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One of the largest cities in the West Siberian region of the Russian Federation, the westernmost of the large Siberian cities. Omsk Region is located within the southern part of the West Siberian Plain. In the west and north, the region borders with the Tyumen region, in the east with the Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions, in the south and south-west with the Republic of Kazakhstan. The territory - 139.7 thousand km 2 - is divided into 32 administrative districts. The Moscow region has great potential for tourism development. The variety of landscapes provides all of its types: health-improving, cognitive, sports. In the future, it is planned to develop skiing, equestrian, water, hiking and other types of ecological tourism.

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The main places of rest in Omichi

Chernoluchye, Krasnoyarka, Muromtsevsky district, Bolsherechye, Achair.

Climatic conditions

Such cities as Petropavlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Ryazan, Vitebsk, Kansas, Kaliningrad, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Manchester, Belfast are located at the same latitude as Omsk. However, the climate in Omsk is much more severe than the climate in other places corresponding to it in latitude. But the advantageous geographical position, combined with various natural resources, the abundance of the sun creates favorable conditions for life here. In terms of the number of hours of sunshine, Omsk surpasses not only Moscow, Sverdlovsk, but also Batumi, Kharkov, second only to Yalta and Krasnodar. The average length of a day in June in Crimea is 15.5 hours, and in Omsk - 17.2 hours. The prevailing wind direction in winter is southwest, in summer - northwest. The highest wind speeds are observed in winter and spring, which is the reason for frequent snowstorms and dust storms.

Treatment The Omsk region is rich in healing natural factors, there are a large number of salt lakes containing a high concentration of mineral salts with significant reserves of silt mud, which is used in treatment. Omsk excursion On the territory of the region there are about 1700 monuments of history and culture, ranging from ancient settlements, parking lots, barrows and up to modern memorial complexes: the architectural ensemble of the early XX century "Lyubinsky Prospekt" monastery, Bolshekulachensky Nikolsky monastery, Women's monastery in the village. atyanovka, the Spassky Cathedral in Tara - a masterpiece of architecture of the 18th century, St. Nicholas Cossack Cathedral in Omsk - the Palace of the Governor-General of Western Siberia, built in the second quarter of the 19th century, the area of ​​the Okunevo village - the mysterious "Five Lakes", in the places of F. Dostoevsky, Bolsherechye - visiting the historical and ethnographic, local history museums, the historical and cultural complex "Old Siberian"; zoo historical and architectural monuments and architectural masterpieces of Omsk, a cruise along the Irtysh and Ob with a visit to Salekhard (beyond the Arctic Circle), Tobolsk, Tara, Novosibirsk and other cities of Western Siberia.


During his working trip to Muromtsevo, the head of the Omsk region visited the Muromtsevskaya Riviera festival, which is similar in format to the craft fair on the City Day of Omsk. However, in addition to participating in the cultural program, Viktor Nazarov held an open-air meeting with representatives of the district administration.

Already today, the flow of tourists to Muromtsevo is approaching one hundred thousand people a year, however, in order to create a full-fledged tourist cluster, it is necessary to develop infrastructure here - this issue will be resolved through joint financing from the region and the federation.

Omsk Switzerland

The Riviera is a special event even for the tourist-developed Muromtsevo. In addition to the traditional fair of folk crafts and an exhibition of works by local craftsmen - artists, honey brewers, woodcarvers and others - there is a local attraction here every time - a distillery built at the end of the century before last.

- Film screenings are taking place in the ruins today (the last of them fell on Victory Day), - said Natalya Zaitseva, chairman of the Muromtsevsky District Committee for Culture, - an open-air museum will be organized for mass events.

Creative groups play folk-style performances for tourists. This year, a bell ringing concert was added to the festivities - July 12 was the day of Saints Peter and Paul. On this occasion, Bishop Pyotr of Kalachin and Muromtsev arrived in Petropavlovka, where the event took place. The priest talked with the governor - the development of pilgrimage is also one of the possible directions for attracting tourists.

Culture Minister Viktor Lapukhin and Head of the Ministry of Sports Alexander Fabricius also visited the festival and tourist sites.

The money will be

- I understand that the road is the main problem for today, - Viktor Nazarov admitted, - already this year we will allocate 100 million rubles for the repair of the most problematic section, next year - another 150 million. And in September we will present a project for the development of a district in Moscow to attract investments for 2015.

Today, a specially created municipal government agency "Five Lakes" is engaged in the development of tourism in Muromtsevo. Routes for all groups of the population have been developed here - "Taiga Legends" for schoolchildren, "Spaces of the Native Land" for the elderly and "Siberian side" for people with limited mobility. Now they want to adopt this experience in the Azov and Ust-Ishim districts.

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