Requirements for the organization of animation activities

Requirements for the organization of animation activities

The standard animation service structure looks like this:

  • - General Manager
  • - Manager-Animator
  • - Methodist-Animator (Organizer-Animator)
  • - Performing Animators

The main in the animation system is the animation manager. He reports directly to the general manager, who, in turn, reports to the owner of the hotel, boarding house, sanatorium, etc. As a broad-based specialist, the animation manager is called upon to identify, satisfy and develop the socio-cultural interests of different groups of the population, develop targeted animation programs and social technologies for their implementation, stimulate innovative movements in the tourism sector, manage the economic mechanisms of organizing animation activities, and introduce effective pedagogical methods. development of cultural and aesthetic creativity. An animator manager must know the psychological and pedagogical foundations of managing a temporary team with which he works, be a leader in various tourist groups that differ in age, composition, education, social status, and be able to influence the opinion of others.

An inclination towards leadership is important, namely: the ability to take initiative, attract and direct the attention of others, offer them a solution, the ability to speak the language of their supporters.

Animation managers must have high business qualities, deep knowledge of human psychology, practical skills in working in a well-oiled mechanism.

Subject to the Animation Manager:

  • - methodologist-animator (choreographer), who prepares scripts and staging shows, designs costumes and conducts rehearsals;
  • - organizer-animator, who provides the organization the process of animation activities with everything you need.

Animators are direct performers of animation programs and events. The animator must initially possess certain work skills and abilities, and must also be psychologically ready for this work. The animation program changes every two weeks, so the animator's working day is very stressful. Together with the animators, there are singers, professional dancers and musicians who are often invited and paid by the hotel administration specially for the evening. The earnings of the animators themselves vary depending on work experience: animators who can sing, dance, play musical instruments, and speak foreign languages ​​receive a large salary. The animator is the same artist, and all his activities require constant dedication - every day, every minute, for fifteen or more hours a day. Not everyone can withstand such an active and stormy rhythm, which is why it is so important to organize the work of the animators well. Anyone can try themselves as an animator.

The requirements are simple: you need to love to communicate and easily find a common language with everyone, be able to infect others with a good mood. Just how much animators manage to “turn on” people determines their professionalism. Usually people who work as animators are educators, psychologists or artists by training. But such education does not play the most important role. In any case, before starting work as an animator in a hotel, in a resort, in a sanatorium, young people are offered to go through a "school of animators". To perform their work efficiently, animators must master a number of disciplines: psychology, acting, choreography, methods of sociocultural activity, guided tours, game techniques (game workshops), scenography (animators write programs themselves). At the school of animators, they teach all this for a year. But further, animators can undergo continuous professional development. Each animator chooses what he likes: someone loves to conduct excursions, someone likes the organization of sports competitions, someone is the real king of the holidays and perfectly conducts entertaining evening programs. This is how the specializations of animators are defined. Usually there is a group of animators, 4-6 people.

Currently, the time of active development of tourism and other spheres of activity, which are primarily aimed at leisure activities, more and more animation technologies are used - entertainment technologies. People's demands are on the rise. It is no longer enough for them to just go abroad and go there to museums with excursions. They want to diversify their leisure time, to get as many positive emotions as possible. It is to satisfy these requests that animation activity is directed.

There is such a profession as an animator, which speaks of the increasing demand for this particular type of activity. More and more people are involved in this area, there are certain requirements for the quality of the animator's work. Taking all this into account, it becomes clear why so many technologies and methods for holding certain events are being developed.

One of the main tasks facing service sector enterprises where the object of activity is a person, satisfaction of his needs, is the effective organization of employed workers and the level of their qualifications. It must be remembered that a turanimator must have the following personal qualities: sociability !, patience, responsibility, intelligence, and also have acting abilities and the inclinations of a born leader.

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