Marketer on Vacation | in the camp

Marketer on Vacation | in the camp

The pandemic this year has made unpleasant adjustments in many areas of the economy and social life of people. But the always long-awaited summer holidays for young Russians will still take place. Although for security reasons, officials, of course, had to introduce some restrictions.

Summer children's camps, as you know, begin preparations for the beginning of the season in winter. However, the difficultly predictable situation that has developed due to the coronavirus forces us to make adjustments to plans literally on the go. There are no uniform dates for the opening/closing of the summer campaign for all regions:

  • to date, the summer health campaign has started only in five regions of Russia - in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, in the Republic of Buryatia, as well as in the Leningrad, Sakhalin and Irkutsk Regions;
  • until July 1, children's camps will start working in nine more regions - in the Krasnodar Territory, the republics of Karelia and Bashkortostan, as well as in Rostov, Kostroma, Vologda, Kirov, Belgorod and Orenburg regions;
  • until July 6 more summer camps for children will open in 19 Russian regions.

Nevertheless, general sanitary recommendations for children's health institutions were developed and announced at a meeting with the President, Head of Rospotrebnadzor A. Popova.

Organization of children's recreation in a pandemic

Rospotrebnadzor reports that this summer the requirements for the conditions for organizing recreation in children's health camps will be changed taking into account the current epidemiological situation.

The recommendations of the department provide for the organization and opening of the first camp shift later than usual. Given that the timing of the release from quarantine in all regions is different, the issue of opening camps will be decided at the level of regional headquarters for combating coronavirus, based on the specific epidemiological situation in individual constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In this regard, children will be able to rest in summer camps without leaving the territory of the region of residence.

Territorial delimitations and accommodation in a camp closed for visits by relatives, as well as the cancellation of excursions and trips outside the health institution, will allow organizing children's holidays without the need to wear masks. In addition, control over the health of children, disinfection of the territory and premises, the organization of catering will be strengthened, in connection with which health institutions have already received appropriate instructions and preparations have begun for the opening of the first shift.

In addition, the following measures will be introduced:

  • Only those workers who have successfully passed the test for the presence of antibodies are allowed to work in children's camps;
  • To ensure a sanitary distance, the number of children in groups and detachments will be reduced twice;
  • The administration of children's camps should develop safe routes for children to travel to the resting place;
  • Daily temperature control must be organized on the camp sites;
  • All public events in the premises were canceled, at the same time additional outdoor games will be included in the programs of each shift;
  • The duration of shifts will be reduced to 14 days, instead of the traditional 3 weeks.

The head of Rospotrebnadzor notes that the opening of the camps became possible due to the stabilization of the situation, as well as the fact that the infection of children is no more than 7% of the total number of those infected with coronavirus.

Health campaign start

Summer vacation in a pandemic

Camp Scenarios

Scenarios in the children's camp

Camp scenarios are especially needed in the summer by the counselor in the summer children's camp. Not a single holiday can do without a good script. Choose scenarios for the PORGI camp. U and wait for the replenishment of our collection, for example: ditties for the camp.

In the daytime form of stay in the camp (at school), a set of activities is usually organized aimed at creative and aesthetic development, health improvement of children, expanding their horizons, acquiring communication skills in a friendly team, teamwork, hobby for new circles ...

For this, the teachers of the day camp plan to visit museums, libraries, zoological circles (living corners), arrange funny relay races in the fresh air. By the way, daily walks with children on the street are mandatory to prevent the lack of sunlight and oxygen, especially in areas where there are few sunny days during the year.

Scenarios for Children's Day in a holiday camp

Scenarios of an entertaining nature are suitable for every day, among them are sports olympiads, drawing contests, a comic scenario “Reverse Day”, games on the water in a summer recreation camp by the sea or another body of water, intellectual competitions, for example, chess tournaments on open air.

Fun scenarios for summer camp

Sports scenarios for children's camp

A special role in the conduct of children's activities in camps is given to the study and repetition in a playful way of the rules of a safe lifestyle and nature protection. For this, the participants are divided into teams, or one propaganda team is chosen. Role-based performances are very exciting for children, develop theatrical abilities, and allow them to make friends.

The pandemic this year has made unpleasant adjustments in many areas of the economy and social life of people. But the always long-awaited summer holidays for young Russians will still take place. Although, for security reasons, officials, of course, had to introduce some restrictions.

It doesn't take a year to prevent an emergency in some summer camp: children will either get poisoned or, God forbid, drown. Are the authorities going to take any measures? And are there places where the child can be sent without worrying about his life and health?

What places can you safely go to?

When we go out of town, we see an abandoned pioneer camp. The system of children's rest, ideally debugged in the "past life", will it ever recover?

This system, as the experts told AiF, is being restored. But very slowly, because it requires a lot of capital investment.

How much does a luggage room cost?

This year 8 million 200 thousand children will have a rest in children's camps. Alas, a significant part of them will "get healthier" in camps at schools. Sadly, the number of camps in Russia is decreasing. According to Rosstat, in 2005 there were 52 thousand of them, but over the past ten years it has decreased to 45 thousand

Today, for a voucher for a child to an ordinary country camp for 21 days, at least 20 thousand rubles must be paid.

True, a holiday camp worth that kind of money will rather resemble a storage room where the child will be handed over for the summer. Toilet and shower are common on the floor, from entertainment - the most budgetary: outdoor games, movies, trips to nearby museums, etc.

Who will answer the call?

But security still comes first. After the tragedy in the Karelian Syamozero, where 14 children drowned last summer, the authorities suddenly opened their eyes to the fact that something bad was happening with children's summer vacations.

I will not once again complain about the situation in the country and talk for a long time about how awful was the online spring with distance learning and the last call, and how thousands of children were left without rest in the summer camp in 2020 year. The Internet is full of such suffering, and you and I need to figure out what to do in this situation.

I will not try to please everyone, as opinions on this undertaking are opposite. Someone considers distance learning to be nonsense, others see new opportunities for the development of a child who has remained in a city apartment for the whole summer. Enrollment in such camps is purely voluntary, so I will focus on those who are ready for the experiment.

I sketched ideas, but immediately appeal to the collective mind. It happens that you find an interesting idea in someone, and you immediately have a dozen new ones. If suddenly my article has become a source of inspiration, please write in the comments how else you can entertain the children in the online camp, what activities do you think are going well in this format, and how best to draw up a program for each shift.

Which online camp my ideas are suitable for

A lot of offers from online camps with some specialization have appeared on the Internet. As I understand it, most often they are designed for a prepared audience. If children go to a dance club, they are offered summer classes to improve their dancing skills (often led by their own trainers). For those who studied in the folk song circle, there is a distance camp in the "folk style". There are many linguistic programs (often even with native speakers), distance classes for learning programming languages, there are proposals for sports children.

For such online camps, the programs are composed of specialists in painting, dancing, programming, learning foreign languages ​​and sports coaches.

But at regular general education schools, summer camps in the online format have also opened. The duration of classes and the number of shifts are different everywhere, so you can choose the most realistic ideas from my long list and make interesting programs.

I propose ideas for entertaining children from 7 to 12 years old, who, for obvious reasons, have to spend most of their time in a city apartment. Their parents work, and it is difficult to find an interesting and useful occupation on their own. After talking with the online counselor, children will know what to do for the rest of the day (preferably without using a smartphone and computer), receive a lot of interesting information and try themselves in different types of activities.

There will be no compulsory homework, of course (after distance learning, parents are not ready for a new test). Only what the child himself thinks worthy can be brought to the general judgment.

Activities for the online camp (options for building blocks):

I have studied the duration of live broadcasts recommended by different organizers:

- Every hour for 20-30 minutes (4-6 blocks daily); - 3 blocks of 2 hours each (without constant binding to the screen) with breaks of 30 minutes, evening connection with summing up for 30 minutes; - 3-4 hours in a row, but you do not need to constantly look at the screen (it is enough to listen and do your creative work, periodically talking with other children and the counselor); - 2 lessons of 30 minutes in the morning, 2 lessons of 30 minutes in the evening.

Usually classes are held in blocks. For some, one counselor holds each block. Most often, of course, there are different presenters for each type of activity.

Worldwide and personal experience in marketing, sales and management in the field of children's recreation and development.

Within the framework of cooperation with the department "Promotion of children's rest", "Association of children's camps of the Perm region" and "International association of camps - ICF"

Every parent is once faced with the question of sending their child to the camp, and for some more than once, if they were unhappy with the previous trip. How do parents choose a camp and what do they pay attention to in the first place?

The most important triggers for parents when choosing and sending a child to camp are: Show in full. - Qualification of the camp staff (counselors, administration, medical staff). - Interesting leisure. - Safety. - Improvement of buildings, infrastructure, living conditions.

Less attention is paid to (in descending order of importance): cultural and educational development; the cost of rest; wellness procedures; the proximity of the camp to the place of residence; availability of necessary information about the camp; catering.

The study "Potential of the children's tourism market", initiated by the Mosgortur company by the research company "Deloitte", also states that the TOP-5 characteristics of an ideal camp are: - Safety/security. - Interesting Leisure/entertainment. - Well-being/comfort. - Health/wellness. - Education/development.

Knowing these data, what should the camp director do with them and how to use them?

Firstly, this information in full must be presented on the camp website. Describe in detail all these points, for example, who works in your camp, what qualifications, experience and achievements they have, and post photos of the staff. Additionally, you can leave a direct contact form for a question, request, wishes, for example, to the camp director, which will show openness.

Secondly, post photos of the camp area, infrastructure, living conditions in search engine directories. There you can also briefly describe other important points and illustrate them with photographs.

Third, do not forget to disclose the benefits of your camp on social media. etah. Place them in the "Answers to questions" block, in the description of the community and when publishing posts, for example, what kind of shift program you are planning, what is new and what the child will learn.

Fourthly, it is necessary to use all these five triggers in advertising materials, both online and offline, to close the parent's "pain" through them.

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