New Year poster in Krasnoufimsk

Fill your life with hiking or Krasnoufim tourism

Full list of New Year's events in Krasnoufimsk. How to spend your holidays with the benefit of the whole family. Where to go and what to do during the holidays.

New Year's poster will be updated.

Central square, snow town

Opening hours of the New Year's town (lighting) 26.2-30. 2.020 to 23.0 o'clock, from December 31, 2020 to January 2, 2021 - around the clock from January 3 to 23. 0 o'clock.

January 1 01.0-03. 0 hour - New Year's entertainment program "On the night of the 1st ..." LED screen

January 5 12.00 o'clock - Life-size puppets at the central Christmas tree

January 5 12.0, 14.0 hours - Game program at the central Christmas tree "Multi-remote round dance".

January 513. 0 hours - Sports-interactive event "New Year's START".

January 6 from 15:00 a.m. - Game program for residents in the fresh air "Who said MU ?!" - or the adventures of a metal calf. "

January 6 18.00 o'clock Christmas photo session "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka"

New Year poster in Krasnoufimsk

Krasnoufimsk was founded in 1736 thanks to the foundation of a fortress to protect against raids by the Bashkirs. In 1781 Krasnoufimsk became a district town of the Perm province, thanks to which it grew and developed.

What are the most interesting sights of the city waiting for tourists today? You will find out the answer to the question in this article.

Cossack hut

If you enter Krasnoufimsk from the side of Achita and the Perm tract, then the first attraction of the city along the way will be the Cossack hut (Gorbunova st., 35). It is considered the oldest building in Krasnoufimsk and dates back to the 18th century. This small wooden house made of larch is the only thing left from the times of the Krasnoufimskaya fortress. In the wall you can see the loophole opening and the viewing window.

Industrial School

On the street. Lenin, 79 the building of the former industrial school is located. It is a stone two-storey building with a two-column portico on the second floor, built in the 19th century in the eclectic style. The memorial plaque reminds that the future Marshal of the Soviet Union Boris Mikhailovich Shaposhnikov studied here in 1893-99.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Holy Trinity Cathedral (st. Kuibyshev, 5) was built and consecrated in 1804, became the first stone building in Krasnoufimsk. It had a dome and a two-tiered bell tower topped with a spire. The height of the church with a spire reached 49 meters. The architectural style was transitional from Baroque to Classicism. The cathedral was clearly visible from the river and from the other side. For the white color of the walls, it was called the White Church. The main city shrine, the icon of the Kazan Mother of God, was kept here. In 1935, the church was closed, the bell tower and dome were demolished. The church is now being restored. In front of the cathedral was the central square of the city - Torgovaya (or Cathedral).

Chapel of Joseph the Songwriter

In 150 m north-west of the cathedral, along Proletarskaya street, there is the chapel of Joseph the Songwriter (Josephovskaya), built on the rocky mountain Kamesek (in the past this place was called the Bulgarians). According to legend, Emelyan Pugachev himself once sat on the Kameshka. It is known that he stayed in the Krasnoufimskaya fortress for the night in mid-June 1774. In some sources, this chapel is mistakenly called the watch (or fortress) tower. The construction time is unknown. During the Soviet era, the chapel was closed and turned into ruins. It has been restored nowadays.

According to local legends, there was an underground passage here, which went to the Atamanovskaya mountain and the Yurtovskaya stone. On the rock, you can indeed see a hole into a small cave, which gave rise to legends about mysterious dungeons.

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Municipal stage

Ticket to the Future

Holidays: rest and wellness

Terms and procedure for accepting applications for health improvement of children of the Krasnoufimsk urban district in 2020

The Ministry of Education of the Krasnoufimsk Urban District informs about the deadlines and procedure for accepting applications to children's sanatoriums, sanatorium and health camps of year-round action and to the UIA “Zagorodny, a health camp for children" Chaika "in 2020. Reception of applications will be carried out from 10. 2. 020.

The Ministry of Education of the Krasnoufimsk Urban District informs about the timing and procedure for accepting applications to children's sanatoriums, sanatorium and health camps of year-round action and to the UIA “Countryside, health camp for children" Chaika "in 2020.

Applications will be accepted from 10. 2. 020.

Apply for a voucher for UIA ZOL for children "Chaika":

1) Through an independent submission of an electronic application in the “E-services. Education »Regional portal of state and municipal services at zol-edu. gov66. u

The tourist station in Krasnoufimsk has been operating since 1991. In 2017, the staff of the tourist station celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation. Since then, a lot of "water has flowed under the bridge": various directions appeared and changed, not a single generation of pupils graduated. Many of the alumni today have become educators at the tourist station themselves. We talked with its permanent director: Lira Dmitrievna Voroshilova about what the activities of the Tourist Station may be of interest to the residents of Krasnoyufim today.

Destinations that the tourist station is developing today

L. ... Voroshilova: “In general, we are implementing tourism and local history activities.

The main area that is actively developing today: sports tourism. It used to be just tourism. The competitions were held mainly to make it easier for the children to adapt during the hike. Now there are two disciplines of sports tourism: "Route" and "Distance". At the Distance, children learn to knit ropes, work with safety equipment, and overcome artificial obstacles. Hiking is not required here. It is even possible that children working in the discipline "Distance" will never go out on a hike. This is a separate sport that is now available to many, because there is no need to purchase special and personal equipment to participate in hikes, to spend money on travel and food. Today this sport is progressing in the Sverdlovsk region. With this direction, we have finally joined the calendar of citywide sports events. We have developed and are implementing the program. The teachers of the tourist station were trained and trained under the program "Judges of tourist competitions". This makes it possible to assign grades to children in the field - this is a very big step forward. We propose to actively introduce sports tourism in schools - "Distance".

Our guys successfully perform in this form at the regional level. On February 3-4, at the regional championship "Cup in memory of D. Sapozhnikov", the team led by Alexander Igorevich Voroshilov took 1st place, having completed the first sports category in tourism. The team included Anna Smirnova, Ivan Ogloblin, Igor Eminchaev, Anton Pshenitsyn.

Discipline - "Route" is a real hike that we have always been doing. We will continue to hike and crawl in the mountains with those children who come to us. Every vacation we go on a multi-day or category hike. For comparison: before, we had a categorical trip only once a year. The main places where we go are the Southern and Northern Urals. In addition, every year we began to make instructor trips with older children to remote areas: Baikal, Altai, Gornaya Shoria (near Novokuznetsk). After all, we used to go on such trips with children who came to the third category of difficulty - already almost at the end of the day. Now we hold them every year. It's great!

Natalya Vladislavovna Eremeeva is engaged in local history with us. She gathered many small children around her. Before the tourist station, she was engaged in the same activity in the Palace of Creativity, but there was naked local history - she was not allowed to go hiking. We can't imagine how local history can be without hiking? It will be defective. You can, of course, sit in the archive, but after all, children are much more interested when they see everything for themselves. In addition to hiking, the guys write research papers, theory and practice are very closely interconnected. This direction is quite popular.

Natalya Vladislavovna Eremeeva is engaged in local history at the tourist station

In a broad sense, all of our activities, one way or another, are aimed at improving the health of the population. But on a larger scale, Anastasia Vadimovna Rusinova at school №7 works with the primary schoolchildren on health and safety. This school is very active thanks to the support of the director and then Anastasia Vadimovna practically "lives" in this school - she is constantly there, constantly in full view of the class teachers and children. They do a great job with the start-up. In the first year of work, she runs around the city with the guys like with chickens every week, teaches them how to walk, look, notice, observe correctly. And then they make massive and very interesting outings with their parents. Having passed such a program, the child and parents get used to such a lifestyle and they themselves begin to actively move, walk, watch. The Health Preservation Program is very closely related to local history. These are not only walks, but also games, and new information received about the ancient customs of our ancestors. Here the guys learn to explore their native land: when they visit some objects (the same Alikayev stone), we tell them the history of this place, legends. For example, based on legends, we can say that everyone interprets the personality of Alikai differently: someone says that he was a robber, and someone considers him a national Bashkir hero. Because the Russians acted as invaders on this land, of course, the Bashkirs were the defenders. And the Russians say that Alikai was a robber. And all the points of view must be told to the children, explained so that they have a clear picture.

Nadezhda Yakovlevna Zlygosteva "raised" a huge layer of our work. She resumed the Historical Orientation, which we once had, but was lost over time. Historical orientation for children today is running around the city with benefits for the mind and health. The guys run, study the city, and before that they are actively preparing on a certain topic. Very interesting action. Of course, a lot of people gather. Nadezhda Yakovlevna also organizes the May walk for children and adults. A walk in May is generally great! This is what I wanted for a very long time, and Nadezhda Yakovlevna moved all this from its place. The first year we expected 60 people for the May walks - almost 200 came. In 2017, 200 people were expected - almost 300 came. people learn about this event and willingly take part in it. They see that it is not necessary to sit at the table on the day off, but you can walk, look, learn something new. I myself really like this event!

We are actively working at the Express suburban base. The summer program is especially rich here. Any parent can bring their child to us during school holidays (winter, autumn, spring, summer). At this time, we are organizing tourist camps for the children. The age of the camp participants is junior and middle managers. Any level of training. Tourist fees and hikes are so unpretentious that a beginner can come to us from scratch. The essence of the camp: for several days the children with their teachers live in the "Express" - they comprehend the most elementary things in tourism. Then we either go on rafting, or go to the natural park "Olenyi brooks". We have a positive experience in organizing tourist camps: in the autumn holidays of 2017, we held camps for primary school children from different schools in the city. The training took place within the city: every day during the vacation time, the child was busy with our instructors for half a day, learned tourist wisdom in the "Goat Park", and the decisive trip was a trip to the Express base. Spring and summer holidays are approaching. Teachers and parents can take note of this information and try to organize the leisure of the children at the tourist camp. Parents do not always have the opportunity to organize leisure activities for their children during the holidays - we can help. We are sure that children need to spend their free time with benefits for their mind and health.

Municipal autonomous institution of additional education

? "Palace of Creativity" invites you to take part in the territorial remote challenge #DefendersOurCongratulations

The Challenge is held in the age category: from 3-16 years old In nominations: "Defender of the Fatherland in my family" - a story from a real life story of your family member + drawing for the story Video congratulation "Congratulations to our defenders" - video about how you congratulate your family's defenders.

Just upload your work to your VKontakte page with the hashtag #DefendersOurCongratulations (details in the regulation)

The Challenge runs from 15 to 26 February 2021.

Applications and links to works should be sent to the mail: org. vorec @ yandex. u

Results of the #BestValentine competition

The RESULTS of the territorial remote competition # BestValentine2021 are summed up

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for participating.

Links to diplomas and certificates will be published on February 16-17!

? Dear guys! Dear adults!

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