Olga Golodets: biography, family, position in the government of the Russian Federation

Olga Golodets


Olga Golodets is a well-known figure among the political elite of Russia, playing an important role in the social and pension policy of the country. The positions of a statesman in society are high, since Olga was in charge of issues related to education and health care, the development of science and culture, demographic, youth and pension policy in the Russian Federation. From 2018 to 2020, she served as Deputy Prime Minister of Russia for Culture and Sports.

Childhood and adolescence

Olga Yuryevna Golodets was born on June 1, 1962 in the capital of Russia in the family of a teacher at the Institute of National Economy. Plekhanov Yuri Solomonovich and Valentina Grigorievna, who worked in the restaurant business. Olga has a sister, Tatiana, who was born in 1969.

Olga Golodets's biography has been replete with labels "the best" since childhood. The girl was listed as the first student in the class, as she studied perfectly and was obedient. With a gold medal from school, the future Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation easily entered Moscow State University at the Faculty of Economics, where she also became the best student, each session of which was excellent.

After graduating from the university with honors, Olga Yurievna entered the postgraduate course of the Research Institute of Labor of the USSR. The girl continued to correspond to the image of the best student and defended her dissertation, becoming in 1990 a candidate of economic sciences. Olga devoted the next 7 years to work at the Institute for Employment Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and then continued her career in the Reformugol structure, switching to the problems of miners after the collapse of the Union.


Olga Golodets, whose biography in her youth was associated with social policy, made a breakthrough in her career in 2001, when she moved to work at OJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel. Under the leadership of the metallurgical magnate Mikhail Prokhorov, Golodets headed the department of social policy and personnel in the company, where she gained experience and went through a serious school of life.

In 2008 Olga Golodets left the company and took up the position of the Executive Director of ONEXIM, which was also Prokhorov's investment fund, dealing with metallurgy, energy, media and nanotechnology. During the same period, she headed the board of directors of the insurance company "Consent", which she raised to a new level, which impressed the management.

Olga Golodets and Vladimir Medinsky at a meeting of the Presidential Council for Culture and Arts/"President of Russia"

Since 2010 Olga Golodets has been exclusively engaged in public service. First, the politician was appointed to the post of Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Education and Health. In 2012, Olga Yuryevna went up and became a member of the Russian government, having received the portfolio of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government for social issues.

Olga Golodets

Biography of Olga Golodets

Olga Yurievna Golodets - until January 15, 2020 held the post of Deputy Prime Minister. Until May 2020, she was responsible for social issues, was responsible for the implementation of decisions in the field of healthcare, education, pensions, labor, health insurance, demography, science, culture, then was responsible for culture and sports. Previously, she held the posts of vice mayor of the capital of Russia, deputy general director of Norilsk Nickel, deputy governor of the Taimyr Autonomous Okrug, and head of Insurance.

Golodets Olga Yurievna

In the list of the most influential ladies of Russia, according to the station "Echo of Moscow", in 2020 she took 3rd place, losing only to the chairman of the Soviet Fed, Valentina Matvienko and the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina.

Being the author of about three dozen scientific researches, the Deputy Prime Minister has earned high marks for her professional work in the field of personnel management among colleagues, representatives of academic, business, public and political circles. She was a laureate of the Aristos Prize, was one of the best members of the Russian Association of Managers, and received other industry awards. She was one of the initiators of a large-scale campaign against the state against alcoholism and smoking.

Olga Golodets is one of the most influential women politicians in Russia

She is considered an excellent performer, always doing an excellent job at tasks, surprisingly energetic and purposeful. However, at the same time, it is noted that she is, allegedly, an overly firm and strict leader, who considers subordinates as a faceless category, a kind of tool with which you can achieve results with maximum efficiency. It is absolutely uncomfortable to work under her guidance.

Investment Fund

Golodets left Norilsk Nickel in 2008, but at the same time continues to work in Prokhorov's structures. She is the executive director of ONEXIM, which is essentially an investment fund. The main area of ​​ONEXIM's activity is related to energy, metallurgy, nanotechnology and media.

In parallel, the heroine of our article takes over the leadership of the board of directors of an insurance company called "Consent". In a short time, it takes it to a fundamentally new level, which impresses its owners.

Childhood and family of Olga Golodets

Olga Golodets was born in Moscow on June 1, 1962 and became the firstborn in the family of a teacher at the Institute of National Economy named after V.I. G. Plekhanov Yuri Solomonovich and the head of the restaurant "Cheryomushki" near the metro station "Profsoyuznaya" Valentina Grigorievna. Her father's brother, Adamas, was also a public figure, was a famous footballer and coach of the Dynamo football club at one time. 7 years later, in 1969, she had a younger sister, Tatyana, who later became vice president of the Bank of Moscow.

Olga Golodets as a child

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