Summer English camp English 24/7 in; Orlyonka

Summer English camp English 24/7 in; Orlyonka

The All-Russian Children's Center "Eaglet" is located on the Black Sea coast in the Krasnodar Territory, 45 km from the city of Tuapse. The children's camp accepts children from 89 regions of Russia, near and far abroad, belonging to different social strata and groups. In the Children's camp, two thousand children can rest at the same time in the summer and about 800 in the winter. The All-Russian Children's Center "Orlyonok" consists of seven children's camps, three of which are open all year round. Year-round children's camps: "Zvezdny", "Swift" and "Stormovoy" children's camps are separate three and four-storey buildings with a set of all the premises necessary to accommodate and serve children. Summer children's camps: "Solnechny", "Dozorny", "Komsomolsky" - modern summer houses and cottages, the "Olympic" children's camp - a three-storey building. The bedrooms have a wardrobe for books, clothes and shoes, a light table and four chairs. All furniture and beds are made on the basis of metal structures. Book a camp online: fast, profitable and convenient.

Eaglet Camp Location

The Orlyonok is located in one of the best places in Russia, on the Black Sea coast in the Krasnodar Territory, 45 km from the city of Tuapse.

Shifts and infrastructure

The duration of shifts in the children's camp is 21 days. All children who come to the children's camp "Eaglet" are distributed in groups of 25-30 people. Each detachment has 2-3 teachers with higher or secondary specialized pedagogical education, who have undergone special training at the school of teachers of the All-Russian Children's Center "Orlyonok".

Children's camp "Eaglet" in Tuapse is a whole city, with its alleys and parks, laws and traditions, in which everything is intended for organizing children's recreation: seven children's camps, a school, a stadium, the Palace of Culture and Sports with swimming pool, House of Aviation and Astronautics, exhibitions, workshops of technical and applied creativity, astronomical observatory, medical building, library. And the inhabitants of this city are children: boys and girls can relax here, make friends, reveal their talents, do their favorite thing.

Camp squads

The camp squad program includes constant work with children of experienced trainers. The program involves conducting at least 15 hours a week of classes at the sites. Daily games, consultations and advice from coaches.

Daily (Monday to Friday) afternoon and evening training sessions (Saturday and Sunday one training session) on excellent quality basketball courts. The emphasis on the daytime training is placed on learning the elements of playing basketball, after which the children are given the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained during the game process and in the evening - the game training (on the days of arrival and departure, the camp shift does not take place).

In the camp work: basketball squad, dance squad "Todes", Football squad "Spartak", "Angelball", squad "Sparta-Sambo", engineering squad Techno Galaxy, English squadron "Polyglot".

Eaglet Camp Beach

Private sandy beach. The coastline is 3.7 km long.

Children's camp Eaglet

It doesn't matter if you've been to Orlyonok or not, there are many surprises waiting for you here. By participating in the life of our group, you will always be aware of what is happening in the All-Russian Children's Center today and you will be able to win special prizes from "Orlyonok" :) Show in full.

Dear parents, It is very important for us that you think about the rest of your children in Orlyonok. To do this, we ask you to answer a few questions of the parent questionnaire: . u/RU/Content/ParentQuizPage

Every day from 8:00 to 20:00 at the number 8 (800) 350-42-98, our specialists are ready to answer questions regarding the activities of the All-Russian Children's Center.

From 8:00 pm to 8:00 am you can email your message to hotline @ orlyonok. u.

Eaglet is always in touch with you!

On our website, information has appeared on the organization of the departure of the participants of the second shift, which will take place on February 25, 2021 from 8:00 to 17:00, taking into account the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor and measures to ensure the safe stay of children in recreation and rehabilitation facilities.

Information is available here:

Only in "Orlyonok" a star of theater, cinema, stage and television can become your partner

This opportunity is given by the Star Counselor project, which was launched at the end of 2019 on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Center. Theater and film actress Elizaveta Arzamasova, actor of the film "Kholop" Sergei Sotserdotsky and President of the Institute of Camp Education of China Aijun Ni have already become its participants. render completely.

Eaglets were lucky to spend the whole day with famous people who were able to teach them new things at master classes and inspire by their example. In addition, together with the star counselors, the boys and girls played games for acquaintance and rallying, attended classes in the Alley of Masters, and sang songs in a warm eagle circle.

Would you like to become part of the Eaglet Star Leader Team?

If you are between 19 and 26 years old, you are a graduate of a higher or secondary vocational educational institution, or a student studying by correspondence or on an individual schedule, then write a resume and send it to umc @ orlyonok mail. u until February 25, 2021.

Children's camp Orlyonok Tuapse Russia: description of the hotel, beach line, photographs and reviews of tourists.

Two sessions of full immersion in English (LINGWIN ® Immersion) for schoolchildren from 7 to 17 years old

Shift dates: June 22 - July 5, July 8 - July 16

In our camp, the program is built depending on the age psychological characteristics of children, and therefore, within the framework of one profile shift, we have two subcamps:

Lingwin Kids Subcamp - Ages 7-9:

  • Profile program for Person Young Learners
  • Accommodation in a standard building (a bathroom in the building, a shower according to schedule)
  • 20 places

Lingwin Teens Subcamp - Ages 10-17:

Where is the camp? Conditions of stay

When choosing a summer English camp, one cannot but take into account the everyday component. We care about our listeners, therefore we have chosen one of the best bases in the region, MU OC "Orlyonok".

The camp within the city, in the nature protection zone of Chapurnikovskaya gully, offers 5 meals a day, a swimming pool, honey. service, round-the-clock security, outbound and "home" excursions (Sarepta, Einstein Museum, Musical Instruments Museum, laser tag, shooting gallery, musical instruments museum, mobile planetarium), tourist "rope town".

Accommodation in the "Standard" category building: ?? rooms for up to 10 people (common wardrobe, individual bedside tables, bed linen, a set of 3 towels); ?? bathroom in the building (foot washes, sinks, toilets), bathing in the shower on schedule.

Accommodation in the "Comfort" category building: ?? rooms for 4-7 people (common wardrobe, individual bedside tables, bed linen, a set of 3 towels), ?? bathroom (toilet, shower, sink) for a block of two rooms (11 people).

Attention! In accordance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor in the summer of 2020:

  • MU EC "Orlyonok" accepts children only from the home region (Volgograd region)
  • parenting days and public events are excluded for prevention purposes
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