Shocking and amazing sex in the wild tribes of Africa

Shocking and amazing sex in the wild tribes of Africa

The UN Children's Fund exposes the extent of child prostitution on the German-Czech border. In its assessment, this organization relies on data from the sociological survey "Children in the Panel" by Catherine Schauer.

Parents can also be pimps.

Children and adolescents, mostly from poor families, offer themselves to those who wish at gas stations and motels. Often, their own parents or older siblings act as pimps. “We can no longer tolerate German sex tourists using child sex. It’s a crime,” said UN Children's Fund patroness Chrisitna Rau on 28 October.

The demand for child sex services has grown significantly

Those who have had to cross the German-Czech border are familiar with this typical picture: along the roadsides of border villages, prostitutes offer themselves to everyone passing by. There is indeed a demand for their services - according to crime psychologist Adolf Gallwitz, the number of sex tourists is about 100,000 a year. In itself, this circumstance does not cause indignation - sex for money between adults and people who voluntarily do it is, in the end, a personal matter for everyone. Another scary thing is that about half of these 100,000 are interested not only in the services of adult women, but also in children. "There are times when German men go to the border regions of the Czech Republic with their girlfriends, and while the latter are perming in a hairdresser, they have sex with children. And at the end of the trip - a cheap dinner for two."

According to the UN Children's Fund, sex services for children in the Czech Republic are primarily used by residents of the German lands of Bavaria and Saxony. Children forced into prostitution are mainly from poor large families from Czech Bohemia or Slovakia. Adolf Gallwitz considers the border area between Germany and the Czech Republic "the largest brothel in Europe". "Sexual attraction to children has grown tremendously. The Czech Republic has become a country of cheap child sex," Gallwitz said.

The Czech leadership called the results of Schauer's research "dubious". The data presented by the UN Children's Fund are, in the opinion of the Czech Prime Minister, Social Democrat Vladimir Shpidl, "unrealistic." "The Czech Republic views child prostitution and pornography as a great crime and intends to take action against them based on realistic research. And the statements of the UN Children's Fund do not correspond to the actual situation," Spidla told the CTK news agency on 28 October.

The representative of the Czech police, Blanca Kozinova, indicated that the authorities of the country do not have information about cases of child street prostitution. Police found no evidence of child prostitution during the largest brothel raid in Czech history three weeks ago, she said. At the same time, Katrin Schauer believes that there is an "organized market" for these services in the Czech Republic. Only children are offered not in brothels, but at train stations, in supermarkets, game halls or right in the entrances of houses.

The public turns a blind eye to this, says Reinhardt Schlaginweit, chairman of the German branch of the United Nations Children's Fund. Therefore, he says, the German and Czech authorities should take this topic more seriously, reform their legislation so that the laws of one country are consistent with the laws of another, and - to act.

How to stop the growth of child prostitution?

29. 0. 003 Those women, for whom prostitution is the main source of income, often agree to the client's request to have sex with him without a condom. Those, for whom work on the panel is just an additional income, more often can afford to refuse. For 6-7 years, the demand for sex without a condom has been growing, says Marion Detlefs.

French Ministry of Justice underwent cyberattacks

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Countries and cultures vary greatly around the world. And what is typical and perfectly acceptable in one culture can be completely shocking and forbidden in another. Africa is a continent with many traditions and customs, most of which are considered strange for the modern way of life. Yet African music, dance and other art forms exude eroticism and sexuality. So what is sex like in the wild tribes of Africa, what's bizarre and fun?

Discrimination against women i

For the most part, sexual rituals and traditions on the hot continent negatively affect the health of women, increase their vulnerability to certain diseases and make them obey men.

In Nigeria, girls are generally viewed as “parcels to be exchanged in marriage”. A male family member trades his teenage sister for custody of a girl from another family, who then becomes his wife. Thus, young adolescent girls are forced to marry without a choice. These girls are usually exchanged for an elderly, ugly, sick or disabled man.

Wife swapping among the nomadic tribes of Namibia has been practiced for generations. In practice, it is more of a gentleman's agreement that friends can have sex with each other's wives without any strings attached. The wife is also offered to the visiting guest in order to demonstrate their respect for the visitor.

A woman has little or no opinion when making a decision. Submission to the husband's demands comes first. This wild tradition has its advantages in society: it reduces jealousy and promotes the development of relationships.

According to another custom in West Africa, a man buys a bride from her mother. It would seem that this is nothing unusual. But the future husband, in order to pay off, must satisfy his mother-in-law, and it is she who decides how long the sexual ransom will last.

Aunt's authority

In many African tribes, an aunt plays important roles, including counseling young nieces as they progress through life, including adolescence and marriage.

For the average resident of Eastern Europe, Thailand seems to be an affordable tourist paradise where you can live luxuriously on a modest budget. But many tourists come here not only over the ocean and fruits, but to meet the needs that are much higher in the Maslow pyramid: Thailand is a mecca of cheap prostitution.

Homeland of moths

Like many other poor countries, Thailand can be divided into two parts. The first is the tourist one, which we are used to seeing in pictures, airlines sell last-minute tours there and millions of tourists seek it every year. The second remains unknown to the traveler: these are the poorest villages bordering Laos and Burma. Their inhabitants work hard in the fields, growing rice. Poverty has eaten away these places so much that young people are trying to get out of there as soon as possible, and old people live on what their children and grandchildren will send them. Lack of rain constantly threatens crops, and alcoholism and unemployment are far above motivation to change. The percentage of prostitution in these parts is zero, but they are the main donor of prostitutes to the tourist areas of Tai.

If there is a suitable child in the family, by the age of 10–12 he is sent to Bangkok for his first work outside the home in his life. Most likely, it will last for many years.

According to the Human Help Network, there are 25 thousand officially homeless children, little Thais and natives of neighboring impoverished states in the country. This does not include those who live with their families, but are ready to sell their bodies to anyone who wants them for a piece of bread. Flocks of hungry children roam the streets of Bangkok and Pattaya. And if you meet kids in a shopping center who offer you something, you should know that this is not a shoe shine service or a sale of ethnic handicrafts.

Prostitution in numbers

Officially, the sale of sexual services in the country is prohibited, in fact, the authorities turn a blind eye to this business, without taking real action to combat it. The exception is the harsh anti-pedophile policy. In 2015 alone, Taidand police managed to arrest 2,900 people on charges of having sex with children under 15. At the same time, the authorities caught a local businessman who was taking children with local tourists. There have been more than 100 proven cases of the sale of sexual services to minors to them, most of which were provided to a single US tourist who has regularly visited Thailand for 20 years. Under Thai law, intercourse with a prostitute under the age of 18 is punishable by three years in prison and a $ 1,700 fine. For a relationship with a girl under fifteen - 15 years in prison and $ 11,000 in a fine. Some lucky offenders are deported to serve their sentences home.

Every third girl tries to sell her own body in tourist centers. This activity begins from childhood and lasts until deep maturity - Thais look very young by Western standards, Europeans find it difficult to determine their age and therefore flirt with might and main in restaurants with smiling locals, who may be fifteen or forty-five.

It's easy to see Thai representatives of this ancient profession, even if you don't look for a meeting with them. The most common places where they hang out are the numerous go-go bars.

After meeting the client, he needs to treat the girl at the bar (don't be surprised at the sky-high prices for Thailand - the meal includes the cost of finding a secret in this establishment). You can invite a lady to your room for $ 30-100, depending on the time of day and the tasks facing her.

There are freelance prostitutes working on the street who do not identify themselves with a particular institution. Burmese, Laos and Khmer women are often found among them. In theory, they could also work in bars, but either the lack of knowledge of English or not very attractive appearance interferes. In their memorized pitch, they make it clear how much the service costs and tell them that location doesn't matter to them. The original price is $ 10, but you can also bargain.

Night massage parlors are especially popular with foreigners. Here it is important to distinguish between those that really provide exclusively spa services, and salons that work at night and have a very indirect relationship to massage. As a rule, classic health establishments close before sunset, as opposed to entertainment ones. In the menu of services of the latter, in addition to the standard Thai and oil-massage, an individual meeting with the master can be included. On average, a session costs about $ 30.

Most Thai prostitutes are girls, but there are often ladyboys (as the locals call them, katoi), guys who have sex reassignment surgery or just want to be like a woman.

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Life in the Philippines: Warm Happiness A few words about girls

The people want to know. I hoped that my posts about the Philippines would arouse interest primarily as an interesting place for both recreation and permanent residence. And this, of course, is so. There are a lot of questions, some I simply cannot answer.

The funny thing is that after the publication of a post about this country as one of the main directions of sex tourism, I was bombarded with questions on this topic.

I'm not a prude and I can discuss any issues. Including from his personal life. To calm down dirty questions and people who like to speculate on sexual topics, and sometimes to pick on others, I will try to console them. I am already over 60, my girlfriend is 22. We love each other and the topic of sex is important for both of us. Imagine it in a practical way. Her enthusiasm and youth excite me incredibly, I feel 30 years younger. And I take care of her too, we can't do without orgasm.

But I'll tell you about my friend. Professor, turned 70. An adult son, my wife and I have been divorced for 30 years and has been living alone ever since. Completely alone. There are practically no women in his house. Very nice, competent, intelligent person.

For several years now he has been coming to the Philippines on vacation every year, for a month and a half. And here, as he himself says, he breaks off the chain. For 11 months it has been accumulating sexual energy, but here it spills out in full in a month. He starts dating young girls on the site. I was last here at the end of last year and, as he told me, had relationships with 8 girls. And not a day without sex, and sometimes 2 girls a day. He supports them a little financially, but does not think at all that he pays for sex.

Recently he sent me an email saying that he is very upset that this year due to the virus it will not be possible to come. And he also says that every visit to the Philippines makes him younger and gives him several years of life. Ten years ago, they discovered that he had problems with the prostate, offered an operation. But he abandoned the operation and replaced it with Philippine voyages. The prostate has calmed down so far and does not bother.

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Angeles is a city of sensual pleasures

The city of Angeles is located on the Philippine Peninsula. It consists of a "cultural" center made up entirely of so-called sex bars and slum suburbs. Residents of the outskirts are deprived of water, medicine, the opportunity to get education and buy normal food. The only way to survive here is to sell the body for money.

From 14-16 years old, girls from poor families in Angeles go to work in sex bars, where, with a "lucky" coincidence, they can earn up to 2000 pesetas ($ 50) a week. And since youth is especially valued in this business, underage girls bring more to their impoverished families than girls over 20.

Light-eyed generation of mestizos

The flow of special tourists in Angeles has not been decreasing every year for a couple of decades. As a result, on the streets you can find a fairly large number of children with lighter skin, blond hair and blue-gray eyes. These are children who will never see their fathers. Local residents are well aware of contraception and try not to have a relationship without a condom. However, newcomers in pursuit of pleasure are quite inventive.

Filipinos share their bitter experience: one European made a significant surcharge for a night without a condom, another told a fable that he was sterile - the list could go on.

The inhabitants of the city are very devout: raised on the traditions of Christianity and Buddhism, they do not accept abortion. In addition, many workers in the pleasure industry are happy with the birth of a child: they are well aware that it is extremely difficult or impossible to marry a “night butterfly”. And the child becomes for them the hope that there will be someone to take care of them in old age.

More than a mother

One European born child of Angeles was a confused mother right on the street. The child was found by a transgender named Pia: biologically still a man (the beggars of Angeles have no money to change sex), Pia wore women's clothes and worked at a bar at night. When Pia found a child, she considered it a gift from God: the transgender always dreamed of having a child, which, for obvious reasons, she could not give birth to herself.

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