It's time to protect Baikal from tourists' raids

Attractions of Lake Baikal: 30 best beautiful places for recreation on the lake

Where to relax on Lake Baikal with children? Lake Baikal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the cleanest lake in the world, 600 km long. More and more tourists seek to get here on vacation, not only from Russia, but also from all over the world.

Is it worth going on such a long journey with children? Let's look at the features of resting with children, based on the reviews of experienced tourists.

Having visited Lake Baikal, you will enjoy the clean pine air, crystal clear water, incredible natural landscapes.

Infrastructure of Pribaikalsk

But it is worth noting that not the entire coast is suitable for families with children, there are no backwaters and pools, as well as a harsh climate. The nights in this region are chilly, so it is worth stocking up on warm clothes when going on vacation even in the summer months. The water warms up only from mid-July to early August, so the swimming season is very short, which is important for families with children. It is important to take into account the underdeveloped infrastructure of Pribaikalsk when resting with children.

“Wild” rest with the whole family on Lake Baikal is present, but with teenage children who are prepared for life in nature. In other cases, you can stay here in sanatoriums, recreation centers, hotels.

But about where to stay and in what period of time it is better to go on vacation, we will consider further.

When is it better to have a rest with children on Lake Baikal?

Rest on Lake Baikal is popular all year round. Tourists tend here in winter, for skiing, snowboards and other types of winter recreation are popular here.

In summer, the swimming season lasts quite a bit, only a month and a half. For families with children, it is better to choose places where bays and bays are located. Here children will swim safely, thanks to the shallow bottom and warm water temperature, which warms up to 20-22 degrees. In the rest of the lake, the water temperature is kept within 8-10 degrees, even in the summer heat.

If you find yourself on Baikal not during the swimming season, but in the spring - autumn period, there is also something to do here. Popular recreation among tourists is kayaking and cruising yachts, which will be fun for the whole family.

They go to Baikal, even celebrate the New Year! For active winter recreation, all tourists strive to get to Listvyanka. Where it is better to relax with children on Lake Baikal, we will consider further.

Where is the best place to stay on Lake Baikal for families with children?

Where to relax with children on Lake Baikal: Features of rest- Detailed review Photo and Video

The tourist season on Lake Baikal is in full swing, half of July and the whole “velvet” August are ahead. On the shores now - a lot of vacationers, among whom there are many "wild" (not in the best sense of the word) tourists.

The authorities have been actively talking about the development of tourism on Lake Baikal over the past ten years. According to plans, the Irkutsk region is about to turn into an oasis for vacationers, and tourism - to become one of the pillars of the local economy. Nevertheless, for some reason, the reverse side of the coin is increasingly visible - the unique nature suffers. What is being done today to make the rest on the shores of the Siberian "glorious sea" more civilized?

Long-suffering island

One of the most popular holiday destinations for Siberians and visiting tourists is Olkhon Island. It attracts some with an abundance of sunny days (according to this indicator, the island is one of the leaders on the planet). Others - the glory of the sacred shamanic place, the third - with picturesque landscapes.

Today Olkhon has become the most striking example of the destructive influence of tourists. For several summer months, about half a million of them manage to visit the island. The consequences are visible even from the satellite: the fields are covered with plastic bags, glistening with debris. The influx of tourists and volunteers has provided. negative impact on local residents. Knowing that volunteers clean the island from time to time, even the natives do not hesitate to throw unnecessary things right in the forest or in the steppe. Listvyanka, popular among tourists, suffers a little less from garbage, more and more volunteers go to clean the shores of the Maloye More ...

Last year, the Baikal National Park threatened to restrict the entry of tourists to Olkhon. However, no such measures are foreseen in the near future.

- This summer, as well as next, there will be no restrictions on the entry of tourists. Next year it is planned to prohibit them from entering Olkhon Island by personal vehicles; it is necessary to give time to restore the natural complex. The excursions will be conducted by special vehicles strictly along certain routes, - says Kristina GLOTOVA, head of the department of educational tourism and recreation of the Pribaikalsky National Park.

But the promise to make a visit to the national park paid was implemented, although it caused a storm of indignation among tourists. For the second season in a row, violators are caught and punished, and many have already seen this from their own experience.

I have been living in the Irkutsk region for a long time and I see what changes the appearance of the lake is undergoing. And this is happening, alas, not for the better. To my great regret, we are witnessing the destruction of many historical landscapes of the Baikal coast. In many highly visited places, the situation is already close to critical. On the same Olkhon, the nature is very vulnerable, and in the last 10-12 years it has seriously suffered from the influx of people. Along the coast of the Small Sea, man has already left a large footprint. Tourists trample rare plants, destroy the landscape, litter ...

It is unorganized tourism that is most often criticized. But not only "wild" tourists are to blame: poorly thought out "civilized rest" can harm nature even more. If you lay the path incorrectly, you can very quickly destroy the landscape, trample down valuable plants, and frighten off rare animals. And this is the case not only on Lake Baikal, all over the world. Alas, in the Irkutsk region there is a short tourist season, so a lot is being done in a hurry.

Jennifer Sutton, Co-Chair of the Baikal Environmental Wave

List and detailed description of the most popular resorts of Lake Baikal with developed infrastructure, which is suitable for families with children. Find out more in the article = >>

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, at a meeting of the Presidium of the Coordination Council for the Fight against Coronavirus on May 25, urged Russians not to plan foreign travel trips, when "you can pay too much for a few days of rest." He advised citizens to spend their summer vacations without leaving their home country.

The Baikal coast was included in the list of three available destinations where it is best to relieve stress and improve health after isolation. So the tourists themselves thought, answering the questions of the portal for booking accommodation on vacation Tvil. u. In the rating of this resource, our lake has overtaken even the paradise resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. Almost 11% of the respondents dream of relieving stress on Lake Baikal. Only Crimea and Abkhazia got more "likes" from potential guests.

However, while tourists can be content on Lake Baikal only resting in tents, in which you can sleep only one at a time. Such rules were determined by the "Reserved Pribaikalye", which from May 18 began to issue permits to visit the Pribaikalsky National Park.

Do you know when our hotels will open? And did all of them manage to survive the two-month downtime? The correspondent of "AiF in VS" understood this.

"Money is not happiness"

“When we were announced in March that we would be closed at least until June 1 (and there are no other orders yet), it was not snow on our heads for us. We watched how the situation with the spread of the virus is rapidly developing in the world, the forecasts were initially pessimistic, so the temporary closure was expected, ”says Maria Nevzorova - she is responsible for external communications at the Bencharovs estate, one of the most famous camp sites in Olkhon. Now a dozen people work here, among whom there are volunteers.

According to Maria, April for the island is not the “hottest” month anyway: at this time, crowds of tourists were not worth waiting for and without any epidemic. In May, the girl admits, the estate, of course, lost its Irkutsk guests, who usually opened the warm season here on a “long” holiday weekend.

“As for June ... we comfort ourselves with hopes that we will start working, but if not, we are also ready for that. While we are preparing the estate with all our might: mine, painting. I cannot say that we are all in sorrow, that our hands have dropped. Yes, somewhere they were left without the usual salaries, but, you know, money is not happiness, ”says Maria.

She maintains an Instagram account of the estate and writes posts there mainly in English, while notes: usually in the summer, foreigners make up only half of the guests of the camp site, and this year their share is likely to be significantly less.

Regional officials agree with this forecast and believe that this year we will meet mainly compatriots in the region.

Zero Sales

To draw public attention to certain problems, each year is dedicated to a specific event. There is an International Year, the theme of which is announced by the General Assembly of the United Nations. For example, the UN declared 2021 as the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labor, as well as a fruit and vegetable period of peace and trust, which starts on January 1, 2021.

There are themes and directions in Russia that define each coming year. All events and activities that are held in the current year in one way or another are dedicated to the topic of this year.

The theme of the year can be announced by both the government and civil society organizations. For example, the Union for the Conservation of Birds of Russia annually, since 1996, has chosen a bird as a symbol of the year. In 2020, it was a crane, and a bird of prey, the kobchik, will become the symbol of 2021.

Since 2008, by decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, it has been held every year under the auspices of an event. For example, 2019 was the Year of Theater, and the past 2020 became the Year of Memory and Glory. What will be the coming year 2021 and what will it be dedicated to?

Possible topics of the year have been discussed in the government for a long time. The most popular events of the year that claimed to be its symbol were programs dedicated to small ethnic groups, children's tourism, museums and Lake Baikal. It is also proposed to declare 2021 the year of environmental education.

However, the main event of the year will be the 800th anniversary of Prince Alexander Nevsky. All events will be dedicated to this anniversary.

The fact that this event will become the main event of the year was determined already in 2014. On June 23, the president signed decree # 448.

However, the regions also include their own events. So in the Angara region, 2021 will also be the year of Baikal.

declared the year of Alexander Nevsky

The personality of Alexander Nevsky is very important and key in the history of our country. Let it be a very distant story for someone, but the prince's merits are very great. And this despite the fact that by our standards the prince lived not so long: 1221 - 1263.

In a difficult period in the history of our country, when vast territories were devastated by the army of Khan Batu, Alexander Yaroslavich led the Russian troops and defended the northwestern territories of Russia from capture by the Swedes and Germans.

A key moment both in the life of Alexander and in the history of Russia was the famous battle on the Neva River, which took place on July 15, 1240. On this day, the Swedish troops were defeated, which were superior to the forces of the Russians. For this victory, the prince received the name Nevsky.

Two years later, the prince won another victory in the battle on Lake Peipsi. It happened in April 1242, and the enemy was a rather serious enemy at that time - the knights of the Livonian Order. The battle is called “The Battle of the Ice”, and the phrase “whoever comes to us with a sword will die by the sword” has become as famous as the winner himself.

The deepest lake in the world - Baikal - abounds in sights. Tourists from all over the world come here to see the masterpieces of Mother Nature: crystal clear bays, impressive waterfalls, endless Siberian forests and majestic mountains. A trip to Lake Baikal promises to be exciting and full of impressions - there is definitely something to see and where to go.

Where is Lake Baikal on the map

Lake Baikal is located on the territory of two regions of the Russian Federation - in the Republic of Buryatia and in the Irkutsk region. It is easy to find quite large settlements near its shores - Severo-Baikalsk, Ust-Barguzin, Turka, Oymur, Babushkin, Vydrino, Baikalsk, Slyudyanka, Listvyanka, Elantsy and Khuzhir.

3D panorama of Lake Baikal near Slyudyanka

3D-panorama of Lake Baikal from Olkhon Island

3D-panorama of Lake Baikal near Listvyanka

The largest cities nearby are Irkutsk (70 km) and Ulan-Ude (150 km). From Moscow to Baikal - about 5.5 thousand km, from St. Petersburg - about 5900 km, from Krasnoyarsk - 1300 km, from Novosibirsk - 2100 km, from Yekaterinburg - 3700 km. As you can see, you can get to Lake Baikal either by bus, plane or train, or by car.

Lake Baikal: depth, size, area

Today it has been established that Lake Baikal is the deepest on the planet Earth. Its maximum depth reaches 1,642 m, and the average is 745 m. In addition, it is the largest freshwater body of water on the continent - its area is 31,722 square meters. km, and the volume of the contained water exceeds 23.6 thousand cubic meters. km. The coastline is over 2000 km.

The most interesting places on Baikal

Baikal cannot be bypassed in one day, but some places can be examined on the first day of the trip. We are talking about the most popular sights of the lake, which we have posted in this section of the article.

Pribaikalsky National Park

  • Coordinates on the map: 52.23611, 106.95833.

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