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Children's language camps abroad, summer vacations in Europe for schoolchildren, adolescents, students

Today, international children's language camps abroad and any language camp in Europe for teenagers are chosen by many parents as recreation places for schoolchildren and students, they accept children from 3-4-5 years old for training and recreation, provide thematic programs with a focus on sports, art, etc. Children in some camps abroad can stay either alone or accompanied by an adult or parent, and adults can also attend training programs.

The main emphasis during your stay in a language camp for teenagers is on learning a foreign language with full immersion in the environment, the camp program abroad is complemented by entertainment activities, excursions, and activities for young people. A language school abroad and in Europe allows a child or teenager not only to improve the skills of English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, etc., but also to find many friends - being in an international group helps to overcome communication barriers.

Any children's center abroad and language camp for teenagers is open to representatives of all nationalities, so communication in such an environment contributes to the rapid progress in the study of foreign speech and provides invaluable communication experience. In addition, this is a great chance to prepare for further studies - for example, studying abroad after grade 11. There are also summer camps abroad by the sea - you can choose the destination of interest by the name of the city in the search on the left or above, or by country.

You can go to a language school or language camp for teenagers for the following holidays:

  • summer camps, international centers
  • winter centers (New Year and Christmas are not available in all, please check additionally)
  • spring
  • autumn holidays.

Youth camps abroad can accept children of different ages:

  • 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years old - for the youngest (usually accompanied by an adult, but children are also accepted on full board)
  • 8, 9, 10 years old - for young children, many of whom go to a foreign educational center for the first time (quite often accompanied or together with other children)
  • 11,12,13,14 years old - for schoolchildren with little experience of traveling on tours and camps abroad (mainly in summer), most often on their own (at this age, either intensive classes or with an emphasis on a particular sport or subject are often chosen)
  • 15, 16, 17 , 18 years old - for adolescents and students, as a rule, who have experience of traveling to camps abroad and who know exactly what they want from the trip and for what purpose they are going (most often to prepare for a language test, for a secondary school, an academic specialty) ...

Children's language camps abroad during the summer holidays for teens: learning through communication

Vacation camps have their own characteristics: here in the first place are not academic studies, but developmental programs. By visiting an international center or a language camp for teenagers, the child will not only learn to communicate, for example, in English or French, but will also be able to do it regardless of the setting and cultural differences.

The schoolchildren will remember their vacations abroad for many vivid impressions: exciting excursions, adventures, teamwork, games and much more await him. Studying English abroad is one of the best options for a seasonal getaway and vacation!

The modern student center and language camp for teenagers can offer its guests a variety of leisure options. The study of a foreign language here, as a rule, takes place during sports, excursions, active games, thematic meetings. Traditional lessons are also included in the camp program abroad, but the educational institution is perceived by them mainly as a recreation complex, and not an educational institution. At the same time, schoolchildren gain confidence in communication, learn slang, improve their understanding of the language in its various accents - studying abroad is very interesting and multifaceted, students will not get bored in the classroom.

Children's language camps abroad and school holidays: geography, specialization, tours

Every year, such an option for spending leisure time as a language camp for teenagers is becoming more and more popular among children and their parents - educational centers are opening in large cities, resort areas, in the outback of European and Western countries, based on campuses of boarding schools, colleges, universities (the latter are aimed at adolescents). Today, you can send your child on vacation to a language camp for teenagers in England, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Canada, Malta, Mexico, Japan, China, and other countries - not only in summer, but also at other times of the year. It is recommended to choose a training center not only by location, but also by specialization. Universal camps abroad offer classic combined study and recreation programs. A specialized center for schoolchildren will help develop not only speaking skills, but also physical or creative abilities, institutions aimed at young athletes are especially popular.

Children's language camps abroad, summer vacations in Europe for schoolchildren, adolescents, students

You didn't manage to send your child to an international language camp abroad during the summer holidays?

It doesn't matter. This can be done at other times, for example, during the autumn holidays.

Although international children's camps are most often organized in the summer and winter holidays, some of them invite children to their place additionally in the fall and spring.

For the period of school autumn-spring holidays, group trips of children are usually organized in 1 arrival for a period of 1-2 weeks.

Traveling during this time has its advantages:

  • it is easier to solve all organizational issues related to booking the required number of seats in the selected foreign language learning program;
  • easier in terms of organizing air travel and processing all the necessary documents;
  • you can save money: during the "low season" the cost of foreign language study programs can be low compared to summer prices, moreover, at this time, many airlines offer very profitable flight options with large discounts (for example, low-cost airlines).

But there are also disadvantages:

  • check-in is timed to a specific date and must be done on a strictly defined date;
  • less choice of schools;
  • hardly children at this time can relax on the beach and do summer sports;
  • fewer accommodation options: typically, during this time, children live and study on campus and boarding houses;
  • fewer popular study programs are offered during the off-season, rather than in the summer.

Useful rest, study and interesting leisure

The most popular program for studying English abroad during school holidays is "English + Leisure".

Learning is structured in such a way that the child, while resting and having fun, not only gains strength, as it should be during the holidays, but at the same time, learns a foreign language, gets to know the culture and traditions of the country, goes in for sports, acquires useful skills in hobby classes.

In a word, not a minute free.

The effectiveness of learning a foreign language on vacation is determined to a greater extent not by the number of classes (by the way, there are not so many of them - 15-20 lessons per week), but by the opportunity to develop existing and consolidate the knowledge gained in the lesson in the process everyday communication in the target language with teachers, curators, children from other countries outside the classroom.

The cost is ALWAYS lower than in other clinics! DO NOT BELIEVE? Then write to us and we will offer you the best price!

Medical tourism is, first of all, an opportunity to receive quality treatment and diagnostics abroad. Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients travel to other countries for medical care. Why are they doing this? Here are the main reasons why medical tourism abroad is developing relentlessly from year to year:

  • The opportunity to receive quality treatment, which is not available in the patient's country of residence.
  • An opportunity to save a significant amount by choosing a country where medical services are cheaper. Most often, this practice is resorted to by Americans who do not have health insurance.
  • Ability to combine treatment with a vacation in another country.
  • Opportunity to receive treatment from a reputable doctor with an impeccable reputation.

It is noteworthy that every year the number of patients sent to foreign clinics is increasing. New countries appear on the map of medical tourism that have managed to achieve good results in the health care system, which has become attractive to foreigners both in terms of the quality of medical services and their prices.

Ask a specialist for cost

Popular medical tourism destinations of the year

Medical tourism 2020 is a dynamically developing market, hundreds of thousands of patients receiving quality services, as well as an intensive exchange of experience between doctors. Today, patients from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries of the former USSR prefer the following directions for treatment and diagnosis:

  • Israel is the leader in world medical tourism in terms of the number of foreign patients per million local population.
  • Germany is a country with a developed healthcare system with modern private, municipal and university clinics.
  • South Korea is one of the most advanced countries in Southeast Asia. In South Korea, medical tourism (the organization of which began only in 2007) is developing by leaps and bounds, attracting more and more foreign patients.
  • Turkey is a country that has been actively involved in attracting foreign patients to its medical institutions for 20 years. It is noteworthy that in recent years Turkey has managed to achieve impressive results in medicine and science.

Medical tourism in Israel and Germany

As statistics show, most often residents of the CIS are sent to the Promised Land and Germany for treatment. The question arises - what is the difference between Israeli and German medicine? Which country is better for you? Let's look at two main aspects - medical and financial in the mentioned countries:

  • Medical aspects. Note that Israeli and German medical institutions are approximately equally developed. Both in Germany and in Israel, doctors closely monitor the emergence of new treatment methods, use modern protocols and prescribe treatment based on individual characteristics and a range of diagnostic indicators. Medical tourism in Israel and medical tourism in Germany is an opportunity to receive qualified assistance of the highest standards. At the same time, the countries differ slightly in some positions in medicine. For example, Israel has traditionally strong positions in the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer, since this problem has been given special attention in the country. In addition, the Israeli school of neurosurgery is highly regarded, being one of the most innovative and progressive in the world.
  • Financial and other aspects of medical treatment abroad. Medical tourism abroad is not only expenses for treatment, but also other services. And in financial terms, Israel's position looks much more attractive. Treatment in the Promised Land will cost the patient much less than in Germany, Austria or another European country. And this applies not only to the cost of treatment, but also to hotel accommodation and meals. At the same time, in Germany, for many more comfortable climatic conditions (especially for those who cannot stand the heat). Another advantage of Israel is the fact that in the clinics of the Promised Land, the patient can pay for each procedure separately, while in European countries, as a rule, they require the entire amount to be credited to the clinic's account, which is extremely inconvenient. In this sense, reviews about Israeli medical tourism are usually the most positive. Patients who have undergone treatment in the Promised Land often point out in their responses that this is the best value for money.

Just a vacation is boring! But what if you organize the study of a foreign language abroad? Relax, see the sights and at the same time learn something new!

Combine your travels with learning a foreign language © RossHelen/Getty Images

Why be torn between travel and education when you can easily mix them up? Studying foreign languages ​​abroad is a great option to combine business with pleasure and return from vacation with a baggage of not only souvenirs, but also new knowledge. Plus, what could be more beautiful than learning Italian in the shade of the Colosseum, cramming a bite of French with aromatic croissants and practicing new English words in the friendly atmosphere of colorful pubs?

Where to study foreign languages ​​abroad

Malta is a good springboard for learning English © Nadezhda1906/Getty Images

First of all, I must say that teachers in language schools speak "purely", without "harmful impurities" in the form of local dialects and adverbs. However, outside of the courses, the real world and a lot of practice await you, so it is important that it, if possible, be in the same language that you just learned in the lesson.

The hardest thing to understand is where it is better to go to learn English, since it is official for many countries, but not all of them are able to teach it competently and inexpensively. In the UK, they speak "the same" traditional English, but your wallet is unlikely to appreciate the local pronunciation. Neighboring Ireland is much cheaper, while its language variant is closest to British. Inexpensively and easily in terms of a visa, you can learn English in Malta, at the same time having a rest at the sea. Those who need the American version of the language for work or for subsequent admission to local universities usually go to the United States, and in general, among overseas countries, it is cheapest to study in neighboring Canada.

It's a little easier to figure out which country to choose for learning Spanish - of course, Spain itself, because in Latin America the language is completely different, and it is long and expensive to fly there. However, the Iberian Peninsula also has its own characteristics. Madrid and Salamanca are not only the central part, but also the epicenter of the true Castilian language, which is not ideal in all regions. And to combine study and vacation at sea is most pleasant in Alicante, where they also speak good Spanish.

It is logical that it is better to study Italian in the Apennines, but even there you will not find its correct pronunciation everywhere. The birthplace of Dante's language is Tuscany, with its capital in beautiful Florence. In Milan, Turin, Bologna and Genoa, Italian is spoken without any local dialects, so you can safely go there to study. And if, along with education, you want to get a beautiful tan to the sound of the surf, we advise you to go to Rome or again to Tuscany to the resort of Viareggio.

German is spoken not only in Germany, but also in neighboring Austria and partially in Switzerland, however, as you already understood, you need to learn languages ​​in their historical homeland. It is curious that here, too, the "purest" pronunciation lives in the north of the country. We advise you to look for it in Berlin, Hamburg and Hanover, which is considered the cradle of the German language.

Those who want to travel abroad to take French courses are most fortunate. With the choice of the country, everything is obvious here, this is France, and inside it there is no longer such a big difference between regional dialects, so all residents speak in such a way that any student can understand them.

How to choose a language school abroad

Explore the range of services the school provides

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