Navigator "confused Smolensk parents with circles and sections for children

Smolensk has created a

At the end of the last academic year, all parents in schools were told that they need to register on the Navigator67 website and enroll their child in a section or circle of interest to him. Nobody gave the details. But at the beginning of the school year, many residents of Smolensk faced the fact that they were denied free attendance of the circles, stating that their certificate for this "Navigator" was enough for only one circle. And the rest of the sections supposedly need to be paid.

So, for example, Elena Pavlova from Smolyanka contacted our editorial office:

My child has been attending the orchestra (specialty domra) at the Children's and Youth Creativity Palace for 5 years already, 2 years left to leave, she participated in many field competitions of the orchestra, including international ones. There are almost 60 such children there. She also went to the Alyonushka Fashion Theater for two years, moved to an older group and began to participate in shows at all-Russian competitions. About 25 children and adolescents go to Alyonushka. This year on September 1, despite the fact that we signed an agreement with DTDM with all these circles, the teachers were confronted with the fact that they can only take a child with a funding certificate, and it is only enough for 1 circle, its face value is 5000 rubles ... Since my child still goes to the art studio at the Mayak club at his place of residence, 3,500 rubles have already been written off to the art studio, and this certificate was no longer enough for DTDM (orchestra and fashion theater). In the summer, we were told that it’s okay, who doesn’t have enough funding certificate, will deal with the accounting certificate. But in the end, the DTDM did not allow the use of such certificates, although many art palaces and clubs use both, - explains Elena Pavlova.

Parents also note that many children go to the palace in two groups, and some more, and now they are forced to choose and cry.

There are many such messages from parents. For example, Ksenia writes that after switching to the Navigator, they were also banned from attending more than 1 circle for 1 child: “Orally. Without explaining the reasons, without offering options. And it doesn't matter that before that we went to different circles for 2 years ”.

The problem of the implementation of the Navigator turned out to be a banal weak informational and explanatory work with parents. As a result, all complaints like a snowball have grown into collective statements and letters.

We ask you to help in the high-profile case, letters from the parents of the children of DTDM (Kommunstichnaya St., 1/9) have been on the tables of city and regional education officials for two weeks, who supported a new experiment imposed by the main federal officials from education. Now a new experiment in the field of additional education, which is technically carried out through the navigator of additional education, threatens our children with a refusal to access more than one free circles, a representative of the parental community writes to us.

A representative of the parental community also noted that Lyudmila Ivanichenko allocated only funding certificates to the palace of creativity, preventing children from registering and attending circles with a certificate of registration, just as the Regional Administration did in its House of Creativity.

Before each child of our House of Creativity, there was a difficult choice - to quit one or more favorite circles for the opportunity to attend at least one. And teachers are threatened with a sharp reduction in wages and dismissal, - added Elena, attaching an appeal from parents to Smolensk officials and more than a hundred signatures of parents.

We turned for comments to the Department of Education and Science of the Smolensk Region in order to sort out all the points of interest to parents.

In the Smolensk region, the launch of the automated information system "Navigator of additional education in the Smolensk region" was carried out on January 1, 2020. 17 municipalities of the Smolensk region are taking part in the project.

The certificate of additional education is an official confirmation of the child's ability to study in circles and sections of additional education at the expense of the state. This is your child's personal register record, in other words, this is a special number and it is only important that the child is entered in a special register. Finding a child in the register is a signal to the state that it is necessary to pay for his education.


Medical tourism in Russian regions is a new and promising topic for development. The Smolensk Region became one of the pioneers here: they began to promote medical tourism in the format of public-private partnership. We are talking about a new project that can become an example for other regions of Russia.


The Smolensk Region is not casually betting on attracting medical tourists from neighboring regions: Smolensk itself is a city with a good medical history and medical facilities. Local doctors have a good school with centuries-old traditions: Smolensk State Medical University celebrated its centenary in April this year, and students from abroad are taught in this educational institution.

In recent years, a number of modern medical centers have opened in the city, for example, dialysis and endoprosthetics, trauma, perinatal. There are dozens of both public and private, including network, clinics with modern equipment and qualified doctors.

Therefore, residents of the neighboring regions of the Russian Federation, especially Muscovites, who have the same dentistry here can cost up to 5 times cheaper than in the capital, have been going to the region for a long time "by gravity" and "by acquaintance". But they are not the only ones: according to local clinics, Smolensk also enjoys a reputation among the residents of Belarus as a city where cheap and high-quality treatment is provided.

Such a favorable location "between the two capitals" led the specialists of the Department of Investment Development of the Smolensk Region to the idea of ​​making medical tourism in the region more organized and convenient, bringing together the leading clinics of the region and tour operators and purposefully attracting the flow of high-quality medical tourists from others regions of Russia.


“We monitored the state of affairs with medical tourism in neighboring regions, and found out that we have a chance to become the first to launch such a project with state support. There are separate clinics that organize advertising campaigns aimed at nonresident patients, but no one has yet a centralized portal-marketplace, where the patient will have access to medical and travel services, collected at will in various types of packages, ”says the head of the tourism department of the Department investment development of the Smolensk region Yulia Nikiforova.

Such a portal in the Smolensk region was created jointly by the "My Business" center, the tourism department of the Investment Development Department, interested clinics and a host tour operator who "manages" the entire process from an organizational point of view.

The medical tourism marketplace portal operated by the tour operator Smolensk Travel has already started working, and an online advertising campaign targeted at residents of neighboring regions will be launched in mid-July and will be funded for clinics by the My Business center ...

“After marketing research (polling regular customers, analyzing requests on the Internet), our specialists concluded that this type of tourism is in demand, as medical. This topic, in our opinion, especially with state support, should shoot. In this project, we act as a kind of tourist "assistance" for a person who has come for the purpose of treatment. For convenience, several standard options for medical tour packages have been developed, ”says Elena Krichal, General Director of Smolensk Travel, the project operator.

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