Restaurant with children's room

Restaurant with children's room

Many parents have no one to leave their child at home with on weekends. Therefore, moms and dads take the child with them on a shopping trip, and then the whole family visit a restaurant. In family restaurants, literally everything - from the menu to the interior - contributes to the creation of a homely, cozy atmosphere.

Often parents are looking for a restaurant with a children's room. And many restaurants, fighting for customers, strive to create all conditions to attract couples with children on weekends.

What conditions should a restaurant with a children's room create?

First of all, the task is to distract and entertain the child so that the parents can spend time in peace.

Secondly, we must try to turn a trip to a restaurant into a holiday for the child. Do everything possible so that the child likes the institution and next weekend he will bring his parents here.

Third, remember that every kid likes to feel like an adult. Therefore, children should have a separate children's menu, from which they choose dishes on their own. There should be a separate space in which the child can play with other children and do his "adult" affairs, not for his parents to rest.

If these conditions are met, word of mouth of satisfied parents will bring even more customers to a restaurant or cafe with a children's room. The family atmosphere is worth a lot. In addition, even in large cities there is still a shortage of just such cozy family restaurants for parents with children.

Children's room is not suitable for institutions

Despite the obvious benefits, some catering establishments may find it unprofitable or even harmful to provide entertainment for children.

For example, a children's room is contraindicated in drinking establishments and bars. Children's leisure is in no way combined with smoking and alcohol.

Expensive business-oriented restaurants will also lose out with noisy little guests. Although some restaurants find a way out that in the morning and afternoon they invite family visitors, and in the evenings - serious clients who come for business negotiations. Other restaurateurs have found an original solution - they transform the children's room in the evenings into a VIP room for serious people from big business.

Mask mode, social distance, partitions between tables in restaurants and constant disinfection. All these antiquated measures are now being implemented in Dubai. But will such limited tourism be comfortable? Especially when it comes to a vacation with a child? We were able to check it out on our own.

Since the end of November 2020, the number of flights from Moscow to Dubai has increased sharply, while prices have decreased. We decided that we could not help but take advantage of this situation, agreed on a vacation and bought tickets for our first overseas vacation during the pandemic. We have already written about the flight and tests before and during the trip. The official ATOR YouTube channel has a video of the test taking at Dubai airport.

Now let's talk about the rest in Dubai and its features in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, answering the most popular questions about the "current" holiday in Dubai. Let me remind you that the three of us rested - two adults and a 5-year-old child.

A few moments of relaxation with a child in Dubai this winter - in this fresh video on the ATOR TV channel.


You can get around the city by taxi or public transport (for example, the metro). Due to the pandemic, there are some restrictions for transport passengers. For example, in a taxi, all passengers must sit in the back seat. In this regard, no more than three people can sit in one car (sedan type).

All taxi passengers and the driver must wear masks. Each car has a disinfector - you can disinfect your hands before and after the trip (optional).

In the metro, all passengers are also wearing masks. The rule of social distancing applies here - both at the station and in the carriage. In general, it is almost impossible to observe this rule in a carriage. However, the seating position can only be occupied by one person.

On the streets of Dubai, life is in full swing, as usual (although there are fewer people). Tourists, residents of the city actively walk, meet in cafes and restaurants, communicate. But at the same time, you only need to wear a mask to walk around the city. This rule applies to both adults and children. For failure to comply, large fines are threatened.

We wondered if a small child should wear a mask. The hotel answered us in the affirmative. However, in fact, no one asked the child to put on a mask over his nose or put it on either outdoors or indoors. This is not a call to action, just an observation.


Mask mode is also observed in all malls and shops in Dubai. If on the street no one has ever asked us to put on a mask correctly (so that it also covers the nose, for example), the stores follow this.

Most often, at the entrance to the store, you will be asked to measure the temperature. This is usually done with a non-contact "pistol", as in Russia. But in the Mall of Dubai, for example, there is a sign that a temperature scanner is working here.

We will tell you where to relax in the summer abroad at sea. It is advisable to plan the upcoming vacation in advance so as not to be without tickets or accommodation at the most inopportune moment. Indeed, at the peak of the tourist season, millions of people gather on the seaside and all the places in the resorts are very quickly sold out.

To relax with maximum comfort, you should contact a trusted travel agency and order a suitable tour for your needs. But it is better to do this via the Internet, for example, using the Onlinetours or Travelata website.

If you want to save money, you can organize your vacation yourself. We will list the most advantageous offers from tour operators today and highlight budget and interesting destinations for the summer.


Like 10-20 years ago, Bulgaria remains one of the most popular answers to the question of where to go to the sea abroad to enjoy the best living conditions and the cleanest sandy beaches. "Golden Sands" and "Sunny Beach" have occupied the first places in the ranking of European countries in terms of the number of tourists for many years.

Here you can live at an affordable cost in luxury hotels, swim in the clear waters of the Black Sea, and gentle slopes are ideal for families with children. In the warmest months of summer, the air warms up to +30 degrees, and the water up to + 25 °.

Well-developed infrastructure offers a wide variety of entertainment for every taste. There are water parks, dolphinariums, amusement parks, recreation centers (surfing, water skiing, parachutes), discos for young people, casinos, restaurants and cafes.

Often, tourists who come to Bulgaria try to combine a summer beach vacation at the sea and interesting trips around the surrounding area. Excursions to Sozopol, Nessebar and other settlements do not lose their popularity.


One of the most popular countries abroad for Russians. People come here not only in the summer season, since the weather contributes to a year-round pleasant pastime on the shores of any of the four accessible seas - the Marmara, Aegean, Black and Mediterranean.

The season here begins in early spring, and by July it gets really hot. The air warms up to + 35 °, and the water temperature rarely drops below + 27 ° in summer. The most popular resorts in Turkey for Russians are Alanya, Side, Kemer. Local hotels usually offer services for families with children, as well as interesting offers for youth companies.

Travelers' demands are sometimes surprising, sometimes shocking, and sometimes frightening. Each of them has their own preferences for time, place or type of rest. Everyone lacks something, wants to do, see, try, feel, something new, which he cannot afford, for a number of reasons, on weekdays. Someone lacks nature, villages, endless fields. Someone look at the starry sky, "fall" into the endless, milky cloud of the Milky Way, and at the same time for hundreds of kilometers there was a minimal illumination of the sky - neither cities, nor villages, nor a person ... Someone can taste wine while on a plantation or taste the real whiskey in the homeland of the drink. And someone wants to fly into space, land on the moon. All this, and not only, is called non-standard tourism and unusual travel.

Some call it the extravagance of those who prefer something unusual, non-standard and new to the standard types of recreation - sunbathing on the beach or sightseeing tours. It is not surprising - people who prefer a trip to art galleries are unlikely to be close to people who arrange trips into the depths of the desert to observe the starry sky in absolute, natural darkness. Few can find innovation, motivation in these non-standard types of tourism and recreation. To understand this new round in the development of the tourism business, you need to plunge into the world of interesting, unusual ideas and try to find positive sides in them and definitely something of your own!

Non-standard types of tourism - Rural, Rural, Ecotourism

Rural (many also call it ecotourism, but this is not entirely true) type of tourism is one of the most diverse types of recreation. Many residents of large cities, accustomed to the noise of cars, the ringing of alarms, iPhones, tablets and gadgets, try to escape to the countryside at least once in their lives. Closer to nature, to something alive, real, which can be touched, felt. Break away at least for a moment from the gray, suffocating walls and break out closer to nature, forest, mountains, savannah, desert. Relax in peace and comfort. This is one of the most positive features of this type of non-standard recreation. In addition, rural recreation improves human health, its psychological component, brings emotional imbalance to harmony with oneself. On Lux-Trip. u wrote about similar types of recreation, there, however, is not what in our standard understanding is a "rural" type of tourism, but you can be sure that after reading these articles, you will get ideas for a vacation from the city and from the noise: <

Non-standard types of tourism - Shop tours, shopping abroad

As funny as it sounds, shopping tours have their advantages. Shop tours do not have the same positive cultural coloring as, for example, sightseeing and getting aesthetic pleasure from viewing the originals of paintings by the great masters of antiquity, but they also play a significant role. Looking at shop windows and shopping, we combine business with pleasure. Our articles on shopping while traveling abroad:

Non-standard types of tourism - health tourism, SPA tours, sports hotels and camps

Such kind of recreation as health tourism - spa tours and hotels, wellness hotels and their programs, sports hotels and camps for adults and children is also gaining popularity. Every year, the trend of a healthy lifestyle attracts masses of people who care about their health and appearance. Many now thought - what kind of rest is this, where you have to constantly go in for sports and bother yourself !? We have dispelled these myths in our articles, where we described in detail with text and video presentations how you can combine a beach holiday with non-debilitating, but very effective and effective natural healing programs by playing sports, visiting spa treatments and eating healthy, organic food. Our articles about health tourism, spa tours and hotels, wellness hotels and their programs, sports hotels and camps for adults and children:

Non-standard types of tourism - gastronomic tourism, wine tours, cheese tours

Wine tours may seem strange to some. Any wine gourmet and just a connoisseur dreams of getting to the quiet corners of Italy, Spain, France, Argentina to feel the taste of real local wine, chat with winemakers, taste their most expensive wine drink and learn about the history of the variety. Our articles about wine tours, festivals of alcoholic drinks from around the world and not only:

Non-standard types of tourism - space tourism, astronomical tours

Space tourism is another type of non-standard tourism. Who would not want to take a long flight to uncharted orbits and stars? See the endless expanses of space? Fly around the globe? Today, in the age of modern technologies, this can be partially done if there is an amount in a bank account with 5-6 zeros in US currency. Spaceships are invented for flights of tourists-astronauts, new special suits, protective ammunition and much more. The problem lies in the high cost of this flight. This type of tourism is not yet available to everyone. Only the mighty of this world can still observe the beauty of the starry sky from the window of a spaceship. But there are tours that will allow you to get as close as possible to the eternal - space and its objects:

Useful information for traveling to Jamaica

Jamaica is the largest English speaking and third largest island in the Caribbean. Its length is 235 km, and its width varies from 35 to 82 km. Almost half of this mountainous island is over 305 m above sea level. Blue Mountain Peak - the highest point of the island - 2 256 m.

Jamaica is famous for its lush vegetation, stunning coastline with valleys, rocks, caves, coves, reefs, mineral springs, waterfalls and 120 rivers.

The average annual temperature on the island is + 28 ° C. Water temperature in winter + 24 ° С, in summer + 28 ° С. Inland, a humid tropical climate prevails, but in the mountains the temperature can drop to + 10 ° C. Northeast trade winds and mountain breezes maintain pleasant temperatures along the entire coast. Jamaica's summer is hot and humid, while winter is drier and cooler, this time of year is suitable for tourists who do not tolerate heat well. However, there are months when a vacation in Jamaica can be uncomfortable: hurricane season begins in September, and it lasts until the end of autumn. Heavy showers are likely in May and June.

Jamaica is a multiracial mix of Africans, Europeans, East Indians, Chinese and Middle Easterners.

The local currency is the Jamaican dollar, you can change foreign currency at any bank or at licensed currency exchange offices at airports and hotels throughout the island. In most cases, US dollars are accepted for payment for goods and services related to the trip (including accommodation, dining in a restaurant, car rental and shopping in duty-free shops).

Major Resorts in Jamaica

Coral reefs stretch along the northern coast of Jamaica, where the most popular beaches and, accordingly, the island's resorts are located: Negril, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio.

Negril is known for its clean beaches - 11 km of white sand. Divers from all over the world come here. The most fashionable hotels are located in the Long Bay area, while the more democratic ones are in the West End area.

The Montego Bay resort is one of the most popular among tourists: it is full of nightlife, luxury hotels, all kinds of restaurants and shops. Many attractions are also located here.

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