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Our Summer Outdoor Sunday School Experience

How to spend your summer vacation profitably? Which is better - to go to the sea or on a pilgrimage? PRAVMIR asked the Moscow clergy.

Priest John Vorobyov, cleric of the Church of St. Nicholas of Mirlikia in Kuznetsy, senior lecturer at the Department of History of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Pleasant and useful

Such a trip is “combining business with pleasure”. On the one hand, the mission is an important church task - to call people to Christ, to convert them to faith, to baptize. This is an opportunity to do something good, kind to people who need it. On the other hand, this is an opportunity to see new places, meet new people, learn something interesting, visit nature, and chat with friends.

When I got a family, every year I began to think about how to arrange a summer vacation with my family. You can't go on a mission trip with small children. Therefore, we go to the dacha or to the sea, where you can swim and where there is an Orthodox church where you can go to pray.

When I was a schoolboy and a student, my friends and I went hiking in the north of Russia. Now we are also trying to organize such trips for the children of the senior grades of school, which give a lot to the modern young person in terms of developing willpower and in overcoming difficulties, in lively normal communication with friends, and in getting to know our Russian nature.

After all, in nature, a person begins to think more, to understand the beauty of this world, and faith becomes stronger when you understand that nature is sometimes stronger than our human efforts: there are often very difficult situations when, apart from prayer, there is nothing helps. The last two times we went to Khibiny and Karelia.

A pilgrimage to holy places is also a very good vacation, but not for everyone: if a child is still small, he will understand little, and long services and travel will only tire him out. It is also not always good for a teenager if he perceives any educational effort of adults in relation to himself as a restriction of personal freedom.

If there is an opportunity to go to holy places somewhere abroad, for example, to the Holy Land, then that's great. But there are also many holy places in Russia and it is not always possible to go to get acquainted with them, so if there is an opportunity, you have to go.

It is very useful for a young man to go to work in a monastery for a few weeks. I went to the monasteries as a laborer myself and received much benefit and pleasure from it. But this is a vacation, rather, for students. The benefits of such labor are twofold: spiritual benefits, because a person does not work for himself, but for Christ's sake for the good of the monastery. On the other hand, you also get benefits for the body - heavy physical activity makes you strong and enduring.

A monastery is also an opportunity to come into contact with shrines every day, pray, go to services, and live in a healthy spiritual atmosphere. Most often it is also very beautiful nature, which is of great value for a city dweller.

I myself have worked more than once on the Anzere island in the Solovetsky archipelago and in Diveyevo. So I can only welcome the decision of a young man or girl to go to a monastery for the summer - you will not regret it!

Priest Nikolai Shaporev, cleric of the church of St. vmch. George the Victorious, Vidnoye, Moscow Diocese; Lecturer at the Department of Church History and Canon Law at PSTGU

Children are not only flowers of life, but also extremely receptive individuals. Upbringing for believing parents is a paramount task, since their personality is highly influenced until the age of 16-18 and it is better if this is a good influence. Raising children in the Christian faith, observing its fundamental principles, is very difficult, because today the world offers many entertainment that corrupts the soul and leads to sin.

Therefore, the most correct option would be to replace this influence with a Christian upbringing. An Orthodox summer camp for children will be an excellent option for the right leisure time with Christian influence. This is the place where little ones can have fun and play, but at the same time comprehend God.

Educational and training

The son of one of the Pokrov editorial staff, drafted into the Armed Forces, in the first, most difficult days of the army, received the commander's gratitude with entry into his personal file. "How did you manage?" - Mom was surprised. “It was more difficult for Degrik…” - replied a recruit who, shortly before being drafted into the army, visited the military-patriotic Orthodox camp under the leadership of Nikolai Nikolaevich Degrik (training).

For many teenagers, summer camps and year-round gatherings have been a true school of life for many years, and for young people it is also a good way to prepare for military service.

The peculiarity of the summer shifts this year is that the pupils will not only "fight", but also work in the greenhouse, be engaged in gardening and sheep breeding. Cadets will learn how to take care of chickens, geese and rabbits, prepare food, catch and fry fish.

In the summer of 2020, he conducts two shifts: July 15-22 and August 6-13. Children and youth from 9 to 27 years old (in two age groups - 9–13 and 14–27 years old) are admitted to the camp, children live in houses and tents. The older group goes through a school of survival in extreme conditions - on the islands, in an old fortress.

All programs provide for military-sports training of cadets, shooting from hunting crossbows and sports bows, tactical airsoft, pistol shooting from a laser targeting center, classes in tactical-special and assault training in the steppe and forest areas, orienteering and camouflage (sniper training), survival on a mountain river (flow rate 5–7 m/sec.). It is planned to visit the Church of the Ascension of the Lord in the village of the Watchman, previously restored by children, to participate in divine services and the Sacraments of the Church.

The teaching staff of the camp is represented by officers of law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies, clergymen of the Russian Orthodox Church, parents.

exists with the support of the Union of Afghan Veterans of the South-Eastern Administrative District (V. Kostyuchenko, Defense Committee of the State Duma), the Synodal Department for Cooperation with the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies (Priest Vadim Vdovin).

The cost of the voucher is 10 thousand rubles. Contacts: camp director Nikolai Nikolaevich Degrik Tel .: 8-916-108-07-71, e-mail Synodal Department for Cooperation with the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies: Father Vadim Vdovin Tel .: 8-963-770-83-54, e-mail

Military-patriotic Orthodox camp

Children's Orthodox camps and organizations - Orthodox magazine "Thomas"

How to make the most beloved and long-awaited vacations remember exactly like this? Children are multifaceted, so you can organize their leisure in very different ways. And Christian pedagogy offers many options to help parents.

This is the usual format of summer camps, scouting and tourism.

And there are also specialized programs addressed to those who are closer to a certain kind of activity, whether it is the restoration of destroyed temples, thematic role-playing games, sports, historical reconstructions, caring for the needy, pilgrimages - all interests cannot be enumerated , all programs cannot be covered ...

In this issue we will focus on some of them.

Symbolic Orthodox Children's Tourist Camp

Camp of the autonomous non-profit organization "Symbolic"

The main mission of the camp is the spiritual, mental, and physical transformation of the child. The camp is located in the Oryol region and invites children from 10 years old and older to active recreation.

First of all, we are focused on working with children from large and low-income families. Children live in a tent city. On the territory of the camp, a marching temple, a medical center, a summer dining room, etc.

The priest is constantly with the guys during the whole shift.

The summer camp is designed for 40 children per shift, and this allows instructors-educators to find an individual approach to each child, to help him realize himself, to prove himself, to find friends.

Hooray - vacation, summer has begun! This means that Orthodox summer camps and out-of-town schools have opened a new season, children are collecting backpacks and are waiting for hikes and adventures. For them it is both an experience of faith, and the joy of communicating with friends and nature, and new impressions. And it's time for adults to share with each other the experience of organizing such a wonderful and useful leisure.

The first session of the Summer Traveling Sunday School at the Holy Trinity Church in the town of Ross was held from 13 to 26 July 2009. A day after the end of the first shift, that is, on July 28, the second shift began work, which ended on August 10, 2009.

According to Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh, “any person who understands them and can transfer their faith to them can take care of children - not only brain, mental knowledge on religious topics, but the burning of his own heart and understanding of the ways of God. It seems to me that, ideally, this should be done by parents at home or those people at the church who are capable of it. There are families where children are well educated in Orthodox Christianity, but on average it is more difficult for parents to teach their child than to teach a priest, because a child listens to a priest differently. "

The good thing is that not only educators work in the Summer Retreat Sunday School, but also a priest lives with the children constantly as one family. Children always have the opportunity to turn to him for advice or with any request. This contributes to the fact that the priest for the child becomes much closer, and children begin to see in him a caring shepherd and a loving father.

Singing Rule

The day at school began and ended with prayer. In order to prevent prayer from being too tiring for children, it was decided to shorten the morning and evening rules (leaving only small prayers). For this reason, a special prayer book was compiled and printed for each child. This contributed to the fact that the children followed the sequence of prayers and had the opportunity to make various notes in their personal prayer book (translate incomprehensible words, expressions, stress, etc.). The spiritual father of the shift assigned in advance between the children which prayer to read to whom, after which he worked with each child individually. The priest made sure that each prayer was read correctly and that the emphasis was correctly placed. After two or three days, the children began to learn to read new prayers. After the morning prayer rule, each vacationer ate part of the prosphora and drank holy water. The prayer for the acceptance of prosphora and holy water was printed in the prayer book, and everyone read it independently.

The morning and evening prayer rule consisted not only of monotonous reading. We did not read such prayers as “Heavenly King”, “Our Father”, “Virgin Mary, rejoice”, “Save, O God, Thy people”, “Chosen Voevoda”, “It is worthy to eat”, we did not read, but sang. This helped the children to focus even more on prayer.

On the second shift, on the very first day, those children who can sing were gathered, and the choir of the Summer Outdoor Sunday School was formed. After reading the general rule, everyone had the opportunity to pray in their own words for as long as they wanted. Thus, the children learned to pray, and not just read the texts of the prayers. Every vacationer could feel the sweetness of prayer and the joy of communion with God. This experience was borrowed from an Orthodox children's camp in Cyprus, which is under the guidance and spiritual guidance of Archpriest George Antoniou. In the future, you can also introduce a "minute of silence" before the beginning of the prayer.

It would be very nice to hold at least evening prayers not in the house, but in the church. This is the wish of the children themselves. They said this after we read the prayers before communion in the church.

God's law in nature

Lessons of the Law of God were held daily. For each lesson, a specific topic was chosen: prayer, communion, confession, etc. Depending on the relevance of the topic, the disposition of children to listen, their interest in some topics, more than one lesson was discussed. For more effective teaching, it would be good to purchase a blackboard on which you could make the necessary notes, schematic drawings, etc.

An obligatory part of the lesson was to analyze some prayer from the morning or evening rule. The meaning of each word was explained, the translation into Russian was read out.

Children are not only flowers of life, but also extremely receptive individuals. Upbringing for believing parents is a paramount task, since their personality is highly influenced until the age of 16-18 and it is better if this is a good influence. Raising children in the Christian faith, observing its fundamental principles, is very difficult, because today the world offers many entertainment that corrupts the soul and leads to sin.

Therefore, the most correct option would be to replace this influence with a Christian upbringing. An Orthodox summer camp for children will be an excellent option for the right leisure time with Christian influence. This is the place where little ones can have fun and play, but at the same time comprehend God.

Orthodox Camp "Star of Bethlehem"

The Star of Bethlehem Orthodox-Oriented Camp is a field program for schoolchildren that is developed and conducted by the Game Modeling Workshop. Programs about the meaning of human life, about the purpose of man, about how life is connected with faith. A person is only truly human when he seeks and finds meaning in everything that he lives with. We work to ensure that children become real people. Each shift is dedicated to a specific topic, for example, "The Chronicles of Narnia" or some episode from the history of the Promised Land. Here comes to life what is written on the pages of history textbooks and told in fairy tales.

Each program is an adventure story, in which there is a place for feat, loyalty, honor, moral principles. Together we become participants in the story we have created. This is a game in which you need to overcome difficulties and trials, make responsible decisions, negotiate and cooperate, so that you can then be ready for this in life.

The cost of programs for spring break 2020 is from 18,900 to 22,000 rubles.

Children's Orthodox Camp "Bogoslovo"

The Bogoslovo Orthodox children's camp at the Church of the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos in Petrovsky Park in Oskva was created in 1993 with the blessing of the rector of the church, Archpriest. Dmitry Smirnov and is organized by the parish. The basis of the camp's leader collective is formed by pedagogically prepared young people who carry church obedience in the camp.

Since 2011, all shifts are held in the village. Myshkino. The camp itself is located 300 meters from the temple on a large island separated from the coast by a 50-meter strait. Around the island is the calm water surface of the reservoir, which is conducive to travel by boat.

Camp form - base camp. Children live in a clearing in large army tents. The tents are placed in two rows, forming a space for general camp activities. The tent city is crowned with a portable tent temple.

Camp life is simple and natural. Inside the tent there is a wooden flooring on which children sleep in sleeping bags. Hygiene procedures are performed in a warm river. Additionally, a shower and even a tent bath are provided for insurance. In a separate tent, a first-aid post is located, in which a medical worker is on duty - a doctor or nurse who permanently resides on the island.

Before the opening, the camp is checked by specialists from RosPotrebNadzor. The camp is coordinated with the district administration.

The main task of the camp is to continue the family education of churched families in a field camp. Baptized children from Orthodox families, aged 10 to 17, are admitted to the camp. To enroll in the camp, you must pass an interview, which tests the knowledge of the main prayers (Our Father, the Virgin Mary, I Believe) and the 10 Commandments.

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