Rating of the best children's camps-2020

Rating of the best children's camps-2020

Despite the fact that the quarantine violated all the plans of the Russians and made adjustments to the school/work schedule, the coronavirus cannot completely cancel the summer holidays of children. Therefore, the relevant departments are making every effort to ensure that the summer holidays still take place.

And in this regard, it's time to find the best children's camp for rest. True, this summer season will have to take into account an additional factor - a favorable sanitary and epidemiological situation in the child's resting place. There is no shortage of children's health institutions. But, unfortunately, due to the epidemic, in some regions shifts are postponed to autumn.

Summer holidays for children in the year: for parents - note

In the context of the COVID-2019 pandemic, the requirements for children's camps have been tightened: the right to take children on vacation is granted to those organizations that have all the permits and are included in the register. Particular attention is paid to the staffing of doctors and nurses. Already, the medical staff is 96-98% trained. By the beginning of the first shift, the Ministry of Health will fully supply all children's health institutions with medicines.

For information: Previous seasons in children's health organizations caused 15,000 complaints from the Ministry of Emergencies. 118,000 cases were reported by health workers when children had to be given first aid and even hospitalized.

Rospotrebnadzor believes that there are no reasons to suspend the summer campaign. A special system of medical control is provided for the admission of children: at the place of departure and arrival (at train stations, at airports) and directly in the camps. However, the head of the department, Galina Yanovskaya, nevertheless commented on the situation with the proviso: "With strict adherence to the recommendations ...". The chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children T. Pletneva and her first deputy O. Okuneva are less optimistic. Their concern is related to the complexity of forecasts: no one in the world can yet give a real estimate of when the peak of the pandemic will be passed.

It should be taken into account that according to the results of the last season, out of 1,800 children who arrived in Artek, 98 were immediately sent from the railway stations to the nearest hospitals with diagnoses of ARVI and influenza. Experts once again remind that in the current conditions, complicated by the COVID-2019 pandemic, parents must show responsibility of the highest level - not to jeopardize the health of their own children and those who came to the camp on vacation in satisfactory condition.

In some regions where the most unfavorable epidemiological situation has developed, there are two scenarios for the development of events: postponement of the shift to a later date or its complete cancellation. Specialized committees have developed measures providing for the refund of money for vouchers in the event of a worst case scenario. The organizers and regional supervisory services constantly monitor the situation and report it on the official websites of the camps. Parents can familiarize themselves with this information, since absolutely everyone is interested in the safe rest of their children.

The best children's camps in the Moscow region - "readiness"

Surely the whole family takes an active part in the discussion of the summer vacation plan: children pay more attention to the topic of exciting leisure time, and parents plan their vacation in accordance with the family budget.

Interesting programs for children in a budget version can be found in such children's camps in the Moscow region:

Educational camp "Yolka" on the basis of a rehabilitation center for children - years old

The camp is located 1 km from the Moscow Ring Road, in the Mytishchensky District, which is very convenient for parents who want to see their child on weekends. 120 children will be able to rest in two residential buildings in one shift. Several educational programs and an indoor pool have been prepared for children. The children are especially delighted with the riding school. And in the salt cave you can undergo a course of procedures, which is very useful for the prevention of viral diseases and strengthening the immune system.

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