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I really liked that the clinic has a children's department, where everything is aimed at the individual characteristics of cancer in children. We were diagnosed with neuroblastoma at home. We went to Turkey because we wanted to find out if they would be able to carry out the operation, in addition to the chemotherapy that was offered at home. We were met at the airport, accompanied during the diagnosis, the doctors said that there would be surgery, but the treatment could not be stopped at that. We underwent treatment at the clinic and continued at home. Thanks to all people who did not remain indifferent to our misfortune. We hope for a speedy recovery.

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In order to preserve Russian cultural and historical traditions, familiarize children and youth with the history of our country, as well as foster patriotism, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation with the support of the Ministry Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Federal Agency for Tourism in 2014 launched the Victory Roads project.

The operator of the project is the Agency for the Development of Domestic Tourism in conjunction with the All-Russian public-state organization "Russian Military-Historical Society".

The Victory Roads project provides an opportunity for the young generation to get to know better the history of their native country and its cultural heritage. The program includes a series of free excursions for children to museums related to the history and culture of Russia.

You can sign up for an excursion by phone: +7 (906) 726 07 21, as well as by writing to our mail - anoarvt @ mail. u.

To view our report on the work of the Victory Roads. Travel for schoolchildren program in the regions, follow the link ": ttps://vk. om/page-78392635_55073130

Recently, the Agency for the Development of Domestic Tourism, which is the operator of the All-Russian competition of projects on military history, organized by the Russian Military Historical Society, announced the start of accepting applications. And now it's time to remind you that we are finishing accepting your applications on FEBRUARY 20 at 23:30 Moscow time !! It's coming soon!))) Show in full.

Dear friends! REMINDER!

Legal entities (non-profit organizations, commercial organizations), individual entrepreneurs are invited to participate.

Applications can be submitted in the following categories:

1. Projects in the field of military history science.

2. Museum-exhibition and exposition projects of military-historical and modern military subjects.

3. Projects for the implementation of measures of military-patriotic education and history education.

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