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Excursion Zhigulevskaya round the world on Christmas

Zhigulevskaya round the world at Christmas. Railway tour 6 1.021

Tour program: 09:30 - Departure of the train from the station. Samara (railway station). On the way to Zhigulevsk, we will ride merrily! Fantastic stories and a festive quiz with prizes in each carriage await you. Stops for additional boarding of tourists are at the station. Bezymyanka, Srednevolzhskaya, Yagodnaya. Arrival at the Glade of fairy tales and good wizards (station 135 km). Stop for 30 minutes. You will meet with fairy-tale characters, fairy tales and magic, you will make your cherished desires, which will certainly come true! From a height of 200 meters, you will have a stunning view of the majestic Volga, Zhigulevskie mountains, the village of Zadelnoe. Train departure. Continuation of the path.

12:00 (tentative). Arrival at the station. Zhigulevsk on a visit to the Mistress of the Zhigulevsky mountains. Festive meeting of the train guests. Further seating by buses in accordance with the chosen route.

ROUTE №1. SPECIALLY FOR PARENTS WITH CHILDREN! "Fairy tales of Samara Luka". For parents with children under 10 years old with a visit to the New Year's performance - the performance of the Puppet Theater and the New Year's Tree. Then in the center of Zhigulevsk you will find merry walks and dog sledding (only for this program is included in the package price!), Hot mulled wine and many others. other (total time on the square is about 1 hour). During the program, a small excursion around the city and a visit to the observation deck of the town of Otvazhnaya, from where we will admire the amazing winter landscapes of the Zhiguli mountains. Lunch for an additional payment - 400 rubles. per person

ROUTE # 2). Husky. Christmas tree. New Year!" in the village of Sled Dogs of the largest husky kennel in the Volga region. Disembarkation/landing at the station Zhigulevskoe sea. You will go to a real village of sled dogs (50 minutes on the way), where a New Year's holiday awaits you in a real winter forest, among snow-covered pines and kind, cheerful, noble huskies! The Year of the White Metal Bull is a must-see in nature and white snow with friends and family! In the Christmas program: Greetings from Santa Claus, "The Legend of the Blue-Eyed Wolf" - an excursion and acquaintance with the Husky, communication and photos with the Husky "Silver of the North"! "The path of the White Fang" - dog sledding up to 1 km, fun and active games. "The Tale of the White Bull" - a tea ceremony and fortune telling in a forest hut. "Tick tock tu" - a rite of passage for the fulfillment of desires, a visit to the "Souvenir shop", photo-location.

ROUTE № 3. Spiritual and cultural Kremlin "Bogatyrskaya Sloboda" (stay on the territory of Sloboda 2.5 hours). An architectural complex built according to the traditions of a Russian fortress of the 13th century, located in a picturesque place of the Zhiguli Mountains on the banks of the Usa River. This is a real Ancient Russia on the territory of the Samarskaya Luka National Park. Snow Maiden - Polyanitsa will greet you with bread and salt, Santa Claus will show you his possessions, you will visit his Terem, take part in amusing games, amusements and heroic gatherings around a winter fire, get acquainted with the heroic breed Svyatorussky Voy and the descendants of the legendary dog ​​Voy. All members of this group will enjoy delicious herbal tea with oven pies.

ROUTE №4. Sightseeing tour, Otvazhnaya + museum "Samarskaya Luka" + master class on Zhiguli painting of New Year's toys! Excursion with inspection of the main attractions: parks, embankment, visit to the brand shop of sweets of the famous factory "Uslada". Excursion to the historical museum of local lore "Samarskaya Luka": 3 halls that tell about the creation of the city of Zhigulevsk, about the crafts and industry of Samarskaya Luka, about the large archaeological monument Murom town, about life and travelers who visited Samarskaya Luka, about the unique flora and fauna Zhiguli mountains, about the rarest and most valuable inhabitants. Exposition about the Great Patriotic War. Master class on painting New Year's toys. Zhigulevsk has preserved its own original art painting, the technique with which you will get acquainted is unique, you will take your toy with you as a souvenir. A visit to the Courageous Mountain, a bird's-eye view of the surroundings. magnificent winter landscapes of the Volga and Samarskaya Luka. Christmas festive merry festivities in the city center, dog sledding (for an additional payment of 250 rubles per person), hot mulled wine and many others. other (total time in the center is about 1.5 hours). Lunch for an additional payment - 400 rubles. per person

ROUTE No. 5. Museum "Samarskaya Luka" + Center for the rehabilitation of wild animals of the national park "Samarkaya Luka" "House of Aibolit" + Otvazhnaya town. Museum of History and Local Lore Samarskaya Luka ". 3 halls tell about the history of the city of Zhigulevsk, about crafts, life and industry of Samarskaya Luka, about a large archaeological monument Murom town, about travelers who have been to Samarskaya Luka, about the unique flora and fauna of the Zhigulevsky mountains, about the rarest and most valuable inhabitants; Cinema hall. Exposition about the Great Patriotic War. Kind shelter for wild animals "House of Aibolit" The idea of ​​creating a shelter for animals appeared in 2010, when during forest fires residents began to bring injured animals to the administration of the National Park. In the fall of 2011 in a cozy grove next to the park administration, an animal shelter “House of Aibolit” was opened. The shelter was built with funds from a grant from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), sponsorship and own funds. Volunteers also helped the park. The shelter contains animals, and there are animals that need help. On the territory of the shelter there is the Fox House-Museum with an exposition dedicated to the fauna of the National Park. Animals will be grateful to kind people by joyfully wagging their tails to any of your donations. The town of Otvazhnaya, at its foot was the village of Otvazhnoye, which was transformed in 1946 into the working village of Otvazhny, which in 1949 was renamed Zhigulevsk. We will go up the mountain by bus. The beauty of the surroundings from a bird's eye view and a gorgeous place for a breathtaking photo shoot. Christmas festive merry festivities in the city center, dog sledding (for an additional payment of 250 rubles per person), hot mulled wine and many others. other (total time in the center is about 1.5 hours

Included in the price is travel on the electric train on the Samara-Zhigulevsk-Samara route, the program on the train, a visit to the Glade of Fairy Tale, transport services in Zhigulevsk, escort, the eco-collection of the Samarskaya Luka National Park, entrance tickets to the objects according to the program , merry festivities. According to program No. 4, a master class on painting, According to program No. 1, a visit to the New Year's performance and dog sledding,

Not included in the price Lunch at will 400 rubles/person Personal expenses Souvenirs Dog sledding (for all programs, except for No. 1, where it is included in the price of the program)

Take with you:

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for the weather
  • dry rations on request
  • water (0.5 l each way )
  • cameras, selfie sticks and other equipment for the best photos
Mode of transport: Bus, Electric train Note: The tour will take place in any weather Route: Samara - Zhigulevsk - Samara

Excursion Zhigulevskaya round the world on Christmas

Traveling by rail is a real find for active extroverts tired of loneliness who are afraid to fly and dream of sleeping: it's safe, romantic, and even new acquaintances can be made. But seriously, train tours are a fun and comfortable enough way to see the world and experience new impressions. The active development of railway communication on the territory of Russia became a great help for tourists, thanks to this it is possible to get on rails to any corner of not only our country, but also practically the entire continent.

By train from Moscow to Europe

Just a sea of ​​tours from Moscow awaits those who like to walk along the old streets of European cities. For example, for those who want to arrange a fabulous French vacation, the Moscow - Nice train (No. 17/18), which departs from Belorussky railway station on Thursdays and in 48 hours delivers its passengers to the French Riviera. The route of this train includes eight countries at once, from the window of your compartment you can enjoy the views of Minsk, Warsaw, Vienna, Verona, Milan and Genoa.

The cost of a ten-day train tour to Nice includes breakfast, hotel accommodation, guide services.

On the Moscow - Paris train (No. 23/24), which also departs from the Belorussky railway station, you can get not only to Paris (the train arrives at the East Station of the capital), but also to Berlin. The train goes through Minsk, Warsaw, Berlin, Hanover, Strasbourg.

Electronic registration is available for trains "Moscow - Nice" and "Moscow - Paris"; a printout of the ticket is enough for boarding.

The Tissa train (No. 15/16) will take you directly to Budapest, and the Moscow-Prague train (No. 21/22) will take you to the Czech capital in 33 hours. The Leo Tolstoy train, which departs from the Leningradsky railway station every day, transports passengers from Moscow to Helsinki, and the Vostok train takes you all the way to Beijing, although this journey will take you 146 hours.

As a rule, the price of package train tours includes food, hotel accommodation, insurance and guide services, but train tickets and visa are usually paid separately, consider this point when choosing a trip.

Ideas for rail travel in Russia

It is no less interesting to travel around the territory of our country. A railway voyage along the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway, for example, will allow you to see all of Russia from edge to edge in two weeks. The Golden Eagle train travels through 10 time zones, and its route, exceeding 9000 km, is considered the longest in the world. Tourists spend most of the trip on the train, and, despite the spaciousness and comfort of the compartment, not everyone can do this adventure. So before buying such a long tour, it is important to correctly assess your physical and psychological qualities. The journey begins in Moscow, then along the route Murom, Arzamas, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, the tour ends in Vladivostok, where tourists change to a plane and return home. Travel agencies can also offer programs with visits to other cities: Ryazan, Ruzayevka, Samara.

Top Train Travel Destinations

New Year and Christmas is a fabulous time, a time for miracles and new discoveries! We all begin to believe at this time of fairy tales, in Santa Claus and make our deepest desires, like children rejoice in fluffy snow, play snowballs and make snow heroes. Let's make a wish to go to a special birthday

In this article, we continue to review the most curious routes in the world for traveling by train. In this part, Russia and the Arctic Circle, Italy and Switzerland, as well as Tibet and Australia are waiting for you! Make yourself comfortable.

Route from St. Petersburg to Moscow through the Arctic Circle

If your childhood dream was to see the Northern Lights in your life, then with such a train journey this dream has a chance to come true.

At the very end of November, a private train starts running from St. Petersburg only for tourist trips. Such travels are of particular interest to foreign tourists in Russia.

Such a trip takes 12 days, during which the train crosses the Arctic Circle near the Norwegian city of Kirkenes right in the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) zone, and includes almost all possible pleasures and is one of the most luxurious and non-trivial options to enchantingly spend the New Year's holidays with black caviar, champagne and the Northern Lights.

During the trip, tourists visit an unusual snow hotel with ice sculptures. Usually, New Year's dates are sold out a year in advance! And this at a price of $ 12,000!

Scenic train route Centovalli Italy - Switzerland

This is probably one of the most beautiful routes in Europe, running between the Italian town of Domodossola and the Swiss town of Locarno, past the Centovalli valley, which is also called the "Hundred Valleys".

On the way, travelers will surely see idyllic vineyards, old stone cottages, waterfalls (!), dense deciduous forests and, of course, mountain peaks!

The train leaves daily all year round. This is not some kind of exclusively tourist route, but the most ordinary train.

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