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8.5 million tourists visited Kazakhstan in 2018

Foreign tourists spend in Kazakhstan three times less than domestic tourists, and the share of tourism revenues in the structure of Kazakhstan's exports has decreased by,%

In 2018, 8.5 million tourists visited Kazakhstan, this figure increased by 10% compared to the record year 2017, the head of Kazakh Tourism Rashid Kuzembayev said recently in an interview. However, Kazakhstanis on social networks questioned the accuracy of these numbers. Ordinary citizens have expressed their suspicions that a national company may be manipulating data to show its effectiveness. Informburo. z found out how much the interest of foreign tourists in our country has actually grown.

Real tourists - only% of the declared ones, million people

The preliminary data for 2018, which was provided by the Statistics Committee, seems to confirm the words of the head of Kazakh Tourism - the country was visited by 8.5 million tourists. However, upon detailed analysis, it becomes clear that these are not tourists in the generally accepted sense of the word.

According to data for 2017, out of 7.7 million who fell into the category of tourists, 1.2 million people indicated business and professional activities as the reason for entry, and more than 6.5 million people indicated personal. In the "tourism" column, only 81,635 foreigners were marked - this is 1.2% of the figure that Kazakh Tourism officially announced in the media. And if you compare this number with the data of previous years, then there is a slight annual growth with a sharp jump in 2014 and a two-year decline in 2015 and 2016.

In fact, most of the foreigners registered in statistics as tourists are not. This is supported, for example, by the preliminary statistics of Uzbekistan for 2018: 7.1 million people or more than 51.6% of the total number of those who left the country were sent to Kazakhstan. Of these, 96% of people chose the reason for leaving work (3.1 million) and visiting relatives (3.7 million), and rest - only 18.5 thousand, or 0.2%. At the same time, according to Kazakhstani data, only 3.3 million people officially entered the Republic of Kazakhstan from Uzbekistan.

In addition, on vacation in Kazakhstan, according to the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC), residents of the country spent $ 3.4 billion (5.57 million people), and foreign guests - 1.94 billion (7.1 million people).

It turns out that on average, citizens of the republic spent $ 610 for one domestic trip on vacation, while foreigners spent only $ 247.

If we assume that "pure tourists" spent on travel as much as the local population, then their number will be equal to 3.1 million people.

From which countries do foreign tourists come to Kazakhstan?

In 2018, 75% of the 8.5 million "tourists" are citizens of the neighboring states of Kazakhstan: Uzbekistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The remaining 25% are mainly residents of Turkey, Germany and Azerbaijan.

In 2017, the international exhibition EXPO was held in Astana. At that time, 7.7 million foreigners visited our country, but the geography of tourists' citizenship has practically not changed over the year. This is evidenced by official data: in 2017, more than 88% came from Uzbekistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and China in descending order by the number of people. The remaining 12% are mainly citizens of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Germany, Belarus and Ukraine.

8.5 million tourists visited Kazakhstan in 2018

Three types of steppe, lakes, long rivers (with canyons that are not inferior to those of Arizona), the sea coast, mountains (including dense forests) - all this is Kazakhstan. Among tourists, the share of those who want to spend their holidays in this mysterious country has been increasing recently. Several settlements have been turned into resorts here since Soviet times. Other best resorts in Kazakhstan have now been added.

Sea resorts of Kazakhstan

The described state owns a part of the northern and the nearest half of the eastern Caspian coast. Convenient beaches are located just near major cities. And those have "air gates". Airports accept liners from different airlines. One of them offers the cheapest plane tickets in Kazakhstan.

Aktau (Shevchenko)

Resorts in Kazakhstan like this one boast well-known housing infrastructure. Mangystau agglomeration Aktau is in 15th place in terms of size and population. However, in terms of landscaping, it gives odds to many megacities. That there is one main photo plot of everyone who has been here - the skyscrapers of the Ceremonial Square or an idyllic mosque. Becket-Ata. The only "but". This part of the Mangyshlak Peninsula is desert and semi-desert. So don't count on greens. But the climate allows swimming from May to October inclusive.

Equipped bathing dimes - "Manila", "Nur-Plaza", "Dostar" and "Marakesh" (large and medium pebbles and pebble "sand"). Closer to the beaches there are such hotels as Samal (swimming pools, landscaping, 4 types of rooms), Steegle, Kenderli and Grand Hotel Victory (popular nickname "Tower"). From the upper floors of the latter, it is possible to survey all city quarters, port facilities, as well as a large piece of the Caspian Sea. On average, daily accommodation in these GCs in the high season will cost 500 - 1000 rubles ("Standard") and 1,000 - 3,000 rubles. (rooms of a comfortable class). Inexpensive.


This resort village is located 70 kilometers from Aktau. Not so long ago, he served exclusively for oil producers. Nevertheless, nowadays the convenience is awaiting tourists too. The beaches are the same. But there is a difference from Aktausky. Nearby you will find rich deposits of healing mud. Guest houses are available for 500 - 1,000 rubles per day.

Fort Shevchenko

This seaside resort of Kazakhstan is located on the same peninsula, but protrudes into the sea much further (it was built almost on its very bow - on Cape Tyubkaragan). Like the one just described, this settlement is named after the writer Taras Shevchenko. Previously, it really was a fortification. Nowadays, it already implies a beach center, which includes pebble recreation equipped with everything you need. Alas, most of the sea edge is occupied by large stones. However, the water here is very clean. The Bautino and Golubaya Bukhta complexes (owned by the Chagala Group company) are eagerly awaiting visitors. Alas, on the most comfortable summer days, a junior suite costs more than 3,000 rubles. Standard housing is offered for a price 3 times less.

Atyrau (Guryev)

The resorts of Kazakhstan on the sea for Russians and residents of other Slavic states start from here - from the northernmost Kazakh port. It is the 11th largest city in the country. And it does not lie in the Caspian itself. It is connected to it by a convenient canal - in fact, an artificial continuation of the Ural River.

Guryev is a toponym published on behalf of the Russian businessman Gury Nazaryev. Back in 1640, he set up a prison in this place. And already his children kept a tavern where they could eat and spend the night. In the post-perestroika period, the Kazakhs decided to return the more ancient name of this area. After all, the Turks from time immemorial called the girla of the Ural River "Atyrau".

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