Resorts of Greece

Resorts of Greece

The economic crisis has made holidays with children an expensive pleasure, so Russian tourists are looking for budget destinations for summer trips. Egypt and Turkey were banned, and Greece and Cyprus came to the fore. These are comfortable Mediterranean resorts, but which is better for family travelers?

Greece - antique ruins, fur coats and pristine beaches

The comfortable Mediterranean climate of ancient Hellas will make rest with a small child carefree and useful. There are no companies in the Greek resorts, hence the abundance of "blue flags". To get to Greece, you will need visas, but Russians have no difficulties getting them. If you are traveling to Greece with a child, pay attention to a number of advantages of this country:

- clean beaches; - gentle slopes; - animation; - children's entertainment; - exciting excursions; - water parks; - slides and children's pools.

Looking for tours with children to Greece, you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost of the voucher. A family of three (two adults + one child) will pay for the tour from 23,000 rubles. You can find it cheaper.

Cyprus - fast flight, comfortable living environment

You can fly to Cyprus in 3-4 hours, which is extremely important when planning a vacation with children. The island attracts family travelers with its magnificent beaches, healthy climate and rich entertainment program. To travel, you will need an online visa, which is easy to obtain. Paphos and Ayia Napa are considered the best resorts for families. Pros of Cyprus for a child:

- sandy beaches; - well-developed infrastructure (animations, nannies, playgrounds); - children's menu in hotels; - good ecology (beaches are marked with "blue flags"); - wide price range.

Cyprus is used to improve the health of babies suffering from colds, skin and allergic diseases. Tours with children to Cyprus are inexpensive - you have to pay from 37,000 rubles for three (child + two adults). There are cheaper options.

Cyprus vs Greece - where to go?

Greece is suitable for parents with older children - the price of the trip is low, so more money can be allocated for excursions and entertainment. Greek beaches are clean and well-groomed, but the industry of children's entertainment is more developed in Cyprus. Both countries attract shopaholics - during the sales season, you can stock up on branded items at cheap prices. Parents traveling with small children will like Cyprus - clean sand, gently sloping bottom, well-warmed sea. When planning the train, rely on your budget and the age of your child. Have a desire to save money? Buy last-minute tours - they are significantly more profitable.

Cyprus or Greece: what to choose for families with children at sea and how to save on travel by bookmarks 5

The well-known proverb "Measure seven times - cut once" illustrates well the correct planning of your vacation: before making the final choice, you need to weigh the pros and cons. In particular, determine the location, hotel and entertainment. To make it easier for you to navigate, we share a cheat sheet for Greek hotels

A few words about holidays in Greece

There are many reasons for the huge popularity of one of the oldest and most beautiful states on the planet:

  • beautiful scenery, clean seawater and kid-friendly beaches;
  • safety - crime rates are very low, especially when it comes to the island side of the country ;
  • most of the hotel staff speaks Russian;
  • many hotels operate on an all-inclusive basis, half board or breakfast only. Those who do not want to think about nutritional issues can completely rely on the local chefs. Those who want to cook on their own are offered a large number of self-catering apartments;
  • in some hotel complexes, children under 12-14 years old are not paid for holidays. For example, the Mitsis hotel does not charge a fee for children under 18;
  • professional animation teams, a fun entertainment program for children and adults;
  • the opportunity to visit exciting excursions based on the myths of Ancient Greece;
  • a large number of water parks, attractions, boat trips.

Family holidays in Greece are best organized in June or September. If the vacation falls in the hottest months - July and August, choose resorts in the mainland. Lovers of fresh sea breezes can come here in May. Prices at this time of the year will please, as will the air temperature if you don't like the heat.

How to choose the right hotel

It is very easy to spoil your vacation if you approach the issue of choosing a place of residence in Greece without proper attention. First, you need to consider the following points:

Overview of Greek Hotels

When going on a trip with the whole family, it is very important to find a middle ground so that both children and parents are happy with the rest, so that everyone can be distracted and rejuvenated. In this case, it is especially important to take into account the age of the child. Babies under 1 year old are extremely vulnerable, so the best hotels should be preferred.

For families, islands with well-developed infrastructure are more suitable, such as:

  • Rhodes ;
  • Kerkyro;
  • Kos ;
  • Lesbos;
  • Crete ...

Cyprus or Greece: what to choose for families with children at sea and how to save on travel

Greece is an amazing country in which the ancient history of Homeric times is intertwined with the realities of today. The beauty of seascapes and the brightness of colors amaze the imagination and attract travelers from around the world. Vacationers are attracted by the clear sea, sandy beaches, sights and ethnographic features of the ancient country, available on the mainland and islands. Therefore, it is not easy to immediately decide where to go to Greece to rest.

Best Beach Destinations in Greece

For tourists, sea holidays in Greece are included in the mandatory program of visiting the country. In terms of the number of seas, it holds a leading position in Europe. The state is located in the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The mainland and numerous islands are washed by the seas:

  • Thracian ;
  • Tyrrhenian ;
  • Libyan ;
  • Cretan.

These reservoirs are included in the waters of the Ionian (in the west), the Aegean (in the east) and the Mediterranean (in the south) seas. Sunny weather, warm water and a mild climate increase the length of the beach season. There are excellent beaches on the islands.

Beaches of Zakynthos

Between two rows of mountain ranges, in a green valley, lies Zakynthos. The territory of the island is famous for its artesian springs. Coniferous forests alternate with vineyards and citrus groves. Rocks border picturesque bays. Parts of the island are included in the marine nature reserve.

  • Tsilivi: well-maintained, clean beaches marked with the Blue Flag. Tourists are offered water activities. Hidden under the clear water is a rich underwater world that attracts divers.
  • Alikanase: beaches are attractive for fans of wakeboarding, windsurfing. There are many bays and secluded coves. Young people like to come here.

Beaches of Crete

The beaches of Crete are among the best places to relax in Greece. The island is washed by the seas on three sides: Ionian, Libyan and Aegean. From July to the end of August, when it is hot in Greece, stable atmospheric pressure allows you to quickly adapt to local conditions and not waste time on acclimatization.

  • Ammoudi (Amoudi) is a cozy sand and pebble beach in a small bay on the southern coast of Crete. It is limited by powerful rocks, near which fish are found. The bottom is rocky - divers choose these places because it is easy to dive under the water here. There is a diving center on the coast. Couples with children often come here to relax.

When choosing where to go, they give preference to beaches with a wide coastline, clean pebble-sandy cover, a gentle entrance to the water:

Greece is ideal for families with children and attracts many tourists with its gentle sandy beaches. The choice of a resort should be taken responsibly. For a holiday with a child, you must choose special equipped beaches that are as safe as possible. We will tell you which Greek island to choose for families with children.

When to travel with children to Greece

Greece has a Mediterranean climate that will allow you to relax in comfort, almost all year round. Sunny weather in the country almost all year round, with the exception of a few months. The beach season in the country starts in May and ends around mid-October. Compared to other resorts, Crete has a warm and sunny weather for the longest time.

When traveling with children to the islands in Greece, you need to choose a time when the water is warm enough and sunny weather prevails. These months include May and June, as well as September-October. During these months, the water is perfectly warmed up for swimming, and in the fall, local fruits and vegetables ripen, which every tourist can taste.

On the islands at this time, the water temperature remains in the range from +19 to +27 degrees Celsius. July, August and September are considered the hottest months.

Why Greece attracts tourists with children

You shouldn't look for any special answer to this question. It's just that all resorts in Greece and the surrounding islands are ideal for families. Let's take a look at all the benefits:

Cote d'Azur, warm sand, entertainment programs for children, make rest on the beaches of Greece comfortable and attractive for many.

Basically, all the beaches have a flat and gentle coast, where it will be pleasant and safe for children to swim. There are also shady gardens that provide shelter from the scorching midday sun.

Walking through the olive, lemon and orange groves will be interesting not only for adults, but also for children. These unique thickets are striking in their beauty.

It should be noted the delicious Mediterranean cuisine, which will be appreciated even by little connoisseurs of exquisite dishes. Professional chefs prepare delicious dishes from fresh seafood, fish, olive oil, fruits and vegetables.

The popularity and prestige of European education is growing every year. For several millennia, Greece has paid close attention to the intellectual development of a person, and the country does not change its traditions today. What are the features of the modern Greek education system and learning conditions for foreigners?

Features of the Greek educational system

The Greek education system is traditionally divided into 3 cycles:

  • initial ,
  • medium ,
  • highest.

The primary level is represented by preschool institutions and schools, the middle level is represented by gymnasiums, lyceums and vocational schools, and the higher level is represented by universities and institutes. Educational institutions at all levels are controlled by the Ministry of Education and Religion.

The school year starts in the second week of September and ends in early June. In universities, study begins on September 1 and ends on June 21. Classes are held from Monday to Friday during the week. The knowledge of students is assessed on a 20-point system, starting from the middle cycle of study. During the school year, there are holidays timed to coincide with Christmas and Easter.

Teaching in educational institutions is conducted in English and Greek. In some schools, instruction is in Russian.

To ensure the harmonious adaptation of foreign students to the educational system, as well as to overcome the language barrier, in some regions there are intercultural schools represented by primary schools, gymnasiums and lyceums.

The Greek educational system consists of three cycles of study - primary, secondary and higher


Preschool educational institutions are intended for children from 2.5 to 6 years old (2.5–4 years old - nursery, 4–6 years old - kindergarten). As a rule, their working hours are 08: 00-16: 00. Nursery groups are usually formed on the basis of kindergartens.

The main goals of preschool education are the social adaptation of children and the development of learning skills that are necessary in school. Educators and psychologists work with groups, classes are conducted in a playful way. Particular attention is paid to moral, intellectual, physical and emotional development. There are also preschool educational institutions for children requiring a special approach in education.

Preschool provides many opportunities for children's creativity

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