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Travel goods store: business idea

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How to open a shop for camping equipment, tents and goods

A significant share of the modern clothing market now suffers from one peculiarity. There are a lot of clothing stores now, and with them there are many markets. And the share of sportswear for various types of sports activities is large. However, the range of sports equipment in such stores is mainly limited to clothing.

On the other hand, there are specialized sports market chains, like Sportmaster or Decathlon, but due to the fact that they have to serve too many consumers, the range of such stores is wide, but not deep.

So it turns out that there are practically no real shops exclusively for tourists. Which is a prerequisite for trying yourself in this business area, targeting a very specific buyer. In addition, modern society is increasingly promoting a healthy lifestyle and tourism in all its forms.

Another factor influencing the fact that you can easily enter the niche of tourist equipment is the standard high prices for professional equipment in stores. And in the markets such goods, although they can be found at low prices, but that they are still of good quality is unlikely.

Travel Store Assortment

Interesting statistics, which were compiled with the help of surveys conducted among potential buyers a couple of years ago. In the opinion of ordinary people, in an interesting sports equipment store, several product positions are required:

  • tourist and sportswear in unisex format at an affordable price (there was also a great desire to see a wide range of sizes, which shows that demand will come not only from people who are initially accustomed to sports, or only adults).
  • Camping equipment of good quality (primarily things characterized by strength and durability)
  • Travel goods (Wide range). As is typical for this category, the buyer will give preference to a domestic manufacturer, since he is sure that Russian enterprises are capable of producing good sports equipment, and the prices will be several times lower than their foreign counterparts.

Based on the preferences shown above, we can conclude that the potential audience is quite wide, that is, there is demand. But in the expectations of buyers, first of all, an affordable price with acceptable quality. This will be the main focus of a travel goods store that has a future and every chance of developing into a successful venture.

As for the seasonality of the assortment, you should pay attention to other statistics. First of all, the buyer is interested in the winter tourism product. This section accounts for half of the total demand for sports goods.

The summer range of products occupies a smaller niche in the survey. Only about twenty percent of potential buyers indicated that they must purchase summer sports equipment. The rest of the audience expressed the opinion that everything should be in abundance, since the interest in this kind of recreation is growing every year.

Based on these surveys and statistics of sports stores, you can designate a list of necessary things that the buyer can always find on the shelves of your store.

Travel goods store: business idea

Come to China and plant a tree. Or invite the Chinese to the Russian hinterland and together help in the restoration of a temple, manor or museum. Go to Lake Baikal and remove garbage or build an ecological trail. Purchase a tour to Africa and support the locals. This is how a responsible tourist behaves. The International Center for Responsible Tourism in the Russian Federation and the CIS (ICRT Russia) has started operating in our country. Director of the center Natalia Dronova told in an interview with the Agency for Social Information how to travel wisely and what is responsible tourism.

When traveling - help!

The International Center for Responsible Tourism in the Russian Federation and the CIS ICRT Russia & CIS (or COT) was established in October 2015. Its goal is to bring together the efforts of the business community, government officials, academics, the press, the non-profit sector and individuals under the umbrella of responsible tourism. Currently, the center is in contact with half of the 85 regions of our country.

The task of SOT is to induce travelers to consciously relate to the territories where they go to rest. SOT provides an opportunity for all caring people to make their personal contribution to the development and improvement of socio-economic living conditions in certain regions. The motto of the project is “Traveling - Help!”.

ICRT Russia & CIS collects the best practices in ecological, agricultural, volunteer, religious and other types of tourism. The center is preparing to launch a website with a register of responsible tourism objects. Already now, anyone can become a "COT agent" - to add an object of socially responsible tourism to this register by filling out a questionnaire.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating a Responsible Tourism Center?

I have been developing corporate travel programs for many years and studying the experience of different countries, in particular, Latin America. A large number of Europeans come there, and they are doing well with the tourism business. However, there are many social problems.

In Brazil, a few years ago, there was a high infant mortality rate, poor water quality, people, in fact, lived in poorly ventilated rooms. A simple solution was found. The Latin American organization Agua Pura, in collaboration with a tour operator, offered individual and corporate clients the delivery and installation of drinking water filters in the villages included in the tourist route. The work took several hours, and the filter cost the tourist about $ 50. In this way, tourists could make a certain contribution.

For a long time, this case did not interest anyone in our country, but at some point everything changed. I realized that there was a chance. We have absolutely no market for responsible tourism. There are regional projects that are unknown at the federal level. There is no system. This is how this initiative was born. I found the international network of responsible tourism ICRT Network, with which I signed an agreement in October 2015, and in June 2016 I presented the concept of COT in Russia at the XII International Conference on Responsible Tourism.

What is meant by responsible tourism?

In short, the main slogan is "Help when traveling." Responsible tourism means certain norms, recommendations, rules of behavior. This is a style, principles and ideas, according to which you need to take care of the environment, pay attention to and help local residents, minimize possible risks that may have negative consequences.

In the West, this movement has existed for 15-20 years. The Declaration on Responsible Tourism was signed in 2002 at the Cape Town Conference. The British were the first to come up with responsible tourism. They were the first to understand that travelers should take care of the land on which a person steps, its resources are not eternal.

What is Responsible Tourism?

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