Post-viral sanatorium

Post-viral sanatorium

There are many excellent health resorts in Russia that accept those who need to improve their health, overcome chronic ailments or get rehabilitation after serious illnesses. In addition to the healing air and health-improving sea procedures, which are offered, for example, by the resorts of the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory, our country has a huge network of sanatoriums specializing in the treatment and prevention of specific ailments. Treatment prices, especially during the summer season, are quite high. But, fortunately, there is an opportunity to get free vouchers to a sanatorium in 2021 under the compulsory health insurance (MHI) program. And they are put on sanatorium treatment and rehabilitation for the majority of Russians.

How to get a free voucher to the sanatorium

If you decide to go to sanatorium-resort treatment or rehabilitation in a health resort under the compulsory medical insurance policy, then you need to start with the district clinic.

1. Make an appointment with your GP. If you have recently undergone an injury, surgery or are suffering from a chronic illness, then bring with you all the extracts from your medical history, as well as all medical documents that could confirm your diagnosis. If there are no such documents, then describe your health complaints to the doctor so that he can prescribe the appropriate tests and procedures necessary for making a diagnosis.

2. Based on the discharge summary from the hospital or the results of examination and analyzes, the therapist gives a conclusion with the diagnosis, which is included in the list of diseases for sanatorium treatment or rehabilitation under compulsory medical insurance, as well as a recommendation for spa treatment.

3. This document is transferred to a special medical commission, which will decide whether the patient is entitled to sanatorium treatment or rehabilitation under the compulsory medical insurance policy.

4. Collect all the documents that the medical commission should receive: a copy of the identity card (passport), a copy of the compulsory medical insurance insurance, a referral from the attending physician, an epicrisis from the hospital or from other doctors indicating the diagnosis, blood test, urinalysis, analysis for TORCH infections, analysis for sexually transmitted diseases, electrocardiogram, fluorography, examination results by a gynecologist or the result of examination by a proctologist, additional studies on the underlying disease.

5. The medical commission is given 20 days to make a decision. The commission may refuse the patient (see the list of contraindications) or decide that the patient is entitled to sanatorium treatment or rehabilitation under the compulsory medical insurance.

If the patient is entitled to sanatorium treatment or rehabilitation under the compulsory medical insurance, then he is given a referral in the form No. 057/u-04, according to which he will issue a voucher to the sanatorium. The patient is put in a queue for a voucher.

The procedure for issuing a free voucher for sanatorium treatment or rehabilitation under the compulsory medical insurance policy for a child is the same as for an adult. It is important to know that most sanatoriums and health centers accept disabled children from 4 years old, and children suffering from neurological and mental disorders - from 2 years old. To accompany disabled children for spa treatment or rehabilitation, one adult is also issued a free voucher under the compulsory medical insurance policy.

Free vouchers to the sanatorium in 2021

Kavminvody is the largest resort region in Russia, which in terms of wealth, diversity, value of balneological resources has no equal in Eurasia. What kind of tourists to send there and when, with what diseases and to which sanatorium - in a master class from the specialists of the tour operator Coral Travel.


Questions about the choice of the season for recreation on the Caucasian Mineral Waters are always asked by tourists. Here it is always necessary to clearly define the tourist's motivation for the trip: it is mainly treatment or "rest in the south".

The sanatoriums at KMV work all year round, so full treatment can be obtained in winter as well. There is, as a rule, a little snow here, during the day the temperatures are usually above zero. Many tourists for whom treatment is important buy vouchers to the sanatorium in winter, i.e. it is also much cheaper than in summer. At the same time, rest in February and early spring is the embodiment of a measured course of life and peace. For a travel agent of the Kavminvod sanatorium, knowing all the intricacies of the direction, is a good opportunity to support the flow of customers in the low season.

Summer and autumn months are the “high season” in the Caucasian Mineral Waters. At this time, all sanatoriums are filled with wishing to improve health and at the same time "relax in the south". Prices during this period are significantly higher, the shortage of places in popular sanatoriums is quite possible.

Try to orient tourists for the advance acquisition of summer vouchers with treatment in KMB in winter, when some sanatoriums produce special offers in the summer.

What tourists send to the cavmins

It is common that the older people rest on Kavminvoda, and therefore offer tours in the Stavropol sanatorium need first of all. In fact, such a trend gradually goes into the past: now in the sanatoriums Kavmintor, especially new, many young customers.

Most customers Kavminvod sanatoriums - from 35 years old. The sanatoriums themselves actively attract guests of young and middle age, and travel agents should not neglect these age categories.

Young people demand from Caucasian resorts not only standard medical procedures, but also cosmetology, anti-stress-program, programs of weight loss and general relaxation. All this in Kavminds is, and this can be safely explained by customers.

Sanatoriums expand their activities: they buy new equipment for cosmetology procedures, equip sports halls, develop new medical programs: "Detox", "Chronic fatigue syndrome" and many others. Hamam, saunas, pools, yoga, Pilates, "Salt Caves" All this has become an integral part of modern sanatoriums.

Coral Travel specialists have drawn up a summary list of special medical programs in the best cavolution sanatoriums for customers of all ages that are sent to the cavmins for general rehabilitation, deliverance from overweight, correction of shape defects, cosmetic procedures, tobacocco treatment, and even For romantic holidays. Most of these programs are offered by sanatoriums.

"Diagnostic screening program" - Plaza sanatorium (Kislovodsk).

Rules and step-by-step instructions on how to get free vouchers to a Russian sanatorium in 2021. Look who is entitled to it and which health resorts work according to the compulsory medical insurance system.

Tourist season today worries many. Whether it is worth planning a tickets in the summer of 2020, whether to go at least somewhere - people have more questions than answers. Rospotrebnadzor published its recommendations for the work of sanatorium-resort institutions for the period, while even high risks of preserving and spreading coronavirus infection.

Following them, sanatoriums and resorts will be able to fulfill the requirements of security and at the same time receive guests. The document provides several important items that should be explored to those who are still going to rest.

What tests to take

The basic set of documents for the sanatorium includes a certificate in the form 070/y, which specifies the recommended season for visiting and the profile of the institution. In fact, such a certificate is an information sheet, which is provided at the place of issue of the voucher.

In addition, the set of documents must contain a passport or birth certificate, OMS policy, SNILS. Beforehand, it is worth making copies of all documents.

There are a number of changes to the list of medical documents this year. So, at the request of Rospotrebnadzor, such studies as checking for the presence of coronavirus infection and a certificate of the patient's epidemiological environment will become mandatory.

It is recommended to undergo a study for coronavirus infection COVID-19. Moreover, the data must be received no later than 2 days before the date of departure to the sanatorium. Naturally, the result should be negative. You should also collect documents about your epidemiological environment, that is, information about the lack of contact with probable patients. The term of such a certificate is 14 days before the date of departure. Such a certificate is issued at the medical institution at the place of residence. For children, it is drawn up by a pediatrician, for adults - by a therapist or epidemiologist.

How will they settle

In sanatoriums, guests should be accommodated one at a time. Only members of one family or patients with accompanying persons will be able to live together.

There are certain questions about catering. So, to limit contact between vacationers as much as possible, it is advised to organize meals by numbers or in restaurants of sanatoriums according to the ordering system. At the same time, the arrangement of tables in the room should be such that the rules of social distancing are observed - accordingly, the tables should be at a distance of at least 2 meters from each other. They can also be seated exclusively one at a time, again, an exception is made for members of the same family or those living with an escort.

Every resident of Russia is familiar with the term "sanatorium" by hearsay. We rested in them in childhood with our parents, went on a voucher being older, and with age, many of us can only feel comfortable there. The very concept of "sanatorium" (sanatorium) originates from the Latin language, because in translation sanare means "to heal", "to heal". Therefore, in short, a sanatorium is defined as a medical institution in which natural healing factors, such as climate or mineral waters, are used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. In combination with physical therapy, physiotherapy and proper nutrition, as well as a favorable climate, treatment in them is considered one of the best ways to improve and strengthen your health.

It should be noted that today the most popular among tourists are the sanatoriums of Russia, in particular the Moscow region, Krasnodar Territory and Crimea, Belarus and Ukraine.

Treatment in a sanatorium

The peculiarity of treatment in the sanatorium is its complex nature: when natural factors are combined with the achievements of mankind - science, exercise therapy, dietary nutrition. All sanatoriums have their own specialization, medical profile, as they are designed to treat patients with certain diseases. For example, there are sanatoriums for the treatment of diseases of the circulatory system, metabolic disorders, diseases of the nervous system, respiratory organs of a non-tuberculosis nature, and the musculoskeletal system.

Recently, specialized complex programs such as "Antistress" or "Cleansing the Body" have become increasingly popular in sanatoriums. For example, in the top 5 of such programs, "Woman's health" or "Body shaping" are always kept. For general health and cosmetic purposes, the complexes "Anti-tobacco" and "Strengthening the immune system" are often purchased.

Medical resorts of Russia - Marcial waters


Sanatoriums have a narrower specialization. This term appeared in Soviet times and meant a medical institution of a sanatorium type for carrying out treatment and prophylactic measures without interrupting patients from work. In other words, stay in a sanatorium at night and free from work during the day.

To date, most of these dispensaries have been redesigned and began to function as ordinary sanatoriums. In view of their "combat Soviet past", it is not surprising that most of them are located within the city. And, unlike traditional sanatoriums, they have much more modest accommodation conditions.

Rest in the sanatorium

However, staying in a sanatorium does not always mean daily procedures or adherence to a strict dietary diet. Sanatoriums also provide an opportunity to change the usual living conditions, relax and unwind from the stress and noise of the big city. Many sanatoriums have modern health centers with swimming pools, saunas, gyms, sports grounds, tennis courts. And sometimes they even offer to ride on the nearby ski slopes, go horse riding, fishing or hunting.

Experts of tour operator companies that are part of ATOR presented their hit parade of hotels and sanatoriums in the regions of Russia for lovers of autumn SPA rest. The selection contains excellent options not only in the South of Russia, but also in Altai, Samara, Tyumen, Perm and the Moscow region.

Autumn is the best time for a SPA vacation. "Vestnik ATOR" asked the experts of tour operators dealing with this type of tourism to compile a selection of the most optimal options for autumn SPA relaxation in decent hotels and sanatoriums in Russia.

Tour operators Coral Travel, TUI Russia, ALEAN, Biblio-Globus, VEDI Group, Dolphin, Intourist, Russian Express presented their “hit parades” of SPA hotels and resorts ". Our selection includes both budget and VIP options.

Please note: each name of an object is a hyperlink to its full description and photo, using the links you can also independently calculate the price of the tour for the required dates and the number of people and find out about the nearest points of sale.


Exclusive programs using the natural resources of Altai: maral antlers, taimen caviar, cedar oil, moose milk - this is just a small part of the natural ingredients that become the basis of the basic SPA procedures of Altay Village Teletskoe.

There are recovery courses using special procedures: peelings, sound vibration, therapeutic and relaxing massages, immersion in salt and phyto baths.

This hotel is popular for floating - a therapeutic method of deep relaxation in a special float room, which allows you to achieve isolation from any external influences (sound, light, smell, gravity, tactile sensations). The procedure takes place in the pool, where the microclimate of the Dead Sea is recreated - the high content of sea salt allows the body to "float" on the surface. At the request of the patient, relaxing music and illumination "starry sky" are turned on.

There is also a course of antler baths: it has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, normalizes blood pressure, improves skin condition and leads to its rejuvenation, as a result of which it becomes pleasant and velvety.

The famous procedure here is “Siberian vat on herbs” (mint, Ivan tea, burdock, arnica, etc.). Perfectly relaxes the body, calms the nervous system, relieves insomnia and even colds. In addition, the pleasant aroma from the plants gives a heavenly pleasure. Siberian vat with sea water - sea salt, which is rich in iodine, is added to the vat. Such an element is beneficial for the thyroid gland and memory. Siberian vat with mineral water - has special physical and chemical properties and contains gases, salts, organic substances that have a healing effect on the body.

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