Skiing for children; where does it all start

Skiing for children; where does it all start

Skiing for children has always been fun. Tourists trample trails to the top, in anticipation of the pleasure of descending. In addition to experienced adult athletes, you can see children of different ages there, many of them started skiing at the age of five and can already boast of their skills on a par with their elders.

Children who represent their cities and clubs in competitions improve their sports skills every year. This is achieved due to the effectiveness of training activities.

Domestic coaches are armed with the most modern and proven methodology, organization of the training process at every level - many children from novices become masters of sports and members of national teams of their countries over the years. Alpine skiing makes boys and girls more resilient and active, they get sick less, they know how to work in a team and cope with difficulties.

What attracts children to skiing?

Regardless of gender, skiing becomes available to children from the age of five. It allows you to raise a child more confident in himself, to awaken in him the spirit of competition and leadership qualities, and also teaches him to correctly relate to victories and defeats. If you take into account the medical point of view, skiing is useful for all children, during training all muscle groups work.

Skiing develops boys and girls in terms of medicine, psychology and sociology. The main thing here is to find the right, competent coach who will not force the child, and training will become a kind of game, where medals and prizes are awarded for victory.

Pros of skiing for kids

In preparation for ski competitions, child balance training combines all professional physical training programs, which are specially designed for each age category of participants. Exercises for skiers that develop a sense of balance and coordinate movement are varied. They are given maximum time both at the stage of training and during sports.

A child's balance workouts can be done independently and are often included in other preparatory programs before a competition. In training, children perform simple exercises without weights and other ultra-modern devices.

Alpine skiing - physical fitness as a foundation

Winter is by no means a reason for the whole family to close at home, limiting their leisure time to sitting on the couch with sweets to the accompaniment of family cartoons. It is worth switching to an active holiday or even going to a resort in Russia, best of all to a ski resort. Moreover, for this you do not have to leave the borders of Russia, since the country has a lot of picturesque places that provide an opportunity for the whole family to go downhill skiing.

Ski heritage of Russia

The Olympics reminded the people of the country about the ski resorts of Russia and significantly improved their situation. As a result, the country has received new opportunities for mountain recreation, infrastructure suitable for children, and a host of renewed mountain resorts.

In total, there are 170 specially equipped ski resorts in the country, most of them have infrastructure suitable for recreation. You can relax and go skiing in Russia with children, from senior preschool to adolescence.

For the little ones, who are not yet able to realize the charm of a ski holiday in Russia and get on skis, they provide an opportunity to stay with a nanny or spend time in a children's club. Ski holidays with a child are available in the country, you just have to choose a suitable region.

Krasnaya Polyana

The most popular resort in Russia, with high-level infrastructure and the same price tag for rest. It is divided into two parts: Krasnaya Polyana and Esto-Sadok. The infrastructure of the villages is built on the banks of the Mzymta.

Nearby are the mountains of Russia: "two-thousanders" and "three-thousanders", so spring comes here late. You can show children the beauty of skiing from the beginning of December to the very end of April. In addition to skiing, children are offered to taste mountain honey and taste the local mineral waters.

Rosa Khutor

The resort has taken a specific place in the Mzymta floodplain, there is a large forest around it. A diverse infrastructure has been created in the town, with family hotels and restaurants, allowing you to safely bring children for winter holidays. The ski area of ​​the resort is located on Rosa Plateau.

You can ski here already in November, the resort is equipped with artificial snow supply systems. So you can bring schoolchildren here to go for a ride on vacation. In addition to downhill skiing, they offer snowboarding or freestyle skiing. The children's ski school "SkiSchoolClub" works nearby.

Recently, this resort in Russia has a new service for families. Now the child can be tubing. Or, renting a Rosa Shelter, a sled in the premises, ride on the ski slopes, which are closed for skiers in the evenings from Friday to Sunday.

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