno change.

It is worth noting that the first event of the action was #online carols, which were held within the framework of the "Ethnopremena" direction. In Komi, 20 cultural and leisure institutions from 14 municipalities have joined them. The best videos are collected in the community of the regional operator of the project - the Center for Folk Art and Advanced Training . om/culturerk

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