Sex holidays; in Greece are gaining popularity among Russians

Sex holidays; in Greece are gaining popularity among Russians

Greece has everything: sun, sea, mountains, wine, olives, fur coats ... And also Greek men who are considered wonderful lovers. But is it worth starting a relationship with them on vacation, albeit short-term?

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Greek men's looks are appreciated all over the world, fashion houses often collaborate with Greek male models. Swarthy, dark-haired, with large facial features, unshaven and pumped-up torso, they undoubtedly attract the attention of tourists. Spaniards, Germans, British, who rest in Greek resorts, these macho are not competition.

Among Greek men, of course, there are good and reliable family men, faithful husbands, but there are also many who are not averse to going left. This is probably due to the stormy southern temperament and the need for carnal pleasures. The Greeks have always been great specialists in them, in the myths of Ancient Greece there is more than enough eros. Most of all, tourism workers are inclined to have an affair with a foreign woman: caretakers on the beaches, waiters in cafes, guides in local agencies, and so on.

While vacationing on the Greek island of Rhodes, I went on an excursion. The tour in Russian was led by a curly-haired Greek - tall and with an ideal body, handsome man 40+. Since I was bored and had no one to discuss what I saw, I often shared my impressions and asked questions. And as it turned out, she made a mistake. The guide, who works as a handyman out of season, mistook my curiosity and appeal to him for an interest in his own person. And after the third or fourth question, he did not leave me a single step.

When the guide, whom I mentally called Apollo, spoke to my chest and whispered directly into it: “You have chosen good olive oil,” I felt uneasy. It all became even clearer when a handsome guy wrapped his fingers around mine at the bus stop. I had to stop his further attempts at bodily contact with a look and a gesture. He understood and didn't bother anymore.

Apollo did not hide the fact that he has a wife, he told us all on the bus. But I have no doubt that, despite this fact, that day he did find himself a sex partner among the tourists. Many Greeks sincerely believe that there is nothing wrong with treason, and to engage in violent and non-binding sex with a tourist, to bring her joy is right and even patriotic. It is said that in Greece, in the tourism departments of universities, students are taught that the three main ingredients of successful tourism are the three Ss: sun, sea, sex.

The proud peacocks

Is it worth the candle, whether to enter into a romantic relationship with a Greek - everyone decides for herself. They are, of course, handsome and courageous. Sitting naked on a bike, a Greek - and they are also racers - looks sexy. But behind the beautiful picture lies a very complicated Greek character.

Greek men consider themselves the descendants of Zeus, great and incomparable conquerors. They are proud and very stubborn, while incredibly jealous. Not every woman can handle it.

In a small hotel in Crete, I had to watch Russian girls flirting with its owner Pavlos, a Russian-speaking Greek in his prime. Our tourists were not embarrassed by the fact that he had a child and a wife. Pavlos was not embarrassed by the sexual attraction of girls to him. He most likely even condescended to someone and deigned with his attention and affection. He is so accustomed to female attention that my disinterest (not for this came) made an impression on him.

- How so - she doesn't pay attention to ME ?! As if I'm not there ?! - he asked the representative of the agency.

Sex holidays; in Greece are gaining popularity among Russians

My occupation forces me to keep abreast of events and learn something new all the time. I love to learn and develop.

The bed, the night light, the pillows, the sheets are incredible boring, especially after years of being together. Some couples try to diversify their sex with role-playing games, special toys or watching porn.

But if you are tired of this, then sex in unusual places will certainly help break the routine in bed pleasures. However, the question immediately arises of where to find such locations and how to do everything quietly so as not to end up in the police station later for violation of public order.

The roof of your house i

It doesn't matter where you live, in a skyscraper, a hut or in a private sector, the main thing is the presence of a roof. Under the stars with the moon or even the bright sun of foreplay on the edge of danger is an unforgettable experience.

Of course, the unexpected appearance of an electrician or a dove is permissible, but seeing a man and a woman passionately making love, an unintentional viewer will not interrupt such an activity. Therefore, calmly enjoy the process of being at the height of a bird's flight.

Sea voyage

This is not to say that the beach is right here a very unique point for erotomaniacs, but for wild excitement it is quite self-sufficient. The likelihood that vacationers catch you at the most inopportune moment increases getting a great orgasm a hundredfold. Yes, hot grains of sand will most likely deliver a little discomfort, penetrating into all the folds or pebbles, from which bruises may appear on the back, but there is also the sea.

In the water, weasels are very exciting. Besides, going into the river up to the waist, or even higher, people will just think that you are hugging. There is hardly anyone who wants to dive near you with scuba diving. Therefore, except for jellyfish and fish, no one will catch you for indecent behavior.

Also, rent a boat or catamaran, on which, further away from the coast, you will probably find some secluded corner. And there, swaying on the waves, indulge in love at your pleasure. Just do not forget to remove the condoms later, otherwise you will not be given a boat for rent anymore.

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