Pozor "for the tourist


Leaving to rest in another country, we yearn for new experiences. However, these impressions are often negative. Moreover, unexpected troubles can arise both in the host country and upon returning home. "AiF - Chelyabinsk" recalled several funny stories that happened to our tourists in foreign countries.

Careful with gifts

A young lieutenant of one of the law enforcement agencies somehow got out to Israel. I had a great rest, I collected a whole bag of gifts for relatives and friends - everyone except the beloved boss: fridge magnets are somehow too small for a lieutenant colonel, but something more serious is expensive.

Desperate to find a suitable present, the tourist wandered into an army shop on Jerusalem's King David Street. I ran my eyes through the windows and came across what was needed. It was a travel thermos in a camouflage case with a catchy IDF (Israel Defense Forces. - approx. a compartment cover with a white towel and a pocket with two black boxes. The thermos case was attached to a thin leather strap.

A satisfied Chelyabinsk citizen bought a thermos and soon gave it to his boss. Thinking about what the accompanying accessories could be used for, they decided that the compass - just in case, a towel - to be used both for its intended purpose and as a tablecloth, and the boxes were considered boxes for storing especially valuable things.

"Wow, how they do - everything is for people!" - admired the boss and a little later handed over the thermos to his boss, let the boss be happy. But he rejoiced at the ingenuity of the Israeli military until a delegation from the "promised land" came to his office. Deciding to impress the guests in the very heart, he invited them to nature and, seizing the moment, like a magician, deftly poured vodka from a thermos into the placed glasses. He shouldn't have done it.

The "thermos" bought by the lieutenant turned out to be an Israeli soldier's field prayer kit. A compass is needed to determine where Jerusalem is, and, accordingly, in which direction to offer prayers. Water was poured into the tube to wash your hands. "Towel" was a tallit - a cape that covers the head and shoulders, and "boxes for valuables" were tefillin, Torah boxes, which are fastened to the forehead and left hand with leather straps during prayer. How the "exchange of experience" between the Russian and Israeli security forces ended after that, history is silent.

Learn languages!

Two friends were in Prague for the first time. The abundance of pubs and all kinds of eateries with "Becherovka" impressed our compatriots so much that they were already at the hotel after midnight and were very drunk.

But the street generosity of Czech brewers was not enough for them, and the friends demanded that the on-duty administrator "continue the banquet." Not realizing that the bar was closed, they strenuously explained, pointing to the shelves with alcohol, that "mani eat, we will pay", shouted, shoved bills in the face, knocked on the bar, but without achieving anything, they went to bed. <

And the next morning before breakfast they found a piece of paper on the door handle of their room, on which the first thing they noticed was the word "Pozor" printed in red ink. And with three exclamation marks. Having skimmed through the text, yesterday's drinkers made out the words "alcohol", "14: 00-02.00" and "50 € s každým".

In full confidence that the hotel administration slapped them a fine for yesterday's behavior, the "disgraced" tourists at exactly two o'clock in the afternoon, like a bayonet, stood in front of the reception and paid the administrator 50 euros each. And in response to the surprised question "za co?" embarrassedly held out a leaflet.

Well, there was one of our compatriots nearby who translated the contents of the paper. Otherwise, the whole hotel would have been shaking with laughter with him. The flyer was an advertisement for one of the nearby nightclubs, which sells alcohol from 2 pm to 2 pm, “pozor” means “attention,” and the entrance cost 50 euros.

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