Medvedev children's tourism

Medvedev children's tourism

“Your expectations are your problems” - this phrase, once uttered by the star of the Russian football team Andrei Arshavin, was recalled when the final of the ATP-2020 Championship ended.

Special Path

The career of Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev is developing in strict accordance with this thesis.

Four years ago, only experts and amateurs of curiosities knew about the young athlete. Medvedev was disqualified at a regular tournament of the “Challenger” series, having seen his dissatisfaction with the work of a judge. racist overtones.

20-year-old Daniel, to put it mildly, did not impress with his level of play, and very few people saw a world star in him.

And the young man himself, inclined to reflection, hesitated for a long time - shouldn't he quit tennis and try to build a career in business? Fortunately, education allows.

In the 2019 US Open final, Daniel gave a real fight to the great Rafael Nadal, losing in five sets. After that, he was proclaimed by the press the tennis "Prince", who was destined to overthrow the great Nadal, Djokovic and Federer.

But at the ATP Final Championship last year, Medvedev did not live up to expectations, losing all three matches in the group stage. And the 2020 season for Daniel turned out to be completely not as bright as expected.


At the US Open this year, Medvedev reached the semifinals, and they managed to announce him as the main contender for victory, but then Austrian Dominic Tim stood in his way, breaking the dreams of Russian fans in three sets.

In general, right up to the Parisian Masters, both fans and experts were ready to declare the outgoing year unsuccessful for Daniel.

Oh, those expectations. In Paris, Medvedev got in shape and achieved victory, after which he went to London for the ATP Final Championship.

On October 16, in the village of Mansurovo, not far from Kursk, there was a holiday: a large agricultural company opened a modern complex here. They looked for an investor for a long time and carefully: it was impossible to puncture. This land is too expensive for local officials, because Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev can arrive here at any time (fortunately, the helipad has already been built).


Mansurovo has changed beyond recognition in recent years. Perfect asphalt was laid on the streets, brand new lamp posts were installed, the temple was restored, the school was repaired. This village, perhaps, has become the most comfortable in the entire Kursk region: “An oasis in the outback,” the locals joke. Once the future "oasis" gave birth to the grandfather and father of Dmitry Medvedev. As soon as this fact became known to the local authorities, the first construction troops were deployed to Mansurovo, which immediately got down to business.

Mansurovsky old-timer Pyotr Tikhonovich Kolmykov recalls that the ancestors of the third president of Russia became much poorer after the revolution. “Before, everyone helped each other, my parents were friends with the Medvedevs,” recalls Pyotr Tikhonovich. - They did not live well, like everyone else: a cow, a horse and a vegetable garden. But there was enough for life. " In 1934 the family of Afanasy Fedorovich (grandfather) moved to the Kuban. Little son Anatoly hardly remembered the Kursk land where he was born. “Naturally, the Medvedevs' yard has not been preserved since the 1930s,” says Alexander Annenkov, head of the Mansurovsky village council. - Who could have known that everything would turn out like this in life? But now we are trying to protect those memorable grains that have been inherited from the Medvedev family. "

Sovereign memory

Indeed, on the spot where the house where the prime minister's father was born, there is a brand new chapel of the Sovereign Icon of the Mother of God. In front of the entrance there is a commemorative inscription: "Built with the assistance and diligence of Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev on the site of the ancestral home." The chapel was consecrated on September 14, 2010 - the birthday of the then president.

In the center of the village there is a church in the name of the Holy Trinity. A spacious seven-domed church with a bell tower. It is thanks to the temple that the village of Mansurovo became a village. “Before that, there has never been a church,” the locals recall, “only in neighboring villages, and we still have to get to them.” The project of the church was developed in the studio of the architect Valery Mikhailov. The foundation stone of the church took place in the same 2010 in April. A year later, 7 domes rose above the temple. The belfry is built into the church. The largest bell bears the name Ilya (the same name is the son of Dmitry Medvedev. - Ed.) And weighs 400 kg. The iconostasis was made by the icon painters of the Holy Trinity Brotherhood in the city of Shchigry, and the icons were painted in Moscow. Over time, when the temple gives a natural sediment, its walls will be decorated with paintings.

Everything they could have been updated in Mansurov. The school, the post office, the paramedic station are new. Asphalt - across the whole village. A large sports and entertainment complex is built on the outskirts, hidden from the views of local residents by a huge fence with video surveillance cameras. "This is the premier's dacha!" - the villagers are vying with each other. The head of the village council does not confirm the conjectures of fellow villagers about the state dacha: "The land is leased from entrepreneurs, has nothing to do with Medvedev." The people are generally satisfied with the changes: “There used to be knee-deep mud,” says local resident Aleksey Pavlov. - Thanks to Medvedev - brought the village to mind. At least we will live in old age as "white people".


Under M. Gorbachev, a railway line was laid through his native village Privolnoye in the Stavropol Territory, a station with stucco molding was built. But in the 1990s, the branch was considered unprofitable, the wires and rails were stolen by looters.

The first thing to say about the Australian Open is that Melbourne has unprecedented sanitation measures. Most of the tennis players arrived on the Green Continent more than two weeks before the start of the tournament. All of them had to go through a 14-day quarantine.

"It's impossible to breathe in the room"

Moreover, the first misunderstanding among tennis players occurred already at that moment, when the organizers divided the players into the "top" category and all the rest. The first group included Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Naomi Osaka and the Williams sisters. All of them, together with their coaching staffs and service personnel, went to Adelaide, where they could prepare for the tournament in comfortable conditions. Comfortable means more free from covid protocols: go to the gym without restrictions, spend five hours a day on training courts.

And all the other athletes got a little less freedom. They were settled in hotels in Melbourne, which can only be left for a limited number of hours for training. Moreover, the lowest-ranked athletes faced very strange problems. This is what the Russian woman Margarita Gasparyan said upon her arrival in Melbourne in mid-January.

“Some players live in the same hotel, a good one, while others don't know where. Let's say my room doesn't open the window, I can't just get some fresh air for three days. They won't let us go anywhere. We do not have any equipment in the room such as an exercise bike, some kind of rubber bands. The most minimal. Although I have seen, many have posted photos and videos on Instagram, where it can be seen that they have some kind of equipment. So why don't many have this? Why are the top players taken care of more?

You have to live here for two weeks, and there is dirt, dust on the floor, you have to walk constantly either in socks or in slippers. But in the end we can't even get a vacuum cleaner. Then it turns out that we need to do some exercises in the room, but dust and dirt are everywhere! There is nothing to breathe! It seems to me that this is not very good for our health, "she told the Championship.

Exercise machines for some, mice for others

This was largely due to the fact that athletes who came to Melbourne from different parts of the planet brought the coronavirus with them. And everyone who had at least one infected on board was put in quarantine for two weeks without the right to leave the room.

Margarita is only the 125th racket in the world, but the leading tennis players and tennis players have faced similar problems. Of course, to a lesser extent, but nonetheless. And even the main hope of Russia, Daniil Medvedev, posted on Instagram photos of his preparation from a hotel room.

As you can see, he managed to order an exercise bike in his room. But not everyone was so lucky. The story told by Yulia Putintseva caused a great resonance. In her hotel room, she found. mouse.

Been trying to change the room for a 2 hours already! And no one came to help due to quarantine situation pic. witter. om/LAowgWqw58

Tournament with spectators and record prize pool

Speaking directly about the tournament, and not about what preceded it, then this is perhaps the first major sporting event to which spectators will be admitted. True, all fans are required to wear protective masks.

D. adding: “The internal tourist flow according to the results of the last year may amount to about 50 million people. Interest is also growing among foreign guests. Last year, a record was set - we were visited by about 20 million tourists. The potential for tourism development within the country is enormous, and we are obliged to take advantage of all the opportunities that open up. "

Decisions taken

D. edvedev: Good afternoon! Our meeting is devoted, one might say, to the New Year theme, because it will focus on the state of affairs in the tourism industry. Many of us are used to using long holidays in such a way as not only to relax, but also to travel somewhere. And today more and more Russians prefer to spend their holidays in our country. According to the Ministry of Culture (maybe my colleagues will correct me now), the domestic tourist flow at the end of last year could amount to about 50 million people. So (referring to V. Edinsky)?

Meeting on the development of domestic tourism

D. edvedev: This is almost a third of our country. By the way, the interest in our country and among foreign guests is growing. Last year, a record was set - we were visited by more than 20 million tourists from abroad, which, of course, also makes us very happy.

Thus, the potential for the development of tourism within our country is enormous, and we must take advantage of all the opportunities that open up, adopt, if you like, a kind of plan for import substitution in the tourism industry. For this purpose, a month and a half ago, the Coordination Council for the Development of Domestic and Inbound Tourism was created, headed by Olga Yurievna Golodets.

Meeting attendees

List of participants of the meeting on the development of domestic tourism in the Russian Federation, January

The Federal Target Program for the Development of Domestic and Inbound Tourism also continues to operate, and last year about 4 billion rubles were allocated for these events. Moreover, for every ruble from the federal budget, there were on average three rubles of off-budget investments. Therefore, this sector is not only interesting, but it can generate profits.

The developed tourism industry, the services of which our citizens often and with pleasure use, is not just the norm of a post-industrial society, a post-industrial economy, but in fact one of the indicators of the quality of life in the country, and we must create conditions for the development of this industry.

What do people want when they plan their trip? Of course, they need affordable tickets, comfort and safety in places of rest and accommodation, the ability to check all the information on the route via the Internet. All these requests need to be considered. The first thing to be done is to ensure affordable passenger transportation. This is probably the most difficult thing both in relation to civil aviation and for travel by rail, where there is still a certain reserve of support measures.

Moreover, the popularity of domestic flights increased dramatically in the past year. The growth of air transportation within the country was more than 14%. But fuel prices, lease payments and the cost of bank loans continue to rise, so there is a proposal to additionally support air carriers that will operate on the most popular resort routes.

The second important area is the modernization of recreation areas. Of course, the peculiarities of our climate do not allow us to provide beach holidays all year round, but in Russia there are many amazingly beautiful places and unique attractions. In addition, we retain the traditions of health-improving recreation established in the USSR within the framework of sanatorium-resort treatment, however, the material base does not always meet modern standards.


Olesya Medvedeva was born on March 26, 1991 in the mining town of Horlivka, Donetsk region, which is located in the Donbass. She spent her childhood and youth here. During her school years, Olesya studied well. She received her secondary education at the Intellect gymnasium. This is a municipal educational institution with in-depth study of the English language.

After graduating from the gymnasium, Olesya entered the Horlivka Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, where she received the profession of a teacher of English and foreign literature. In 2015 she became a certified master of the International Academy of Marketing and Business in the city of Kiev.


Olesya has always dreamed of becoming a journalist. But, due to various circumstances, the girl did not immediately come to this profession. She tried her hand at several activities. Having a teacher's diploma, she worked as a methodologist of extracurricular activities using innovative teaching methods.

In addition to teaching, Medvedeva headed a public organization, composed texts for speeches. Olesya also worked as a PR specialist and manager for the preparation of the parliamentary elections in 2014.

Due to the events in the east of Ukraine and military actions, the girl was forced to leave her hometown. With a small child and grandmother, she left for Kiev. There, her journalistic career took off. Having started writing articles for women's magazines, Olesya soon moved into politics. Purposeful and with a strong character, Medvedeva managed to cope with a difficult situation and establish herself in her profession.

Currently Olesya works on the channel “Strana. a ", where he leads the heading" Clear. Clear". The girl covers social and political events in the country, often voicing her opinion. On YouTube and Instagram, Medvedeva has many subscribers who follow the blogger's materials. In most cases, their opinions coincide with the statements of the author. The girl is considered one of the scandalous journalists who is not afraid to speak the truth and cover events as they are.

Olesya about Crimea

Olesya Medvedeva became especially popular after a series of publications entitled “Whose Crimea? 5 years without Ukraine ”. In 2019, she went to Crimea to personally see and find out how and what people live on the peninsula. Almost everyone with whom Olesya spoke spoke positively about the transition to Russia. For five years, the life of the Crimean people has become better. Infrastructure is being created, salaries are growing, tourism is developing.

The journalist openly told about everything that she learned and saw during her two days in Crimea. She visited many cities and talked to a lot of people. Returning to Ukraine, Olesya Medvedeva spoke about the minimum pension, which for Crimeans is more than twice as high as the Ukrainian one. Prices for gasoline and utilities are significantly lower, while the cost of most products does not differ from prices in Ukraine.

The girl also frankly told about the presence of some problems with the roads. The lack of mainland banks and large chain stores due to the impact of sanctions. Olesya also spoke about the adequate attitude to the Ukrainian language. When she sang a Ukrainian song in the center of Sevastopol, she was not only not arrested, but even not paid attention, with the exception of those who decided to listen to the unusual performer.

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