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Children's tourism in Kemerovo

Kemerovo is a young city, which is not yet 100 years old, located on the two banks of the Tom River. It grew up on the site of the unknown and seemingly unremarkable village of Shcheglova as a result of the development of coal mining in these places: coal industry enterprises have been operating here since the beginning of the 20th century. Now Kemerovo is the administrative center of the Kemerovo region, with more than 500 thousand inhabitants, for the whole of Siberia it has an important industrial, scientific, economic, transport and cultural significance. In summer, the climate allows swimming in local water bodies, but ecologists strongly recommend not to do this within the city: the fact is that the ecology of Kuzbass (the Kuznetsk coal basin in the Kemerovo region) leaves much to be desired. Therefore, among the main tourist attractions of Kemerovo are mainly parks, squares and museums.

A bit of history

The city of Kemerovo was founded in 1918 - before that there were small villages in its place: on one bank of the river - Shcheglovka (or the village of Shcheglovo), on the other - the village of Kemerova (in some sources - Komarovo). The city owes its development to the miner Mikhail Volkov, who in 1721 found a three-seam coal seam near the river near the present Kemerovo - this is how the Kuznetsk “Combustion Stone” was discovered. However, the development of Kuznetsk coal began only 200 years later - the first mines were laid on both banks of the future Kemerovo.

The origin of the name "Kemerovo" is associated with the Turkic "kemer" - mountain, coast, cliff or "Kemyur" - coal.

How to get there

Kemerovo is located in Western Siberia, 3500 km from Moscow, so it is most convenient to fly here by airplanes departing from two airports in the capital: Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo. The flight will take approximately 4.5 hours. Kemerovo airport is located 11 km from the city center, you can get to it by bus number 101 from the railway station, as well as by route taxi number 126.

A trip to Kemerovo from Moscow by train will take more than 54 hours - departure from the Yaroslavsky railway station, the price of a reserved seat ticket is about 8500 RUB one way. Buses Moscow - Kemerovo go from the same station, as well as from Kazansky. The journey takes about 62 hours. Prices on the page are for March 2019

A trip from the capital by car will take about the same amount of time. First, you will need to move along the M7 Volga motorway, after Ufa turn onto the M5 Ural, at the exit from Chelyabinsk choose the P254 Irtysh highway and follow it to Novosibirsk, after which the P255 will begin, leading to Kemerovo.

Entertainment and attractions of Kemerovo

In Kemerovo there is an open-air museum-reserve on the banks of the Tom River - "Krasnaya Gorka". Monuments of historical, cultural and mining heritage are kept here in the natural environment. Several stages of development of the coal industry of Kuzbass are presented, from each of which there are immovable reminders. The oldest is Gorela Gora, on the site of which a coal basin was discovered in 1721. In addition, the mouth of the first adit of the Kemerovo mine in 1907 has been preserved. Among the oldest architectural structures in the museum are the buildings of the Kopikuz joint-stock company and the dwelling houses of the first workers of the mine. And in the 21st century in the "Krasnaya Gorka" there was a monument "In memory of the miners of Kuzbass" and the sculptural composition "Holy Great Martyr Barbara - the patroness of miners."

In 2007, the children's railway "The Road of Childhood" was opened in the city, the length of which is about 4 km. Sightseeing trains ride tourists during the warm season - from May 31 to August 20.

The oldest museum of Kuzbass is the Kemerovo Regional Museum of Local Lore, which contains materials about the history and nature of the region. Collections number about 100 thousand items - these are rare books, documentary fund, archeology, paleontology, numismatics, ethnography, etc.

Kemerovo: districts, recreation, excursions, museums and churches, cuisine and restaurants, shopping and shops, Kemerovo attractions.

Holiday Program

Dear guys! Dear parents and teachers! Only for you entertainment programs for every taste!

With us you will dance the most popular dances, sing your favorite songs and have a lot of pleasure, including a disco! A wide range of programs is provided to your attention:

We are looking forward to your calls and orders, we take into account all your wishes, we guarantee a great mood.

I am glad to welcome you to the website of the Palace of Creativity. Our Palace of Creativity has long defined the main priorities of work, being the only institution where happy roads cross, leading from all schools in our city. Everyone who comes to us can really choose an occupation to their liking, receive advice, methodological assistance, develop their talent, become an equal member of children's social movements, learn to defend their homeland. We look to the future with confidence and firmly believe that our site will help you make the right choice - to organize your free time competently and profitably. The Palace of Creativity is a whole world, with its own everyday life, holidays, victories, contests, reports. The palace is always young - because its soul is children, their inquisitive mind, skillful hands and inexhaustible enthusiasm.

Respectfully yours, Director of the Palace of Creativity Elena Aleksandrovna Shaleva

If you want to find yourself in the world of creativity and art, become a star, realize your creative talents, find new friends - come to us at the Palace of Creativity!

Spectrum School of Early Aesthetic Development (- years)

At the school of aesthetic development "Spectrum" is given the opportunity for children from an early age to develop their abilities, to express themselves in various types of creative activity. The subjects are selected in such a way that each child, taking into account his inclinations, would receive such elementary skills and abilities that would be a solid foundation for successful education in a general education school. The school conducts classes in the following subjects:

  • Fine arts;
  • English;
  • The World around us;
  • Musical folklore;
  • Fun games;
  • Preparing for school;
  • Rhetoric;
  • Fun ABC;
  • Fun;
  • Skillful hands;
  • Theater.

Modern educational center "Siberia" (- years)

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