Soviet puzzle on logic and attention with tourists in the forest

I am very proud of myself, because sport gives me health! Riddles about sports for children

Riddles about hiking and tourists

I keep hot, I keep cold, I will replace both the oven and the refrigerator on your trip. (Thermos)

Summer will come soon, And people will put Travel items In my big mouth. (Suitcase)

Swinging the arrow to and fro, Show us north and south without difficulty. (Compass)

I have a wonderful friend in my pocket: He knows where the north is and he knows where the south is. (Compass)

And in the taiga and in the ocean He will find any way. Fits in a pocket, And leads us along. (Compass)

Two straps are hanging on me, There are pockets on the back. And you will go on a hike with me - I will hang behind my back. (Backpack)

It will fit all over the palm of your hand. Not a clock - but there are hands. (Backpack)

He came in handy on the road, I never got lost with him. (Backpack)

They take this house on a hike, They carry it on their back. (Tent)

And from the wind, and from the heat, It will cover you from the rain. And how sweet it is to sleep in it! What is it. (Tent)

Soviet puzzle on logic and attention with tourists in the forest

Dear readers, you all know perfectly well that playing sports is very useful. Yes, at least do exercises in the morning - and the whole day will pass in good shape. And it is imperative to teach kids to do such an important activity for the body. After all, the task of parents is to raise children healthy and strong. And everything else, as they say, will follow!

Riddles about sports will help to reveal the interest of kids in a certain sport and subsequently start with a desire to practice. In the article you will find many riddles that are selected in such a way as to interest both the smallest children and schoolchildren.

There is a game in the yard since the morning, the kids were playing ...

Sports puzzles for the little ones are lighter and smaller. It happens that it is difficult for kids to immediately tell the correct answer, so colorful pictures will help at first. In the first collection of riddles about sports for children 3-4 years old with answers.

Jumping, squatting Children do ... (Exercise)

If you throw it, it will jump. You throw it again, it rushes at a gallop, Well, of course - this is…. (Ball)

There is a game in the yard in the morning, the kids were playing. Shouts: "puck!", "Past!", "Hit!" - There is a game - ... (Hockey)

I'm in a hurry to practice, I fight smartly in kimono. I need a black belt, Because I love ... (Karate)

You hit the goal - Will not concede the ball ... (Goalkeeper)

He ate a horse, He ate an elephant And won. Be proud, country! (Chess player)

In a fair fight, I will not frighten, I will protect two sisters. I beat a punching bag in training, Because I ... (Boxer)

Who rushes quickly through the snow, is not afraid to fail? (Skier)

Soviet tourist puzzle-puzzle, aimed at the development of logical thinking. Questions and answers to the riddle.

Fish Riddles

Riddles about fish are interesting to study with children, this will help them get to know the inhabitants of the underwater world better and learn more about them.

Fish Riddles

Riddles about fish with answers for children. agadka number 1

We live in water, Without water we will be lost.


There are feathers, not flying. oh no, but you won't catch up (Answer: Fish)

She lives in the water, No beak, but pecks.

A mischievous woman in the water Plays, frolics, Glitters with scales: Swam with me!

Shines in the river with a pure silver back.

Second edition! And again, logic puzzles with answers that will help you distract yourself and take a break from work or other boring tasks.

Shake your brain so there is no stagnation ? And try to give the correct answers to all the riddles in a short time, and then write in the comments how many riddles you managed to solve.

Riddle: About the Greek King

The Greek king was very fond of riddles. And before executing criminals, he always gave them one last chance - he made a riddle.

If the culprit answered correctly, the king would let him go. And if he was wrong, then he was executed.

This time the king drew a two meter line and told the criminal. If he makes this line 2 times shorter without touching it, then he will let him go.

How can he do it?

The criminal just drew a 4 meter line, which made the king's line 2 meters shorter

Riddle: Equation in pictures: Calculate the number

Let's test your attentiveness and ability for mathematics with the help of the equation in pictures. Incorporate your logic and math mindset to calculate the number on the 4th line.

Riddles about professions are interesting for children of any age. They will help you think about what professions are and what people of different professions do. It is useful for children to guess riddles about the profession in order to think about who they will want to work in the future.

Riddles about professions for children

Riddles about professions for children with answers include such professions that the child has in one way or another already encountered in his life.

Riddles about the teacher

Riddles about a teacher for children.

Kindness, warmth, soul She is not sorry for us. all the kids are blowing her — Vasya, Masha, Galka, Pasha, Senya and Marat — The whole kindergarten is waiting for her!


Who, when you come to kindergarten, will pat you on the head? Who will you spend your day with if your mother is at work? Who will read poems and fairy tales, give you plasticine and paints, teach you how to draw, hand out spoons will instruct?

Children come to kindergarten to grow up together, To know everything in the world, and to do everything in the world. the same will help the children here to draw, sculpt, play? Who will feed and put them to sleep on the crib? With whom we glue gifts for mothers, stand together in a round dance? Who will replace their mothers until mother comes?

Riddles about a pediatrician (pediatrician)

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