Prospects for agritourism as one of the types of business in the countryside

How rural tourism is developing in; Altai

An extraordinary beauty place with a Martian landscape - the vicinity of Lake Kolyvan. The small birthplace of the famous Queen of the vases is the Revnevskoe jasper deposit. One of the oldest and most interesting museums in the region. All this and about a hundred more unique monuments of nature, history and architecture are located on the territory of the Zmeinogorsk region. Today it is one of the eight territories of the region, where programs for the development of rural tourism have been adopted. And local owners of personal subsidiary plots - Vyacheslav Trunov, a bailiff from the village of Cherepanovsky, and Galina Sapronova, a former accountant of the administration of the Savvushka village - were among the few people who were given subsidies from the regional budget for the implementation of projects in the field of agritourism, about 450 thousand rubles for two.

Many people in our villages have free rooms and houses, which means they can discover something of their own. And don't just treat it as a business! This is an opportunity to revitalize life in our villages. In winter, the ski complex "Zmeinogorskiy" opens, vacationers who come on weekends need to spend the night somewhere. Many are interested in untouched nature. In Novokharkovka, for example, the nature is amazing. There Marat Yelagin breeds horses and sheep, is going to put up yurts to receive tourists. In Savvushka, farmer Viktor Tolstov wants to build an ecological village ... We will not turn back, tourism will still develop.

So far, only two estates have received subsidies from the regional budget - Galina Ivanovna Sapronova's Estate and Medvezhy Ugol. And according to the regional tourism development program, support will be given to: "Akimova Zaimka" in the village of Cherepanovsky (hunting), "House of the Fisherman" in the village of Utka (fishing, hunting), "Kalinov Most" (honey production, hunting) and the Turkic ethnoaul (horse routes, culture of the Turkic peoples) in the village of Novokharkovka, "Rural village of Tolstova" in the village of Savvushka (milk and meat production), the ethnographic Russian village of Ryazanovka (open-air museum).

More than 23 million rubles from the regional, local budgets and extra-budgetary sources are planned to be attracted to the district until 2012 for the development of rural tourism. The money will go not only to support the estates, but also to promote the area. In addition, in 2010, on the highway in the village of Savvushka, they intend to build an indoor market for trade in agricultural products - as in Srostki. The money was pledged for the development of the center of Mari culture in the village of Cherepanovskoye and the Museum of Labor and Military Glory of the Kolkhoz. Shumakov in the village of Baranovka.


14,256 tourists visited the Zmeinogorsk region for nine months of 2009. 340 km is the distance from Barnaul to Zmeinogorsk. A one-way bus ticket costs about 350 rubles.

Estate of Galina Ivanovna Sapronova

Hostess: Galina Sapronova, housewife, former chief accountant of the Savvushka village administration. Location: with. Savvushka, Zmeinogorsk region. 25 km to Zmeinogorsk, 2.5 km to Lake Kolyvan. Housing: one-storey house for two owners, two rooms are rented. Meals: the hostess, at the request of the guests, can prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. Entertainment: rest on the lake, immersion in rural life.

I have animals, a vegetable garden. My own products, and I cook myself. Clients are slowly appearing. For example, one family from Barnaul rested with us several times - already as their own. When they leave home, I collect milk, sour cream, and potatoes for them. It is interesting for us to communicate with visitors. This is not only additional income for us, it is development. Many people are out of work in the village, and I have already given my business plan to two families from our area - people want to do this.

Manor "Bear Corner"

Host: Vyacheslav Trunov, bailiff. Location: c. Cherepanovsky, Zmeinogorsk region, 8 km to Zmeinogorsk, 25 km to Lake Kolyvansky. Accommodation: three-room uncomfortable house, each room can accommodate two people. There is a TV and a telephone. In the courtyard there is a guest log cabin with a fireplace for relaxation. Large bathhouse, gazebo, barbecue grill, parking. Meals: tourists cook on their own. Entertainment: walks in the unique coniferous-deciduous black taiga, a bathhouse, a spring with medicinal water, hunting, fishing.

How rural tourism is developing in; Altai

Since the beginning of the year in the Altai Territory, sales of a tour of rural estates "Altai hospitable" have opened. This is the first joint project of the participants of the "Peasant Hospitality", there are no analogues of such a trip in the region. Association chairman Andrei Sizintsev told altapress. u about the peculiarities of staying in guest houses and how this tour can attract tourists from all over the country.

As if visiting grandma

Summer is considered a high tourist season for Altai rural estates. Despite the fact that their owners do not count on a big rush of guests, they always have vacationers.

Rural tourism means accommodation in a village house and getting to know the local traditional way of life. Previously, tourists made an appointment with the owner of one of the selected houses in advance. This year, representatives of the "Peasant Hospitality" Association have developed a tour, which implies a complex vacation in several Altai guest houses. They all differ in entertainment programs and natural features. But together they offer a rather eventful tour.

According to the chairman of the association, Andrey Sizintsev, tourists have already started booking dates in June. After the presentation of the project at the international exhibition "Intourmarket", which took place in early March in Moscow, the capital's guests have already become interested in such a vacation.

People want to eat natural food, drink fresh milk or eat an omelet made from fresh eggs. You can't buy it anywhere, you can only try it on the spot. This is what makes us different from camp sites. We shouldn't have a large flow of tourists. Our guest lives alone, the owners of the houses give him all their attention. As if I came to visit my grandmother. Visiting the estates, tourists change the landscape that surrounds them. After all, their journey begins from the flat part, slowly goes deeper into the forest and ends with a hike to a mountain lake.

Ascend to the sky and descend underground

The route map represents a ring that passes through Biysk, Belokurikha, Solonovka, Soloneshnoye, Talmenka, Sentelek, Ust-Kalmanka and Aleisk. The length of the "ring" is 900 km. The journey begins and ends in Barnaul.

The tour is nine days long. However, tourists can adjust it depending on their desires or financial capabilities. The main thing is that it cannot be shorter than three days. A tour can be purchased by a group of 6-8 tourists. The cost of the tour for one person is about 4.2 thousand rubles per day. The price includes accommodation, transfer, three meals a day, excursions and entertainment.

All members of the Peasant Hospitality Association took part in the development of the tour. Among them are the owners of the estates "Andreevskoe", "Inn", "Kerzhatskie Palati", "Bobrovaya Zaimka", as well as "Manor Three A", "Kolmogorov Manor". They have their own agricultural production and an established client base. The owners of these guest houses offered to include unique entertainment in the tour program: from paragliding to jeep tours and rafting.

Each of the estates has prepared several entertainments. Some offer to climb into the sky - to fly on a paraglider, others - to go down underground and go on an excursion to Denisova Cave, where they discovered the most ancient man on earth. You can also go to the Old Believers, see the Shinok waterfall, and have a wedding according to the traditions of the immigrant Poles. During the trip, herbalists will share how to collect and dry herbs. During the tour, you can also learn horse riding, pottery.

Guest houses offer local cuisine. Each day of the tour ends with a trip to the bathhouse.

Today you can buy a tour only in the tourist cultural center "Soloneshie" - including through their website.

An incredibly beautiful place with a Martian landscape - the vicinity of Lake Kolyvan. The small birthplace of the famous Queen of the vases is the Revnevskoe jasper deposit. One of the oldest and most interesting museums in the region. All this and about a hundred more unique monuments of nature, history and architecture are located on the territory of the Zmeinogorsk region. Today it is one of the eight territories of the region, where programs for the development of rural tourism have been adopted. And local owners of personal subsidiary plots - Vyacheslav Trunov, a bailiff from the village of Cherepanovsky, and Galina Sapronova, a former accountant of the administration of the Savvushka village - were among the few people who were given subsidies from the regional budget for the implementation of projects in the field of agritourism, about 450 thousand rubles for two.

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When trips to the southern resorts - Turkey, Egypt are already boring. When there is no desire to go to Paris or London again, the question arises: "Where to go on vacation this time?" And very many in recent years have responded in favor of the ordinary countryside. The noise and splendor of the capitals and resort towns is less and less attractive. People want to change their usual environment, take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, plunge headlong into nature, peace and quiet. As a response to people's requests, a new tourist destination has appeared - rural or agritourism.

What is agritourism

This is a temporary stay of a tourist in the countryside: the opportunity to participate in agricultural work, swim in a river or lake, go mushrooming in the forest, just enjoy the unspoiled natural silence.

The main condition for rural tourism is the absence of modern multi-storey buildings in the area, the magnet for agrotourists is the untouched hinterland, and the less life has changed in the last century in the village that they like, the better.

Abroad, this type of recreation is already quite widespread, rural tourism in Russia is only gaining momentum. Among the developed regions only Altai, Krasnodar Territory, Leningrad Region and Kaliningrad.

Advantages of Agritourism

One of the factors promoting rural tourism is undoubtedly its cheapness, but this is not the main factor. The main thing is the desire of people to plunge into the untouched atmosphere of measured rural life: morning fishing, smoke sauna, the opportunity to go hunting at any time, traditional Russian cuisine. This cannot be offered by any other world capital. Tired of the stress of busy city life, people are looking for rest and peace, a clean environment, natural products and good rest in the natural environment.

What agrotourists do

What city dweller can refuse honey just pumped out of a honeycomb, or the opportunity to ride on a real cart? Learn how to fish, understand the footprints of animals, find out what medicinal herbs are and how to use them, how to spin on a spinning wheel and how to milk a goat or a cow. A person arriving in the countryside not only gets the opportunity to have a good rest, but also becomes familiar with the traditional culture of his native land, learns local traditions and holidays.

This is a full-fledged infusion of a person into the hitherto little-known world of simple human life, simple rural life and familiarizing with deep true values: building a house, raising a son ... Agritourism is gradually gaining more and more popularity and spread. It seems that the time has come to rediscover your native land. How do you feel about agritourism?

Tourists are interested in old settlements, whose projects of wooden houses differ significantly from modern buildings. Here you can admire the unpretentious architecture, learn about traditions, and get acquainted with folklore. Especially many are pleased with the clean air, fresh natural food, the opportunity to strengthen physical health, and overcome stress.

The paradox of the situation with such a type of business as agritourism on the territory of Russia lies in the fact that currently there is not only an official concept of such an activity, but also a law regulating such a market for services. Business in the form of agritourism involves the creation of a certain type of recreation for urban residents, in the process of which vacationers are directly involved in a variety of agricultural work. Rural tourism provides an opportunity for guests to feel the rural life inaccessible to an ordinary city dweller.

Specifics of registration and taxation

The best option for registering an activity is registration in the form of an individual entrepreneur with the submission within a month of an application for choosing the USN as a form of taxation with the opportunity to take advantage of tax holidays or payment of taxes at a rate of 6%. There is an opportunity to engage in agritourism, as one of the activities, without registering as an individual entrepreneur, subject to the following conditions:

  • permanent residence in the countryside;
  • running a personal subsidiary farm;
  • the presence of a residential building in the property to accommodate tourists;
  • compliance of the house with all established sanitary standards and technical requirements;
  • the availability of opportunities for excursion acquaintance of tourists with natural and architectural objects.

Conditions for creating a business in the form of agritourism

Such a business is especially attractive for rural residents who have no other sources of income. A business plan for agritourism is not complicated, but is based on several prerequisites and the availability of "start-up" capital. The main amount of funds will be spent on the acquisition:

  • land and houses required to receive guests;
  • a vehicle, which can be a car, boat, and so on;
  • pets, vegetable garden or garden.

Initial allocation of some part of an existing residential building is allowed. The main condition is the organization of a separate entrance. In addition, you will need to allocate sufficient space for the dining room, and food for guests should be prepared in a specially equipped room. In addition to the "start-up" capital for such a business as agritourism, it is desirable to have a reservoir, forests and meadows in the immediate vicinity of the guests' accommodation.

Normative base

At the beginning of this year, the State Duma considered a draft amendment to the document of the law "On the Basics of Tourism Activities". However, at present, all agritourism is conducted in accordance with the documents regulating the activities of agriculture, as well as in accordance with the laws on land management and land turnover.

The main points of the business plan will be based on the following components:

Today, the recreation industry is actively developing around the world, focused on resources and the characteristics of rural areas. In European countries, rural tourism ranks second in popularity after beach holidays. In Russia, this direction is not yet sufficiently developed, however, there are already successful projects of rural recreation.

What is rural tourism

Every year the travel and leisure industry becomes more and more diverse. One of the new areas of recreation is rural tourism. It is associated with the proposal of a complex product focused on natural or cultural and historical resources of the area. Peculiarities of recreation in the villages:

  • the silence of village life;
  • clean air and natural products;
  • comfortable living conditions;
  • creating a home atmosphere;
  • participation in agricultural work;
  • acquaintance with local traditions;
  • introduction to national crafts;
  • getting positive emotions; <
  • family leisure activities in nature.

A prerequisite for the organization of rural tourism is the location of vacationers in the countryside, where there is no industrial or multi-storey buildings. Places of residence:

  • homesteads ;
  • farms;
  • village houses;
  • villages or villages;
  • recreation centers;
  • guest houses;
  • ancient castles;
  • ancient monasteries.

Development of rural tourism contributes to:

  • promoting respect for local traditions;
  • raising the cultural and educational level of the population;
  • developing local crafts;
  • expanding the production of environmentally friendly products;
  • preserving natural resources;
  • mastering new professions related to tourist services;
  • reducing the burden on major tourist centers.

Benefits of rural tourism as a business:

Reasons for the emergence of a new direction

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