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63 sports riddles: gaining good habits

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Valentine's Day is still a month away. But it's time to think about souvenirs and decorations for this holiday.

Colorful collage is the best use for old magazines. Do you have a lot of old magazines in your house? Make a colorful collage of them that will decorate your home and give it personality!

For Valentine's Day, I propose to make such a funny decoration - a notebook with declarations of love in the form of a heart.

January is running out. February and Valentine's Day are coming soon. It's time to stock up on Valentine's cards and souvenirs.

The popular game "Angry birds" has inspired these "angry valentines" - heart-shaped souvenir pockets with funny faces of angry birds.


I am woven from the heat, I carry warmth with me, I warm the rivers, "Swim!" - I invite you. And for this you all love me. I am ...

I am woven from the heat, I carry warmth with me, I warm the rivers, "Swim!" - I invite you. And for this you all love me. I am ...

The sun is baking, the linden is blooming. Does the rye ripen when it happens?

The meadows turn green, In the sky - a rainbow-arc. The lake is warmed by the sun: everyone calls to swim.

Long-awaited time! The kids shouts: Hurray! What kind of joy is this? It has arrived.

I'M GROW Site for children and their parents

A large selection of the best children's riddles! On this page you will find 123 children's riddles with answers to various topics. In total, in the sections of the site of the Multi Mama Children's Online Academy, we have collected for you more than 5000 riddles about everything in the world! You can guess children's riddles on this page or choose the section of interest with your child (animals, birds, transport, fruits, vegetables, professions, etc.). Happy guessing!


Children's riddles with answers

Children's riddles about fairy tale characters

Children's riddles about fairy-tale characters are very interesting for children of all ages to solve! Tell your child exactly those riddles to which he knows the answer - from your favorite cartoons and fairy tales!

A house has appeared in the field. settled in that house: a Mouse named Norushka, And a frog Kvakushka, Hedgehog, Fox and Hare. still shaggy MishkaLater settled here. What's the name of all the house? Smoke curls over the chimney. that house - ...

This fabulous hero With a ponytail, a mustache, He has a feather in his hat, He himself is striped, He walks on two legs, In bright red boots.

What is the name of the old woman? Grandma asks the hut: "Unfold your facade: To me - in front, to the forest - ass!" Stamp with a bone foot. to give granny….

Who walked the streets, spoke Turkish, And when he was hungry, he swallowed the Sun in the sky? This is greedy ...

He loves to eat a sandwich Not like everyone else, on the contrary, He is in a vest, like a sailor. to give a cat, tell me how?

Children's logic riddles with a trick

Children's logic riddles with a trick are not so easy to guess! Try it yourself!

A woman was walking to Moscow, and three men were going to meet her. Each has a sack, each sack has a cat. How many people were heading to Moscow?

Riddles about sports are useful for children, because it will arouse their interest in sports. Sport is good for health at any age. Keeping your child interested in sports can become a healthy habit for life. What sport do you like? Guess our riddles about sports, but do not forget to actually exercise regularly!

Riddles about sports

Riddles about sports for children with answers. agadka number 1

I have no time to be ill, friends I play football and hockey. I am very proud of myself, What gives me health ...


If you are close friends with me, Persistent in training, You will be in the cold, in the rain and heat Enduring and dexterous.

We are physically active, With him we will become fast, strong ... It hardens our nature, Strengthens our muscles.

No sweets, no cake, We only need one ...

To be healthy, Even in cold weather: Run, jump and swim — It's important to do them all!

Riddles about sports

Riddles about sports for children with answers.

Football Riddles

Summer is a long-awaited time of the year for every child. Why, you ask? Probably the most important reason is rest. Yes, because most children and adolescents go to school or kindergarten every day, hoping that very soon summer will come, a vacation. And now their cherished dream came true. Nature pleases with warm weather, the sun begins to bake. All fields are strewn with various flowers that make a person passing by smile.

Children's summer riddles

On this page you will find a large number of mysteries related to this bright time of the year, wonderful summer.

Riddles about summer for children with answers - simple riddles that are suitable for children of different ages, but not too big. The appropriate age for these riddles is 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years old, for kindergarten children, preschoolers and schoolchildren of grades 1 and 2. Summer riddles with different answers. Riddles about the summer months, sun, sea, rainbow and much more.

Take care of your kids even in summer ? solve riddles together is a great pastime.

You can also see other themes of the seasons riddles:

You can swim and fish, You can wander through the forest with a basket, Run through the puddles in the warm rain And not be afraid to get wet to the skin. (Summer)

The sun is hot, Flowers bloom, Butterflies flutter, Berries ripen, When does this happen? (Summer)

Green, yellow, red, The most beautiful of the year! Barefoot, generous, hot, Countryside, beachfront, bright! (Summer)

The sun is baking, the linden is blooming. Rye ripens when it happens? (Summer)

Dear readers, do you like making riddles to children? After all, for a child this is not just fun fun, but also a wonderful opportunity to train memory, develop thinking, expand vocabulary. If you add riddles to the game, especially when it is mobile and in the fresh air, you get a real developmental activity. I suggest remembering riddles on a summer theme for children of different ages. I give the floor to the leading column Happy Child Anna Kutyavina.

Hello, dear readers of Irina's blog! Although this summer is not always happy with warmth and sun, it is still the most favorite time of the year, especially for our children. Time for vacations and travels, fun walks, outdoor games and playgrounds. What do your kids know about summer? And what is connected with it? It's time to check it out by offering them interesting summer riddles. I'm sure both boys and girls will love puzzle games.

Summer is the most anticipated period for children. After all, every kid knows that summer is a vacation, sea, river, mountains, hiking and all kinds of fun all day long. But for parents, the time from June to August is the hottest time of the year, and not only in the literal sense of the word. Indeed, in the summer, children, as a rule, do not go to school and kindergarten, and parents have to rack their brains to come up with suitable activities for them.

So how can you interest your child and at the same time expand his horizons in learning about the world around him? Here riddles about the summer with answers will come to our aid. This is a great opportunity to have fun in the summer and introduce your child to such a wonderful time of the year.

Why are riddles useful in summer?

Children are very fond of riddles. They are terribly happy when they find the right answers. So why are summer riddles so useful?

  • riddles help to learn the world around in a fun and easy way;
  • develop thinking and imagination in children;
  • improve memory;
  • expand the vocabulary and instill a love for the native language;
  • help to introduce the baby to the wonderful time of the year - summer in the best way.

We have selected for you the most interesting riddles with answers about summer and everything related to it: sea, sun, fruits, dandelions, summer leisure, etc. Do not rush to look into the answers, practice your wit and find the answers with your guys.

Summer Riddles for Preschoolers

The topics of summer riddles are very diverse. After all, summer is the time for the blossoming of many flowers, the ripening of fruits and vegetables. In summer, there is a change in weather conditions and phenomena - rain, thunderstorm, rainbow, fog, dew. And this is exactly what is said in children's riddles about summer for the little ones.

Emerald meadows, In the sky - a rainbow-arc. The lake is warmed by the sun, Calls everyone to swim .... (Summer)

On a green fragile leg A ball has grown near the path. eterochek rustled and scattered this ball. (Dandelion)

The sun is baking, Linden is in bloom, Rye is ripening. When does it happen? (Summer)

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