St. Petersburg for children: attractions, museums, palaces, cathedrals, parks

St. Petersburg for children: attractions, museums, palaces, cathedrals, parks

A family vacation with children in St. Petersburg can be quite ideal. For this, the city has a huge variety of different entertainment centers and museums. Children's performances are staged in theaters, and exhibitions for children are opened in galleries.

If you are taking a family with children with you to the northern capital, or you are just traveling with one child, you do not need to worry in advance about whether he, as well as his brothers and sisters, will be interested in the Hermitage or in Catherine palace. All famous sites have special children's expositions and programs for children are being developed.

If you are worried about the family budget, whether it will stand, then you should also advise you not to worry ahead of time. In St. Petersburg there are free museums, in addition, free days when visiting the famous museums of the city, and also, there are museums where schoolchildren and students are given big discounts.

At least a child's entrance to many entertainment venues and museum spaces will be cheaper than an adult's. You can also save on public transport in the city on the Neva. We will tell you everything about family vacations in St. Petersburg, so that your visit to the Northern capital goes without a hitch, on the whole, pleasant, practical, excellent.

Children's Museums of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is famous not only for its beautiful architectural structures and drawbridges, but also for its educational museums. More than 200 museums of St. Petersburg work for St. Petersburg residents and guests of the city, among which there are many children's museums aimed at children.

They present expositions that are interesting and useful for children, in addition, various educational events are regularly held within their walls: exhibitions, master classes, film screenings, discussions and other events that allow children to enjoy their free time. They can be visited with the whole family, which brings her together and makes her friendly.

We will tell you which museums in St. Petersburg work in the format of children's play education, or in one word - edutainment. The word "edutainment" or English "edutainment" appeared due to the merger of 2 words "education" + "entertainment", which translates respectively "education" + "entertainment", or all together = "game learning".

Today, many museums aimed at children operate in this format. In games and with interest, information is more easily assimilated; against the background of hobbies, everything complex becomes easy to understand. Visiting museums helps schoolchildren in their studies, replenishes their stock of knowledge, broadens their horizons and enriches their intellect, fosters curiosity and an active life position in them.

Nowadays there are also many interactive museums in St. Petersburg, which involves studying exhibits not only visually, but also in a touch format (touch English to touch), i.e. there are now in such museums exhibits can be touched, twisted, viewed. In such places, in a playful way and accessible to children, they tell everything about the museum and all its values. We have compiled a selection of the best museums in St. Petersburg.

Children's Petersburg - Life hacks for tourists: family vacations with children

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital. This city is a real treasure trove of famous sights, cultural and art monuments. You don't have to think about where you can go with your child - St. Petersburg has prepared a huge number of places and events for children.

Where to go in St. Petersburg with a teenager - years old

Guys who are ready for long walks can be taken along the entire front part of St. Petersburg. This route will allow you to explore most of the main sights of the city, feel the St. Petersburg atmosphere, get acquainted with the architecture and history of the city.

Savior on Spilled Blood

One of the most famous churches of St. Petersburg, the Savior on Spilled Blood, invariably attracts the attention of city guests with a unique architectural concept. Apart from its historical and religious significance, the Savior on Spilled Blood is interesting from a cultural point of view. It contains a collection of mosaics with an area of ​​about 7000 sq. eters, one of the largest in Europe.

The Savior on Spilled Blood is located in the city center, on the embankment of the Griboyedov Canal. Artists often work at the walls of the temple, musicians play - including organ grinders. To visit the excursion, an advance registration is required. Experienced guides adapt the program for listeners of any age, acquaintance with the history of the temple and the city becomes fascinating for children.


The spire of the Admiralty, with which many legends are associated, is one of the symbols of St. Petersburg. It can be seen from the most remote points of Nevsky and Voznesensky avenues, Gorokhovaya street.

Not only the spire is unusual, but also the very appearance of the Admiralty. If you pay close attention, you can find nautical motifs in architecture, often associated with legends. Young guests and residents of the city are fascinated by the search for famous myths on the walls of the Admiralty.

Summer Garden

Glorified by many poets and writers, the Summer Garden is one of the main attractions of St. Petersburg, without visiting which no trip to the northern capital is complete.

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