Seven wonders of Udmurtia

Traverse - tourists of Izhevsk and Udmurtia

Tourist club of UdSU Team "Travers" is the center of sports tourism in Izhevsk and Udmurtia.

Travel, sports, outdoor activities are our way of life. Hikes, rafting, tourist trips - this is what we organize and in which we participate with pleasure.

Friends, if you love the sporty spirit and romance of tourism, join our team!

In our School we will teach the basics of water tourism to everyone. Based on the results, the students of the School pass exams and go on a real sports trip.

The Vumurt Open Cup is our main sporting event. This is an extreme water sports tourism competition.

The Udmurt Walker is a massive extreme walking tour. At the start, participants receive a map, according to which they must come to the checkpoint, choosing a feasible distance from 25 to 150 km.

At the tourist rally, all interested teams will have to compete in creative and culinary contests, but the main challenges are the tourist lane and night orientation.

We organize on a turnkey basis: - Tourist meeting - Tourist lane - Rope courses - Winter tour strips and lightning - Kayaking in Udmurtia and the Urals (on request from groups) - Speleological trip to the Ural caves - Team building and corporate rest

Friends! On Saturday - February 13, the Federal Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Local History has prepared something special for you! Show in full. We invite everyone to the Tourism: Lessons of Courage Mediamarathon! The media marathon starts on the official resources of FTSDYuTiK on February 13 at 10:30 (Moscow time)! Several hours of live broadcast with unique interlocutors, inspiring encounters with travelers and explorers, and many surprises await you. Connect using the link: . u/event/1613051942300-mediamarafon-tur ..

Very soon we will open the tourist season, the season of rafting on mountain (and not only) rivers. And we will get enough of our favorite songs by the fire in the company of soul.

In the meantime, let's eat at the club and drink wonderful cocoa. Thank you all for a great evening!

All-Russian comprehensive training seminar on safety in sports tourism will be held in Udmurtia.

The seminar will be useful for travelers of various qualifications. Anyone whose activity has risk factors in the natural environment is encouraged to participate. render completely.

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One of the most beautiful places in Udmurtia is a hill on the bank of the Cheptsa River. It offers a magnificent view of the surroundings: the river winds far below, and hills overgrown with spruces go to the horizon in soft waves.

The ancient Udmurts believed that Mount Baigurez was guarded by a kind spirit, caring for everyone who lives nearby. One of the versions of the origin of the name "Baigurez" is associated with it: "gurez" means "mountain", and Bai is the name of the spirit protecting it. According to another version, Baigurez may mean "dumb mountain", and this is connected with the legend of a rich miller, his daughter and a deaf-mute young man who dared to try his luck and, in order to become the husband of a beautiful woman, climbed a steep hill to the very top of the mountain, where he found speechless ...

If it is important for you not only to visit Mount Baigurez, but also to learn more about the past of this region, it is best to contact the Debes District Museum of the History of the Siberian Highway. Here you will be offered excursions to the museum itself, a walk around the village and a story about the history of Debes, a trip to Baigurez (with a guide, you will definitely not get lost!), As well as a lunch prepared with elements of the national Udmurt cuisine.

They will also show a small section of the Siberian tract with preserved ancient birches - the so-called "Catherine's" - and recreated verst posts. By the way, it was in Debes that two branches of the tract connected - the northern one from St. Petersburg, and the southern one from Moscow and Kazan. There was already one road leading from here to Siberia.

Leave Izhevsk along the Yakshur-Bodinsky tract, drive to the Games, then turn along the highway towards Debes. Enter Debesy, turn off at the crossroads following the sign for Kez, after leaving Debes, take the first left onto a dirt road. Drive without turning to the entrance to the forest, get out of the car and walk through the forest until you reach the top of the mountain.

Distance from Izhevsk: 140 km.

Tourists here will not only be told about the history of the Siberian tract, but will also be offered to feel like a convict - to try on prison shackles, taste the tasteless porridge that the convicts were fed with, and lie on hard wooden bunks. Fans of extreme sports can even spend the night in the museum in order to fully taste all the "charm" of the prisoner's life two hundred years ago.

Another village in which the memory of the convicts has been preserved is Zura, 30 kilometers from the Game. There is a stele decorated in the appropriate style (you can take a photo "behind bars"), and museum workers will tell you how to find a well that has survived from those times, and a smithy in which shackles were forged for exiles.

Cost: an excursion to Bachkeevo will cost 350 rubles per person. This amount includes, among other things, treats - baked goods and tea. You can go from the Game to Bachkeevo by your own car or by a sightseeing bus. The theatrical performance will cost 700 rubles per group, but the museum workers advise against ordering it if you just come as a family - firstly, you can dress up in prison uniforms and shackles and take a picture yourself, and secondly, in the summer, during the vacation season, recruiting enough actors is difficult.

Contacts: (34134) 4-32-57, 4-19-12. You need to agree on an excursion 3-4 days in advance.

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