It became known how much the tourists of the closed tour operator "Rus-Tour" will receive

Can the new rules for checking children into hotels be canceled?

Tour operators and travel agents will have to get used to the new rules for the settlement of minors arriving unaccompanied by their parents. Hoteliers estimate that it will take "a long way" to cancel or correct the controversial requirement for notarized consent for children.


During the tourist forum "Open Crimea", President, Executive Director of the Russian Hotel Association (RHA) Gennady Lamshin commented on the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 18. 1. 020 No. 1853 "On Approval of the Rules for the Provision of Hotel Services in the Russian Federation" , which comes into force on January 1, 2021.

According to him, the document updates the procedure for classifying hotels, types and categories of hotels, requirements for hotel categories. In particular, the notion “guest house” was excluded from the previously valid regulation and the notion “city hotel (hotel)” was introduced.

As the head of the RSA emphasized, the "stormy dispute" and "indignation" on the part of the tour operator and travel agency communities caused new rules for the settlement of children and minors (12-14 years old). As a reminder, from January 1, 2021 From January 1, 2021, children and minors will be able to check into a hotel without parents only with the notarized consent of one of their legal representatives (parents, adoptive parents or guardians).

According to Gennady Lamshin, this item "can be improved", and, according to him, Rosturizm is ready to do it together with the community of hoteliers and tour operators, but this process will not be fast.

“How long will it take for this, and whether a wording that is convenient for all three parties - minors and their parents, hoteliers and tour operators, will be adopted, is not yet clear. Some proposals are already being received, and, most likely, a solution will be found, but this is a long way to go. So far, from January 1, the new rules on checking into hotels will operate in the form in which they are approved, ”summed up Mr. Lamshin.


According to tour operators, the new rules will become an additional financial burden for parents who plan to send their children on vacation with grandparents, on a guided tour with a teacher or to sports competitions with a coach.

In this case, tourists will have to pay for notary services: at least a notarial consent, which is valid for a year, will cost them from 1.5 thousand rubles. for the child.

In addition, the innovation, in principle, will complicate the organization of outdoor events related to children, because there are always risks that parents, relatives or the child himself will forget or lose the notarial document.

Can the new rules for checking children into hotels be canceled?

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First-hand news

The new FSB document dated March 15, 2019 explains in detail the issues of restrictions on the child's departure, the need for the consent of one of the parents, the correctness of filling out documents, including questions about the child's inclusion in the parents' passport, confirmation of citizenship, presented a list of countries to which a child can enter with a birth certificate, and others.

Vestnik ATOR publishes the full text of the clarifications of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation dated March 15, 2019.


The procedure for the departure from the Russian Federation of minor citizens of the Russian Federation is regulated by the provisions of Article 20 of the Federal Law of August 15, 1996 N 114-FZ "On the procedure for leaving the Russian Federation and entering the Russian Federation".

In accordance with the provisions of the article of this article, a minor citizen of the Russian Federation, as a rule, leaves the Russian Federation, together with at least one of the parents, adoptive parents, guardians or trustees.

In the event of a minor citizen of the Russian Federation leaving the Russian Federation together with one of the parents, consent for the child's departure abroad from the second parent is not required.

If a minor citizen of Russia leaves the Russian Federation unaccompanied by his parents, adoptive parents, guardians or trustees, he must have with him, in addition to his passport, a notarized consent from one of the named persons (original) for the departure of a minor citizen of the Russian Federation Federation with an indication of the date of departure and the state (states) that he intends to visit. In this case, the consent of the second parent is also not required.

According to the explanation of the Ministry of Justice of Russia, the validity period of notarial consent in accordance with Article 190 of Part One of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is determined by a calendar date or the expiration of a period of time, which is calculated in years, months, weeks, days or hours. The term can also be determined by an indication of an event that must inevitably occur - adulthood, the expiration of a passport or visa, etc.

Therefore, a notarized consent to leave the Russian Federation can be issued once until the child reaches the age of majority, provided that he visits the same countries specified in this consent.

The FSB of Russia asks to pay attention to the fact that the consent must indicate the names of the states that the child intends to visit. At the same time, the names of communities, such as "EU countries", "CIS countries", etc. not allowed.

The consent of the parents, drawn up by a notary of a foreign state, must contain a translation into Russian and be appropriately legalized by certification by a consular foreign office of the Russian Foreign Ministry or by affixing an apostille provided for by the Hague Convention abolishing the requirement for legalization of foreign official documents of October 5 1961

To enter the Russian Federation for a minor Russian citizen, notarized consent is not required. in accordance with the provisions of article 2 of the Federal Law of August 15, 1996 N 114-FZ "On the procedure for leaving the Russian Federation and entering the Russian Federation", a citizen of the Russian Federation cannot be deprived of the right to enter the Russian Federation.

The Soglasie insurance company said that the losses according to the statements of the clients of Rus-Tour LLC reached 200 million rubles, and the former tour operator is hiding financial data. Compensation for tourists will amount to no more than a third of their losses.


The activity of Rus-Tour LLC was terminated on December 8, 2020 on the basis of the order of the Federal Tourism Agency on its exclusion from the register of tour operators. Fingarant of the tour operator is the insurance company "Soglasie", which has formed a register of claims of injured tourists.

Acceptance of documents from tourists "Rus-Tour" in "Consent" was completed on January 26, 2021. As of January 27, the amount of declared losses reached about 200 million rubles, the insurance company reported on Thursday, January 28 ...

As of January 27, over 2 thousand people have contacted the insurance company. The volume of losses of tourists, for which "Consent" will fulfill its obligations, is 150 million rubles.

“However, given that the sum insured under the agreement with Rus-Tour LLC is limited to RUB 50 million, payments will be made to a proportional limit,” the Consent website says.

Thus, the insurance company compensates for no more than a third of all losses of tourists. Vestnik ATOR requested the procedure for calculating the payout ratio from the insurance company.


At the same time, the insurer points out a number of irregularities in the work of tour operators and intends to defend its interests in court (probably by filing a recourse claim against the tour operator).

So, the insurance company "Soglasie" in an official message on its website notified the injured tourists of the terminated tour operator "Rus-Tour" that the actions of the management of LLC "Rus-Tour" may be aimed at evading the former tour operator from responsibility in front of clients.

"In particular," Rus-Tour "informs tourists about the temporary suspension of activities, while in reality the company is excluded from the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators", - says the message of "Consent".

There are several situations in which consent is required for a child to travel to another country. The kid can go on vacation with both parents, or with one. You can choose to travel to a country that does not require a visa to enter. What is the difference between a visit by children to another country without a father and mother from leaving with a family? How to obtain consent for children? When does a ban arise? Is it possible for a child to visit another country without the consent of the father. Let's consider all possible situations.

The child travels abroad with both parents

Required documents

Documents required to travel to a visa country with both parents:

Another option is that the old type passports of dad and mom should have a record about children. The option is relevant if the teenager has not reached the age of 14.

If your child is already 14 years old, you need to issue a foreign passport to travel abroad. Another option is that there should be a record about children in the passports of the old-fashioned father and mother. If dad and mom have a biometric passport and the children are inscribed in it, teenagers should still have their own document.

Birth certificate and personal passport are mandatory documents for crossing the border with a child in any case. But some consulates require a so-called cross power of attorney to visit another country. As a rule, it is necessary to travel to the Schengen area, in case he travels to a second country in this area with only one parent. Check with the consulate of the country you are going to visit about the need for a cross power of attorney.

Do I need consent for the child to travel abroad with one parent?

We will answer your question in 5 minutes!

If only mom or dad decided to have a rest with his son or daughter, then the documents will be slightly different.

We will answer your question in 5 minutes!

To visit another country, a child with one of the parents needs the following documents:

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