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The most popular leisure points in Sevastopol

Sevastopol - the city of historic glory, beautiful and diverse. Each rest before the trip is an exemplary leisure plan. Below I picked up the most popular entertainment options suitable for kids and adults.

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Where to go with children in Sevastopol <

Children's entertainment programs in the city more than enough. If you wish, you can choose several options suitable for your requirements.

Cinema "Victory"

Cinema is an ideal place for family pastime. Works establishment until late night. In the morning and daytime clock, multiplication films in 3D format are displayed. In the evening - tapes for adults. The cinema is equipped with modern appliances and systems. Comfortable sofas and small drinks for drinks provide additional comfort in the process of viewing the fascinating film. Today it is one of the most popular places included in the mandatory cultural program not only by the Sevastopol themselves, but also by the guests of the city.

Victory Park

In Sevastopol, the mass of interesting, unique objects where you can spend time with the whole family. One of the most popular is considered to be the Park "Victory". The territory is excellent landscaped. Comfortable benches, beautiful fountains, thematic alleys and memorial complexes. Many entertainment for every taste and budget. The main tourist object is quite possible to name the famous Water Park "Zurbagan". The beach of Victory Park is not less popular. Each guest and a resident of the city seeks to spend time on the territory of the Park Zone.

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Stanislav Vasilyev

Rehabilitation of disabled children

Evaluation of the clinical condition of the child, the implementation of the individual rehabilitation program, prevention of complications.

LFC and physiotherapy for children

Organization of Flammation, physiotherapy, kinesotherapy, manual therapy for children.

Children's speech therapist and psychologist

On the basis of the center, consultations of children with a psychologist are available, as well as classes with a speech therapist to eliminate speech defects.

Creative developmental activities

On the basis of the center, a teacher on art therapy, modeling and the development of fine motor skills is engaged with children.

Welcome to the Sevastopol Children's Medical Rehabilitation Center!

A new medical institution has been created in the city of Sevastopol: the state budgetary healthcare institution of the city of Sevastopol "Children's Center for Medical Rehabilitation". The Center is located at Pr. October Revolution, 45. Tel. (8692) 48-00-86, 48-01-82.

Entertainment in Sevastopol for every taste and age more than enough. The city is famous for a huge number of attractions and pastime options.

Hello! The "Adventure Club" Foundation of Dmitry and Matvey Shparo, together with the Federal Center for Children and Youth Tourism, has been holding an annual school-seminar for training tourist personnel for work in children's camps with a tourist focus for more than 10 years. Specialization - water tourism. on your website or on your pages on social networks. ”Show in full.” After completing training within the school-seminar and an internship in a children's tourist camp, they will receive the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for organizing and conducting tourist trips, as well as a unique experience of working with different categories of children in the natural environment.Becoming a member of our friendly company you will have the opportunity to improve your sports skills by participating in sports trips 3-6 ks, conducted by the camp "Big Adventure" The school-seminar is held in three stages:  The first stage (theoretical ). 14 - 23.3.2020, venue - tourist center, Moscow region;  Second stage (practical). 16 - 23. 4. 020, water educational and training trip of the 2nd category of complexity along the river. Msta, Novgorod region;  Third stage (internship). Any time from 01. 6. to 31. 8. 2020, internship in the children's tourist camp "Big Adventure", Republic of Karelia, Muezersky district, pos. iksha.

Students pay only for travel for stages 1 and 2 of preparation, the rest of the costs are borne by the organizing organization. During the internship, a salary is paid (from 30,000 rubles per month).

At the end of the school-seminar, students receive the following documents: - a diploma of the established sample on the completion of a basic level school; - certificate of the instructor of children and youth tourism; - international certificate for the right to provide first aid; - a certificate of credit for the hike 2 grade.

Applications are accepted by e-mail babincevy @ mail. u, babincevy @ pro-camp. u until 07 March 2020. Additional information and Regulations on the school-seminar are available on the website . u/seminar-instruktorov /, in VKontata . om/id193271392, phone: +79105430612

Head of the school-seminar - Y. Babintsev, World Champion in the discipline "Route-water", Master of Sports of Russia, International-class instructor in sports tourism, coach-teacher in sports tourism of the highest category

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On October 20-21, for the first time, the First Aid Center is conducting a BASIC course of first aid (first aid) in Sevastopol! Details and RECORD: . om/topic-86024190_39347635

Show in full. Also will take place: November 3-4 "> BASIC course in Simferopol Description and RECORD: . om/topic-86024190_39354056 November 5 "> CHILDREN'S course (Help for children) in Simferopol. Description and RECORD: . om/topic-86024190_39354082

After completing the Basic Course, the Special Course for tourists is available. it is also planned at the end of the year.

Thank you for your attention. Successful routes and ascents!

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Mild climate, magnificent landscapes, warm sea and hospitality of local residents create excellent conditions for recreation in Sevastopol. The city has two main advantages in the eyes of tourists: the sea and the opportunity to touch the military history. But relaxing on the beach and visiting historical sights is not the only thing that can and should be done at this resort.

When To Go

You can come to Sevastopol all year round, it all depends on the goals of your vacation. On the beaches here they begin to sunbathe in May, and the last bathers emerge from the sea closer to October. The water warms up to +24. + 25 ° C by the end of July-August and gradually cools down in September. From the second half of March, warm weather sets in, it is already comfortable to go on excursions, and to museums and theaters - even in pouring rain and stormy winds. Frosts are extremely rare.

Beach Vacation

The swimming season in the bays of Sevastopol is the longest in Crimea, from May to October. In the bays protected from the wind, complete calm reigns almost always. In the surrounding villages, the sea is cleaner, and the crystal clear water is near the rocky headlands. Connoisseurs know that the best places are outside Sevastopol: Cape Fiolent, Cape Aya, Laspi and Batiliman bays, and the ideal season, of course, is velvet.

There are more than 10 beaches in and around the city with different surfaces: sand, small and large pebbles, concrete slabs, rocky stones. In terms of the availability and level of infrastructure development, the spread is also quite large. On the sandy Uchkuevka there are changing cabins, toilets, sun loungers and water equipment rental. Walking distance to cafes and shops. There are attractions and play areas for children. On neighboring Lyubimovka, almost everything is the same, but amenities and entertainment are concentrated near hotels and boarding houses. On the coast near Chersonesos there is nothing but picturesque chalk cliffs on which you can sunbathe in relative solitude.

One of the best places in the city is the Aquamarine beach, which formally belongs to the hotel of the same name, but is open to everyone. Sand and small pebbles are brought here every season, there is a vast shady zone, and comfortable wooden decks lead to the sea. It is very comfortable to be with kids here.


Sevastopol has a huge number of historical monuments - more than 2000 in the city itself. The past, full of tragic and heroic events, is literally felt among the classical columns of the Grafskaya pier, read on the memorial plaques of the Malakhov Kurgan and hovers over the lonely column of the Monument to the Scuttled Ships. Just walking along Primorsky Boulevard among classic buildings and snow-white rotundas is sheer pleasure, and watching the powerful ships in the port is breathtaking.

Those who are interested in the history of the New and Modern times should see the panorama "Defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855." and the diorama "Storming Sapun Mountain". These are grandiose works of art telling about the events of the Crimean and Great Patriotic Wars.

A visit to Crimea cannot be imagined without a wine adventure. The most famous wines are "Zolotoy Balka" (Balaklava) and Inkerman wines. The rocks near the town of Inkerman, dug by deep adits left after the extraction of the stone, have become an ideal place for storing and aging local wines. By the way, an excursion to the Inkerman vintage plant is in great demand among the guests of Sevastopol.

Outdoor activities

The beginning of spring is a special period for the peninsula. Tourists from more northern cities come here to take a break from the long winter, enjoy blooming beds of daffodils and tulips, blossoming almond and mimosa trees. And local residents recall the events of 2014: then, on March 16, Crimea returned to Russia. Since then, on this festive date, processions, concerts and a parade have been held here.

Those who are planning a vacation in Sevastopol in March 2021 have the opportunity to celebrate two important events there at once: International Women's Day and the anniversary of the Crimean Spring. And just enjoy walking around the city and excursions to the most interesting places.

Where to go and what to see

Sevastopol has recently become a resort. Previously, they came here in order to touch its history, honor the memory of the city's defenders and see the full power of the Black Sea Fleet.

In Soviet times, this place was closed for a long time and it was possible to get there only with passes. Photographing was prohibited, and those caught red-handed were spotted by patrols. This is understandable: the number of units of military equipment, equipment, weapons - all this was classified information. Now everything has changed, and everyone can not only go on a boat trip to the warships, but also take a selfie in front of them.

Many people doubt whether it will be possible to rest in Sevastopol in March 2021, because it is still cold for swimming in the Black Sea. Locals say that a vacation in the memorial city is ideal in spring. At this time, it is comfortable to visit monuments and museums, which are much more difficult to get around and go around in the summer heat. In order not to get lost, use the guide: it will tell you when and where it is better to go.

Panorama "Defense of Sevastopol - years"

This round building, crowning a rather high mountain above Korabelnaya Bay, is seen by those who come to the city by bus, car or train. It is no coincidence that an unusual museum of one painting was opened in this place at the beginning of the 20th century: it was Malakhov Kurgan that became one of the main strategic points during the First Defense of Sevastopol in the Crimean War.

A panoramic painting by the outstanding Russian battle painter Franz Roubaud is dedicated to the battle that took place in June 1855, when Russian troops resolutely rebuffed the army that was twice its size. The foreground of the picture is subject, and special illumination makes the image three-dimensional and vivid, so that everyone who appears on the observation deck of the museum feels like a direct participant in the battle.

Working hours: from 10:00 to 18:00.

Ticket price: 100 rubles. for schoolchildren, 200 rubles. for adults.

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