Spring Break 2020

2969, Mini-essay on the theme of winter holidays; we describe all the nuances

Topic description: Winter holidays are a magical time of the New Year, frosty January days, when you can play winter games on the street, and in the evenings do your favorite things in a cozy home environment. And, of course, winter holidays, like any others, are a lot of impressions and interesting stories.

Grandma's Winter Holidays

During the winter holidays, my parents decided to send me to visit my grandmother. My grandmother lives in a small village, and I strongly resisted going to visit her for two whole weeks. Well, what should I do there? Yes, and my friends all stay in the city ... But there is nothing to do, I had to go.

Grandma was very happy to see me, she missed me so much. For my arrival, my grandma baked delicious cherry and plum pies. After drinking a delicious herbal tea with a fragrant treat, my mood immediately improved, and I even began to come up with various activities for myself.

My granny was very old, and I helped her in everything. My daily duties included - in the morning and in the evening to feed the cow Zorka with hay, and the chickens with grain, to clean the yard from snow in the morning, to bring firewood that hibernated in the barn.

I very quickly got to know the village boys, and since the winter was very snowy this year, we ran up the hill every day. And in general, it was a lot of fun with these boys. We blinded a huge snowman, but after thinking a little about how he would spend the night alone, we also blinded a girlfriend for him. The guys pulled in two old hat buckets, black coals for the peephole, and two carrots for the nose. Oh, and we got handsome!

And one day we decided to play an ice battle. We split into two teams, built two ice fortresses and bombarded each other with snowballs until evening.

Every evening my grandmother spoiled me with fragrant pies, and each time with a different filling - either apricots inside, or cabbage, and always on the table were pickled apples, which my grandmother had pickled in the summer. And we washed down all these goodies with fragrant tea from a samovar with a bite with amazing strawberry jam. Well, what a delight it is - herbal tea from a samovar with strawberry jam! Lick your fingers!

After a delicious dinner, I laid a soft blanket near the stove, in which the firewood crackled, turned off the light and watched the fiery bunnies dancing across the ceiling. Next to me, Granny's cat Nochka always lay down, curled up in a ball, and, as always, started her tractor rumbling.

Two weeks passed quickly, I didn't even have time to come to my senses when my parents came for me. How could I not want to leave ... It turns out that my grandmother's in the village is very cool! I will definitely go to my grandmother in the summer for all three months! I can already imagine how great and fun it will be!

How I spent my winter holidays

I spent these winter holidays in the city. The holidays began a few days before the New Year, and it seemed to me that they would go on for a very long time. Before the New Year, a lot of snow fell, which gave winter, especially, a fabulous look. We celebrated the New Year at home with the whole family. And although I no longer believe in fairy tales, I wanted some kind of miracle or magic. And so it happened!

Rather, it was a strange accident. On that day, when, on the eve of the holiday, my mother was busy in the kitchen for a long time, and my father and I were decorating the Christmas tree, the doorbell suddenly rang. We were waiting for grandparents, and so I ran to open the door. She looked through the peephole and could not believe my eyes. Behind the door stood a real Santa Claus in a red coat and with a huge beard, and next to him was a Snow Maiden with a blond braid. Why I immediately thought real, because the last time it was unsuccessfully disguised dad. Everything turned out to be simpler than it could have been. Ded Moroz and Snegurochka turned out to be the actors who made the wrong apartment, but I still got the magic candy.

ATOR summed up the tourism results of 2020 and talked about three scenarios in 2021

The longest, third, quarter has just begun, and the parents are already planning how to spend their spring break. And rightly so! After all, a good vacation is a carefully planned vacation.

TravelBelka has ideas for a vacation for every taste: active, educational, beach - we have collected tours from the best tour operators so that your children can spend their holidays with interest and benefit.

All tour prices are based on 2 adults + 1 child 8 years old. In order to change the number of children, adults and age of children, follow the instructions at the end of the post.

A trip to the Black Sea coast is one of the most budgetary options for families with children. Sochi has long ceased to be a seasonal resort - most hotels operate year-round, and an incredible amount of entertainment will fill your vacation with vivid impressions and pleasant memories.

? Travel stopped. The editors need support. It will take 7-8 seconds, just 5-99 rubles one time, not a subscription!

flight duration: 2.3 hours.

what to visit - the Riviera amusement park with themed attractions, a dolphinarium, an oceanarium, extreme equestrian shows, a sports town and a funny shape-shifting house; - Sochi Park, stylized as plots of Russian epics, here you can chat with famous fairy-tale characters, ride attractions, visit a dolphinarium or a circus show; - Zvezdny trampoline center in the Adler-Arena sports complex, where you can not only jump, but also have fun in the foam pit; - indoor water park in the village of Loo - AquaLoo (27 km from Sochi, free transfer from the Moremall shopping center is possible), where, in addition to slides and pools, children's animation and foam discos are held; - an educational excursion to the monkey nursery, which contains 4 thousand species of monkeys.

weather forecast for the end of March - Average air temperature during the day +15 .. 17 ° C - Average air temperature at night +10 .. 12 ° C - Average water temperature +9 ° C

Tour to Sochi (Imereti resort) for 7 nights, departure on March 22 from 40300 for three people (2 adults + 1 child of 8 years old). Hotel GK Velvet Seasons (Russian House) 3 *, any other hotel is possible, but more expensive. Included: flight, flight, accommodation, meals (BREAKFAST), transfer NOT INCLUDED, insurance NOT INCLUDED.

Tour to Sochi (Imereti resort) for 7 nights, departure on March 23 from 54600 for three people (2 adults + 1 child 8 years old). Hotel OK Sochi Park Hotel (former Azimut Hotel Sochi) 3 *, any other hotel can be, but more expensive. Included: flight, flight, accommodation, meals (BREAKFAST, DINNER), transfer, insurance.

Tour to Sochi (Imereti resort) for 7 nights, departure on March 23 from 58,000 for three people (2 adults + 1 child 8 years old). Hotel Hotel Complex Bridge Resort 4 *, any other hotel is possible, but more expensive. Included: flight, flight, accommodation, meals (BREAKFAST), transfer, insurance NOT INCLUDED.


The resorts of the Antalya coast, however, except for Alanya due to its remoteness, are the best option for spending spring holidays here. Hotels for families with children are the most comfortable here - children's animation, playgrounds and a children's menu will exclude all parental concerns.

First-hand news

A vacation with kids is the perfect excuse to choose attractions instead of a boring museum, build a sandy dream castle on the beach, and eat your second ice cream in a row. To make a vacation with your family magical for everyone, it is worth learning a few spells in advance. We've put together family travel ideas for all tastes and tips on how to turn your vacation into an unforgettable adventure.

How to Choose the Perfect Family Vacation Destination and Travel

Ideas for families with children: choose where to go in the year!

For this article, we consulted with travel parents and collected the brightest ideas for a comfortable vacation with children. By the time the world fully opens its borders again, you will already have your suitcases ready!

And to go on a long-awaited trip right now, see which countries are open to Russians on our interactive map.

Where to go to the sea with children per year

No matter what anyone says, nothing better than a sea vacation for a vacation with a child has not yet been invented. Choose a beach destination in Russia or abroad to your liking - and start planning a trip to seashells, watermelons and palm trees for the next year!

Good budget holiday with family at sea: Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a pleasant climate, inexpensive and sincere: often this is more than enough to have a good rest. The most popular Bulgarian resorts for families with children are Sunny Beach, Golden Sands and Albena.

They also praise the village of Ravda, 30 km from Burgas: there are shallow sandy beaches and beautiful dunes. There are attractions and a water park for children, and it is interesting for the whole family to go to the old picturesque Nessebar - it is only 10-15 minutes from Ravda by car to it.

Quite a bit is left to be patient until the moment when it will be possible to say with feeling “it was a difficult year” and raise a glass to the onset of a new one. And if you are going to break out of the close circle of friends, acquaintances and Olivier basins, it's time to think about where to go for the New Year 2021 inexpensively, but interesting.

Taking care of the wallets of Russian tourists, analysts of the Association of Tour Operators (ATOR) have prepared a rating of the cheapest New Year's tours for two people (for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow on December 27 and accommodation in a three-star hotel).

Inexpensive New Year Destinations 2021

And we will tell you more about these destinations and add to them other popular tourist destinations for the whole family (not all of them will be seven days).

Where to go for the New Year in Russia


A seven-day trip will cost RUB 65 466.

Rest on Lake Baikal is for Siberians hardened in spirit and in body: temperatures in winter there are often below -20 °. However, on New Year's Eve, such a violent activity is developing in hotels around the lake that you will simply have no time to freeze. Ice fishing, swimming in hot springs, a Siberian spa (in a heated bath), excursions to the wondrous beauty of the most transparent ice, where through the frozen water you can see everything that happens at the bottom ... And on this ice you can skate, and also play curling and even golf!

Dog sledding, ski resorts, freeriding paradise on Mount Mamai, apart from traditional drinks and snacks - this is just a small part of the winter entertainment on Lake Baikal. Yes cold. But along with the column in the thermometer, prices also go down.


This New Year destination will cost from 46,240 rubles.

How to make your kid an unforgettable winter vacation.

What winter pastime will be useful for the child.

Where to go with the whole family in winter.

Winter is a magical time. When there are snowdrifts outside the window and frost burning on your face, it's time to sit in a cozy house and enjoy hot tea and delicious cookies in the company of family people.

Winter is a particularly significant time for children, since school holidays during this period last two whole weeks.

We will show you how to make these holidays the best in your child's life.

Decorating the house for the New Year

All children love to do crafts. Why don't you do this together?

You can cut different cardboard figures to decorate the windows of the house and the Christmas tree. But it will be much more interesting if you find in advance unusual schemes for creating New Year's crafts, which will become really unusual and original decorations for a green beauty at home. The child will be interested in doing something more complicated than just cutting shapes out of colored paper. The whole family can create interesting gizmos.

Put on some nice music, take breaks for a delicious lunch or tea with a piece of cake, and enjoy your day to the fullest.


In any city on New Year's Eve they organize festivities. If you haven't attended such events before, it's definitely worth starting. It's always fun on the streets of the city at this time. You can visit New Year's fairs, attend a concert, participate in various competitions, and generally spend time with good mood.

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