Rest in Anapa with children: advantages, housing, advice, prices

Rest in Anapa: pros and cons

Anapa is considered one of the best seaside resorts in Russia for children's recreation. There is a fairly high level of cleanliness on the beaches, especially on the coastline, adapted for children's camps and sanatoriums, not to mention paid beaches and private areas. That is why we bring to your attention an excursion on which resort of Anapa to choose for a trip with a child in the summer of 2021, and also consider housing options with good conditions, we will find the best Anapa hotels by the sea on an all-inclusive system and entertainment for children and adults.

When is the best time to relax in Anapa?

The holiday season in Anapa begins at the end of May and lasts until the end of September. The peak is in July and August. Therefore, coming here with a family with children, it is better to choose June or September, then there are fewer people on the beaches and the sea does not bloom yet. However, this factor is not perceptible on paid beaches, where all the greens are cleaned.

As for the weather, the local climate is mild enough for children, many tourists choose the Black Sea for a trip with kids for a long period or even for the winter. The average air temperature in summer is 26, 28 and 30 degrees in June, July and August, respectively. In September it will not be as hot as in May - 24-25 ºC.

At night, the temperature drops by 6-8 degrees, this should be taken into account when planning a wardrobe, especially for sea trips in the evening. During the summer, the sea warms up from 22 to 26 ºC. Sometimes even high degrees can be in June, when there are still not so many vacationers, so rest at this time is very comfortable if you come with a child.

Monthly weather in Anapa

When to go on vacation?

What are the best resort beaches for families with a child?

Rest in Anapa with children at sea is considered one of the best options in Russia, since the sea is shallow, warms up quickly, and the beaches are mostly sandy and soft. This allows the child to splash aground, build sand castles, and add peace of mind to the parents while relaxing on the beach. However, when planning a vacation, it is worth asking where the best and cleanest coastlines are, where it will be comfortable and safe for you.

Below is a list of the best beaches for children in Anapa. And although there are pebble beaches in the coastal zone of the city, we offer sandy options for children:

  • Central Beach.

Rest in Anapa with children by the sea, prices, where to go inexpensively

We examined all the sights of Anapa and chose the best places for families with children! See photos and a short description of excursions in our rating

Dear, familiar from childhood, Anapa does not cease to receive a huge flow of travelers every year. By the way, since Soviet times it has been named the best children's health resort. Sun, sea, fruit abundance - what else is needed for happiness? The resort is inexpensive and cheerful, it is easy to get to any point both by car and by bus, since the transport network is well developed. There are many hotels, from cheap hostels to 5-star giants, or you can stay in the old fashioned way, in a private cozy house right on the seashore.

You won't get bored in this corner of Russia. The city and its environs are overgrown with a bunch of entertainment places for every taste and budget, there is where to go or go with children.

Park zones, amusement parks, dolphinariums are supplemented with exotic excursions almost every year.


There are a couple of places near the city where the inhabitants of the underwater kingdom give performances. The most visited is the entertainment complex "Nemo", located in the village of Dzhemet, 15 minutes from the center of Anapa. The troupe of the maritime theater artists includes lions, walruses, northern fur seals, Far Eastern bottlenose dolphins, and the pearl is a real polar whale.

Get ready for amazing performances, all the actors are talented and charming creatures. They amaze with the ability to juggle objects, dance and show acrobatic numbers.

Do you want a picture of a dolphin brush as a keepsake? You can buy a freshly painted canvas, how much it costs - the auction will decide.

"Nemo" is a whole world in which, in addition to the dolphinarium, there is a mini-zoo, an oceanarium and a terrarium. It is interesting to look into the eyes of a shark, stroke a phlegmatic snake and meet funny Humboldt penguins. By the way, kids under 5 years old are allowed to enter the institution free of charge.

If you want to find yourself in a completely amazing place, it is better to go to the Dolphinarium of Bolshoy Utrish, where you can go with your child on your own by boat from the seaport. Thus, it will turn out to kill two birds with one stone - to take an amazing walk on the sea, the final chord of which will be the dolphinarium. In the evening, also return on the yacht "home".

The institution is unique - the only one in Russia where animals show a show right in the water area of ​​the sea. This is where they live. It is worth considering that the performances can be disrupted by inclement weather, so be guided by the weather reports.

The Enshtenium Museum of Entertaining Sciences

The word "museum" drives kids into depression, but not in this case. "Enstenium" will be appreciated by absolutely everyone: young children, teenagers, and their parents. The museum promises: entertainment and impressions are more than enough for everyone. Scientific discoveries go beyond boring schoolwork, everything is extremely simple, like an alphabet, and even interesting.

The best hotels with meals for children, prices for tours, when is it better to go to rest, which beaches to choose with a shallow bottom, what are the climatic conditions in the resort.

Summer is best spent by the sea to take a break from the city, work, school assignments and daily routine. Anapa is great for family vacations. Many hotels, inns, boarding houses, entertainment centers are focused on spending holidays in Anapa with children. Excellent climatic conditions, warm and shallow sea contribute to the fact that vacationers with children and grandchildren come to the city and its numerous villages.

Content of the article:

Advantages and disadvantages of a trip to Anapa on vacation with children

A trip to the sea with a child is a whole event, so parents prepare for such a trip very carefully. After all, a flight by plane, a trip by bus, train or car can cause stress not only for adults, but also for children. Therefore, children's holidays in Anapa 2020 need to be planned to the smallest detail. It all starts with studying the features of the resort city and its environs, as a possible place for children to relax.

Among the advantages of resting in Anapa with a small child it is worth noting:

  • The sea is shallow, so children can spend hours turning gray in the sea water, splashing around, building castles.
  • Sandy beaches, which are the best place in Anapa to relax with a child 4 years old. Kids build castles, create castles, sculpt various figures from the sand. The beaches in Anapa are clean, they are regularly cleaned of algae.
  • Large selection of accommodation - from five-star hotels and hotels to three-star mini-hotels, guest houses, sanatoriums and boarding houses. All institutions are ready to organize an excellent vacation for parents with a one-year-old child in Anapa. You just need to carefully review the conditions of accommodation, the services offered for children and parents, in advance to clarify the availability of a children's menu, cots, doctors and other medical specialists.
  • In Anapa, you can spend an excellent children's vacation on the "All Inclusive" system, which will allow parents to relax a little while on vacation. The hotels have swimming pools, animators, play areas, playgrounds, discos.
  • Excellent conditions have been created for recreation in local sanatoriums for recreation with a child 3 years old or another age in Anapa. If it is not enough just to breathe in the sea air, then you can purchase a ticket to a health resort and sign up for a course of preventive procedures, treatment, massage.

Among the disadvantages of spending time with a child at the sea in Anapa, it is worth noting the flowering sea, which is covered with algae in mid-June. A large number of plants begin to accumulate near the shore and in the water, which interfere with swimming and lying on the beach, since the surf at night throws algae on the shore. Special services clean the plants in the early morning hours, which allows parents and kids to enjoy the sea and beach holidays.

Children's holidays in Anapa will go well if you take care of booking accommodation in advance. The resort is very popular with parents with children in the summer, so finding a suitable accommodation option upon arrival will not be easy. It is recommended in February or March to draw up a list of housing requirements in which you want to spend your summer vacation.

In Anapa, rest with a child of 2 years old or older is best done on the "all inclusive" system. If you want to cook on your own, then you should choose accommodation in apart-hotels, apartments or boarding houses, where the rooms have kitchens. You should definitely check the availability of dishes and equipment for cooking, find out where supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, markets are located.

In order for children's rest with their parents to go smoothly in Anapa, you need to draw up a leisure program in advance. This is especially true for kids from 2-3 years old and older. They can't sit still, so you need to think over active and entertaining activities, find animators, playgrounds, learn about themed evenings in hotels.

So, the best vacation in Anapa with children can only be created by vacationers themselves, taking into account the advantages of the resort area. The unique climate, water parks, water activities, beaches, affordable prices for accommodation will make the holidays unforgettable.

Where to spend an all-inclusive vacation with children in Anapa?

In recent years, Anapa has changed and even earned the title of the best resort on the Black Sea coast. Of course, many are convinced that it is far from Alanya and Antalya, not to mention some Costa Dorada, but objectively the city has become more picturesque, friendly to travelers, comfortable and pleasant. Of course, some of the problems have not gone away. There is also no crowding on the beaches during the season, souvenir stalls and dubious canteens continue to spoil the city's appearance, and especially cunning taxi drivers come up with tariffs on the go. What can you do - this is already part of the local flavor. But, on the other hand, there are modern hotels with a good level of service, fashionable restaurants with excellent cuisine, the quality of infrastructure and the urban environment has improved.

What's good

The main and constant advantage of Anapa is its long and wide sandy beaches, which are rare for the Black Sea coast. In combination with a shallow sea depth many meters from the shore, a shallow bottom and a comfortable entry into the water, these are just ideal conditions for a vacation with the smallest toddlers. That is why the resort is called a children's resort. In the recreation areas on the shore there are comfortable sun loungers, showers, toilets, changing rooms. Some beaches look quite "European", which is important for a certain category of tourists.

Beach activities are very diverse. Children can frolic on the playgrounds and water attractions, while adults can sail on a yacht and enjoy a relaxing massage. In the afternoon, the centers of attraction are the coast, the Golden Beach water park, the Nemo dolphinarium, the Sea of ​​Pleasure water ski park. In the evening people go out for a walk on the embankment, have fun in the park "Solnechny Ostrov" (office site), dine in restaurants, and move to bars and clubs closer to night.

The climate in Anapa will not disappoint. The sun shines almost all year round, the chances of running into prolonged rains are minimal. Thanks to the combination of the sea breeze and dry steppe wind, it breathes into full chest, and the heat does not come in a stuffy cap even at very high temperatures.

Another important plus: Anapa is for everyone. Here you can relax on a grand scale in 4-5 * hotels, where they fulfill almost any whim, or limit yourself to budget vacations, renting a room in the private sector and buying food on the market. As a compromise - dozens of cozy mini-hotels, guest houses, boarding houses. In a word, service from VIP to "economy": expensive restaurants, democratic pizzerias and canteens, shopping for tight wallets and penny trinkets in souvenir shops.

Since Soviet times, Anapa has become famous as a health resort. Nothing has changed - boarding houses and sanatoriums offer an impressive range of medical services. You can come for a month for a full-fledged treatment of the musculoskeletal system, or for a week or two to be like spa treatments, experience the wonders of modern cosmetology, and please the body with dietary nutrition.

What's not very good

Opponents of recreation in Anapa immediately name two "crown" minuses of the resort: algae and huge crowds in the season. There is really a problem with the blooming of the sea. From July to September, dowsers to soak up the soft sand have to put up with the ubiquitous sea grass, which somewhere in an even layer, and somewhere in heaps lies on the shore and covers the water surface. To get to a clean area, you must first break through this green goo. At the same time, algae smells unpleasant and sticks to the body. Of course, the beaches are cleaned regularly, but that doesn't help for long.

A lot of people are also a problem. In July and August, everyone on the beaches literally lies on top of each other. In search of a place, you have to go away from the Central and Healing beaches, where the bulk of tourists are concentrated. Because of such a crowd, the sea is not at all azure, and the purity of the water is in doubt. The situation is better on the pebbly coastal areas.

In summer, on the embankments, in shops, parks and other public places, there is constant noise and din, children's squealing, in the evenings loud music pesters from around every corner. The atmosphere is clearly not for lovers of silence and solitude.

How much

The excursion program in Anapa does not differ in variety. There are almost no interesting routes in the vicinity of the city, for impressions you need to go tens of kilometers. Natural views are also far from picturesque.

Anapa is a popular resort and a place where famous children's camps have been operating for several decades. Many were still pioneer camps during the Soviet era and continue to receive children today.

Anapa has always been famous as the main children's health resort. With our review, it is easy to find a health camp for a child, a sports camp, a thematic one, and a language bias.

In this article, we have collected the main summer camps in Anapa with phone numbers, addresses and cost of the voucher.

Below, for your convenience, there is a map of the location of all the camps mentioned in the article:

Theme Camps


Each shift in the Volna camp is dedicated to some topic: sports, creative, intellectual.

In the program of each shift:

    • Beach animation

Animation show, active games, contests and, of course, the sea and sunbathing.

    • Sections and Competitions

Every day: football, volleyball, various types of fitness, all-around, funny relay races.

  • Quests and teambuilding

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