Places in Belarus where children will be interested

Places in Belarus where children will be interested

Children's camp of the new generation. Individual accompaniment. Thematic shifts. An extended program for strengthening health and immunity, wellness procedures: speleotherapy (salt room), oxygen cocktail, herbal tea, joint and breathing exercises. Pool. English language. Self-defense course. Leisure activities and sports games. Mini trainings for teenagers. Discos and parties.

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Description Aikistyle Children's Camp (Zhdanovichi)

About Camp

New generation children's camp. Individual accompaniment. Thematic shifts. An extended program for strengthening health and immunity, wellness procedures: speleotherapy (salt room), oxygen cocktail, herbal tea, joint and breathing exercises. Pool. English language. Self-defense course. Leisure activities and sports games. Mini trainings for teenagers. Discos and parties.

How our shifts are organized and what the children do at the Aykistyle camp:

Learning to communicate:

  • All camp events are designed to promote the development of communication, teamwork and communication skills of all participants. We deliberately create in the camp a rich environment and a close-knit cozy atmosphere where children can and want to self-determine and express themselves, find and develop their interest, show independence and make a choice, as well as learn to be aware and draw conclusions from what is happening around;
  • Throughout the shift, children keep individual diaries, in which they note personally significant moments (emotions, experiences, conclusions of the day). We strive to ensure that every child's experience in the camp is carried out consciously, therefore, several times a day, counselors discuss with the children their personal strategies of behavior in a particular game/at an event/in a competition, noting what they have learned from the situation, that could change in the future;
  • Every day in the camp, together with the tutor, there is a discussion of the events of the day (evening circle), during which the children speak out, share their impressions and agree on the schedule and organization of events for tomorrow.

Developing by playing:

How professional associations help tourism in France

During family vacations, it is important that the children are happy. If they are busy with something, if they have fun, then the parents can have a good rest. TROFEI portal. y decided to tell my readers about places in Belarus where children will definitely not get bored.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Firstly, the most famous residence of Father Frost in the country is located here. Moreover, he receives guests on his estate all year round, and not only in winter. This is one of the most beautiful residences of Santa Claus in the world. It occupies 15 hectares, it includes the Terem of the Snow Maiden, the Magic Mill that turns bad deeds into dust and sand, a glade of Twelve Months, a living New Year tree, an alley of signs of the Eastern Calendar and other objects. Secondly, in the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" you can take children to open-air cages with wild animals and introduce them to the majestic bison, graceful deer and roe deer, cautious lynx, wolves, bears, foxes, wild boars and some species of birds of prey. The Museum of Nature and aviaries are located near the ticket office, and buses run at the estate of Santa Claus: at 11:00, 13:30 and 16:00, and from December 10 on weekends and holidays - every hour.

Cost *: excursion around the estate of Belarusian Father Frost for adults - $ 4.4, for children - $ 3.6; entrance ticket to aviaries for adults - $ 1.5, for children - $ 1. address: Brest region., Kamenets district, ag. Kamenyuki. contacts: +375 (16) 315-62-67, +375 (16) 315-63-98.

Ostrich Farm

Surely children will enjoy watching not only the animals that live in our area, but also exotic and amusing ostriches. There are several ostrich farms in Belarus. The closest to Minsk, for example, is located near Slutsk. This is the "Bird World" farm. The farm has about 45 parent stock, as well as young animals of various ages. Guided tours are held here, where they tell about the life cycle of an ostrich - from an egg to an adult bird. In addition to ostriches, many other domestic and exotic animals live in the "Bird World". The farm is located on the territory of the Slutsk Ostrich agro-estate, which also includes a restaurant where you can enjoy dishes made from ostrich eggs or meat.

Cost *: tickets for adults - $ 2.3, for children - $ 1.8. dres: Minsk region, Slutsk district, Lesische village. contacts: +375 (29) 334-17-79, +375 (29) 651-23-40.

Historical and Cultural Complex "Stalin Line"

To combine recreation with patriotic education, we advise you to go to the Stalin Line ICK. Kids just love to be photographed against the background of military equipment from different times and explore bunkers, trenches and armored caps. For a fee, here you can shoot weapons and even ride rare tanks. In the warmer months, there is an ATV rental service, and a free playground is available for guests with children. Almost every month "Stalin's Line" holds some kind of mass events, where there is much more entertainment than on other days, including for children. These are the festivals "Afghan Sky" and "Bagration", the competitive show "Tank Biathlon", various military-historical reconstructions and so on.

Cost *: entrance ticket for adults - $ 5.2, for schoolchildren and students - $ 2.6, for preschoolers - free; excursion for adults up to 5 people - $ 12.9, from 6 to 20 people - $ 10.3, for children (up to 20 people) - $ 7.8; a shot from a rifle, carbine, machine gun, machine guns - $ 2, from an anti-tank rifle - $ 10.3; riding on armored vehicles (15 minutes) - from $ 103.4 to $ 1033.5 depending on the tank model; riding on ATVs 1 circle - $ 3.9, 3 circles - $ 2.6. dres: Minsk region, Minsk district, the vicinity of the a/g Loshany (GPS 54.58122.27.97509). contacts: +375 (17) 512-12-33, +375 (44) 716-34-59, +375 (44) 716-34-69.

Belarus is one of the few European countries where it is quite possible to fully relax, while spending a very modest amount. The peculiarity of the local rest is also the fact that you can feel yourself almost simultaneously both in the distant Soviet past (which is now often what Russian tourists want, this is a kind of trend), and in a comfortable future striving for an ideal. The Soviet heritage perfectly coexists in Belarus with a completely European level of service, while local sights and beauty are in no way inferior to the picturesque landscapes of the same Italy or, for example, Switzerland.

The entire territory of the country is a continuous natural beauty, practically untouched by civilization. And among all these vast forests, meadows, crystal-clear rivers and lakes, for many years and even decades, a powerful sanatorium-resort base has been cultivated and developed. This is the famous Belovezhskaya Pushcha, and the Berezinsky nature reserve, and the Pole state radiation-ecological reserve, which can boast of the best health-improving rest in the near abroad. Vitebsk and Minsk regions are rich in sanatoriums and resort complexes. And in the Gomel and Grodno regions to this day, a network of children's camps and sanatoriums is developing. Therefore, where to go to rest in Belarus, if you decide to go here, is not a question. You just need to choose the place that suits you best.

Rest in Belarus with children

For a long time Belarus has been considered an excellent place for families and families with children. Many local health resorts are trying to focus on this, offering appropriate health and tourism programs.

A great option is local recreation centers, which offer city dwellers a change of scenery during their vacation after spending a couple of weeks, or even just a weekend, in the wilderness, in the forest, on the shores of a picturesque lake or river. Healthy food, clean air and complete relaxation will benefit both children and parents.

The kids also love local national parks. This is the above-mentioned Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, and the parks "Narochansky", "Pripyatsky", "Bratislava Lakes", which delight young tourists with their pristine, untouched nature and various curious things that will become a real discovery for kids.

Well, in winter, of course, all roads lead to Belovezhskaya Pushcha - the local residence of Father Frost. During a week of rest, your child will have time to get a lot of new impressions - this is a variety of entertainment, contests and games, horseback riding, snowmen and snowballs, slides and exciting performances, just countless!

Winter holidays in Belarus

As soon as we touched on winter holidays, it should be noted that the country is progressing noticeably here - for a dozen years now, lovers of mountain skiing and youth recreation, in particular, come here from everywhere to ride on the beautiful slopes of Logoisk and "Silichy". These resorts are hardly inferior to modern European ski resorts. Where to go to have a rest in Belarus for inveterate skiers? Exactly here, you will not regret it!

At the same time, a visa to Belarus is not needed, accommodation and meals will be inexpensive, the tracks are equipped, all the necessary infrastructure is available. In addition, winters here are mild, windless, with an average temperature of about –6 ºС. A real paradise for Russian tourists!

By the way, local health resorts are especially active for the New Year and winter holidays, as well as Maslenitsa and St. Valentine, offering exciting entertainment and special wellness programs. For 7-10 days of rest, you will not only skate and skate to your heart's content, but also take part in fun contests, and at the same time excursion tours to Minsk, Grodno, Brest, Gomel and other cities rich in sights.

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