Space "achievements of the Chelyabinsk region: cosmonauts, scientists, meteorites


The South Urals can rightfully be called "space". And this is not only because of the meteorite, thanks to which Chelyabinsk got into the rating of the most popular tourist cities. Our region can be proud of both famous astronauts and scientific achievements. About what connects the Chelyabinsk region with space, read in the material "AiF-Chelyabinsk".

They conquered space

  • But his wife Elena Serova in the fall of 2014 became the fourth Russian woman who flew into space. Moreover, over the past 17 years, only men have flown into orbit. Serova spent six months on board the ISS, where she was engaged in scientific experiments. At the same time, an 11-year-old daughter was waiting for the astronaut on Earth.
  • There are famous cosmonauts among the residents of Magnitogorsk. Pavel Popovich graduated from the Magnitogorsk Industrial Technical School of Professional Technical Reserves at the same time from the Magnitogorsk Aero Club, and then from the Military Aviation School. It was he who, in 1965, became the very first holder of the title of Honorary Citizen of Magnitogorsk. Popovich was the commander of the first cosmonaut corps of the USSR, he twice went into space. NASA officials gave the Russian cosmonaut the nickname "space bully."

    The fact is that even before his first space flight, he participated in a communication session with one of the satellites. It was a simple test of the operation of the equipment, however, instead of checking, meaningless numbers, Popovich broadcast an arbitrary phrase. The radio signal bounced off the moon and returned to Earth. Here he was intercepted by the US radio intercept service. The Americans heard from the depths of space a deaf and solemn voice: "DAWN, DAWN, I AM BERKUT, FLYING TO THE MOON, READY TO LAND ON THE MOON." When Nixon, the president of the United States, was informed that the Russians were on the moon, there was a terrible blow at NASA. Then, of course, the foreigners figured out what was the matter.

    A street in the Kurchatovsky region of Chelyabinsk was even named after the Chelyabinsk test cosmonaut of the orbital spacecraft-rocket plane of the Soviet reusable transport space system "Buran". During his career as a pilot and cosmonaut, Schaeffer mastered about 60 different aircraft and set 18 world records. He took part in strength tests of the Su-25 aircraft, investigated the effect of thunderstorm electric fields on the MiG-25. Hero of the Russian Federation died in 2001 in the Moscow region.

    Few people know, but in the Chelyabinsk region, in Yuzhnouralsk, lives a friend and classmate of Yuri Gagarin - Timofey Chugunov. Both men were born in the Smolensk region. And they met in 1949, when they entered the Lyubertsy vocational school. There, Gagarin had two unusual hobbies: flowers and playing the trumpet in a brass band. The first meeting, after fate had divorced friends, took place in Saratov in 1965. Gagarin by that time was already known to the whole world.

    Oh, and there was a meeting! - recalls our fellow countryman. - As soon as Yurka entered, down with his hat immediately, they hugged and kissed! I remember that a woman of some sort sat down to Valya, Gagarin's wife, and began to talk about how Yurka whipped her behind her. I don’t know if it’s true, no. After all, in our technical school there were almost no girls, and it was difficult to imagine Yurka himself in the role of a boyfriend, he was like a child! At the banquet then Valya, well done, did not hesitate, answered: “So what? Before Yura, I also had boyfriends! "

    The death of Gagarin Timofey Chugunov was notified by telegram. A funeral was scheduled for March 30, 1968. The authorities did not let our fellow countryman leave the city, even for such a good reason - Chugunov went without any permission. But the plane, which had already taken off and headed for Moscow, did not remove the landing gear. “Don't worry, we'll put you on a plane from Novosibirsk,” Chugunov was told. But that plane was late too. Timofey did not have time to attend the funeral of the first cosmonaut and his friend, he watched them on TV.

    Stellar Science

    Alexander Chizhevsky, the founder of space biology and aeroionification, lived in Chelyabinsk (though not for long, from 1941 to 1942). He was closely acquainted with the founder of theoretical cosmonautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. In the scientific world, Chizhevsky is known primarily as a researcher of the influence of solar and cosmic factors on wildlife. It is interesting that along the way the scientist drew and wrote poetry, and most of them were created during his stay in the Urals. However, for Chizhevsky, the capital of the Southern Urals turned out to be inhospitable: it was here that the scientist was arrested and received an eight-year sentence.



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