Is there really profitable travel insurance for pregnant women?

Travel insurance: how to get online yourself

In this article I want to talk about travel insurance, or insurance of TCD (traveling abroad). In fact, insurance can be obtained not only for traveling abroad, but also for traveling in your home country. However, sometimes I will use the term TCD insurance.

Buy insurance online:

What is travel insurance and do I need to issue it

I'll start with what travel insurance is and why you need it. And it is needed most often for 2 reasons. The most common is obtaining a visa (Schengen and some others). Everything is clear here - it is necessary, then it is necessary. We clarify the requirements for the policy before applying for a visa, arrange insurance, according to the requirements and provide it to the Consulate/Visa Application Center. But to be honest, I am not happy that most travelers perceive insurance as a must, only as a tool for obtaining a visa. Indeed, in fact, an insurance policy is our assistant in a critical situation, it is not only an opportunity to receive qualified assistance, including legal assistance, but also a “bag of money”. With money, which in an emergency will help to preserve your health and the health of your loved ones.

Travel insurance is, first of all, medical insurance. That is, having an insurance policy, in case of illness or injury, you will be provided with qualified medical care (an examination was carried out, if necessary, an examination and treatment were prescribed) and/or your expenses for treatment will be compensated. Also, expenses for medical transportation to a medical institution, for transportation of minor children home, in case of illness of the insured person, emergency dental care are paid.

IMPORTANT: in the event of an insured event, all questions must be resolved only through the official representatives of the company by phone numbers (email) specified in your policy. If you do not agree on any actions or expenses with a company representative, then no refund will be made! Therefore, when obtaining a policy, be sure to pay attention to the contacts where you need to contact in an emergency, check if there are representative offices or local phone numbers in the country where you are traveling!

In addition to medical care, your insurance policy (more often - for an additional fee) may cover the following risks:

  • Accident (additional payments for injury)
  • Lost or damaged baggage
  • Trip cancellation
  • Civil liability (in the event that the insured unintentionally harms a third party, for example, while skiing, injures an unauthorized person)
  • Flight delay
  • Loss or theft of documents (the costs of making a duplicate are reimbursed passport)
  • Legal assistance, consultation
  • Complications of pregnancy

It is worth noting that the insurance programs, as well as the Insurance Rules for different insurance companies, may differ significantly, I have given only general principles.

Online Travel Insurance

There are several ways to issue an insurance policy today:

  • Contact the office of any insurance company
  • Take out reliable insurance via the Internet. I recommend tripinsurance. u, this is one of the most reliable insurance at present, with the largest insurance coverage (250,000-1,000,000 euros). My readers can get insurance with a 10% discount! To do this, you need to go to the site and enter the promo code 2BTRAVELER, the discount will be applied to any tariff
  • Quickly compare more than a dozen options and choose inexpensive insurance on cherehapa. u (more on this later)
  • Get free insurance for 1 year with coverage of $ 50,000 by issuing an All airlines credit card (with which you can save miles for free flights), when ordering via the link 1 year of service and insurance policy free of charge. You can read about the map here.

National parks and reserves of the Arkhangelsk region, which are worth visiting

Today there is an article in the blog on the topic of travel insurance in Russia. Health problems and various emergencies, unfortunately, can happen on vacation. And the incomprehensible situation with the coronavirus, I'm sure, worries many. Therefore, in today's reality, medical insurance for traveling in Russia is not just a "piece of paper for a visa", as it used to be, but a really necessary and useful purchase.

The principles of insurance for travel in Russia are practically no different from medical insurance for traveling abroad. I talked in great detail about how to buy travel insurance on your own in this article. Therefore, today about the nuances of travel insurance in Russia, conditions and prices in the 12 best insurance companies.

Do I need insurance in Russia and why buy travel insurance in Russia, if there is compulsory medical insurance

Every Russian has a compulsory health insurance policy (MHI). With it, you are guaranteed free care in a public hospital. In other words, before consulting with a specialist, you need to make an appointment yourself and sit in a live queue. What if the hospital is 200 km away from your vacation spot? It would be difficult to call such a trip carefree.

Travel insurance in Russia guarantees qualified medical assistance and friendly service. You can easily contact a paid clinic closest to your vacation spot, and assistance (a company that connects insurance companies and clinics) will organize everything and pay the bills.

In addition, insurance covers more than just medical care for health problems. With it, you can compensate for flight delays, trip cancellations, lost luggage and other options that are sometimes badly needed. And also drugs, bandages, hotel accommodation after treatment and return home.

The best insurance coverage in Russia with coronavirus coverage

In the current difficult realities, travel insurance in Russia is simply obliged to include protection against coronavirus. I tell you which companies include these risks in their policies and provide quality medical services for the treatment of COVID-19.

Compiled an overview table:

Insurance companyInsurable amountPrice for 2 daysPrice for a weekCOVID-19Tinkoff Insurance (in Russia) 600,000 rubles. 12 rubles 159 rubles Covered 50 000 $ 183 rubles 429 rubles Tinkoff Insurance (Worldwide) 50 000 $ Free with All Airlines card Covered worldwide Tripinsuranсe 50 000 $ 170 rubles 592 rubles Covered (worldwide - except for non-recommended countries) Alfa Insurance 500 000 rubles 40 rubles 493 rubles Covered all over the world 50 000 $ 496 rubles 1739 rubles ВСК Insurance 1 000 000 rubles. 1 ruble284 rublesCovers worldwide30,000 $ 89 rubles312 rublesRESO Insurance15,000 $ 212RUR336RUBS Covered worldwideZetta Insurance450,000 rubles 0 rubles 91 rubles Covered (worldwide - except for non-recommended countries) 50 000 $ 64 rubles 401 rubles Renaissance Insurance 500 000 rubles 8 rubles 182 rubles Covered (worldwide - except for non-recommended countries) 50 000 $ 465 rubles Russian Standard 35 000 $ 104 rubles 366 rubles Covered (worldwide - except for non-recommended countries) 50 000 $ 100 rubles 352 rubles Absolut Insurance 35 000 € 137 rubles 320 rubles Covered in Ukraine! Ukraine! Capital Life30,000 $ 232 rubles542 rublesClosed in Ukraine!

Tinkoff Travel Insurance

The insurance is valid in Russia, further than 300 km from the place of residence. The assistance is organized by a reliable European assistance Europ Assistans with a Russian-speaking technical support service.

The Arkhangelsk region has enormous natural resources, reserves, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and other cultural monuments, which are under a special federal ...

A team of professionals in various fields

It is about her that all tourists remember only at the last moment.

Content of the article:

Types of travel insurance - what do they guarantee tourists when traveling abroad?

In most cases, when registering a voucher through a travel company, you receive insurance in a standard package of services. Naturally, taking into account the minimization of costs for the insurer. As for individual insurance, its price is always higher, and the approach to its choice should be more careful. What kind of insurance do you need? As a rule, tourists only hear about medical insurance. And not all travelers know that there are other insurance claims besides sudden illness or injury abroad.

Types of travel insurance - what do they guarantee tourists when traveling abroad?

Modern insurance companies offer travelers a variety of insurance options.

  • Health insurance. In what case is it necessary: ​​sudden illness or injury, death as a result of an accident. The price of the policy will depend on the country you are going to, on the duration of the trip and the sum insured (approx. - on average, from $ 1-2/day), on additional services. Insurance does not apply to cases that have occurred through the fault of the traveler, as well as to chronic diseases.
  • Luggage insurance. In which case it is necessary: ​​the loss or theft of part of your luggage or its entirety, damage to luggage by third parties, as well as damage to things due to an accident, a specific case or even a natural disaster. Loss of your belongings due to carelessness is not included in the list of insured events. It is possible to conclude such an agreement not for one trip, but for several at once. The sum insured, on which the price of the policy depends, cannot be higher than the value of things. In some companies, the maximum amount of payments is even limited (approx. - up to 3-4 thousand dollars). The average cost of a classic policy is no more than $ 15. It is also worth noting that compensation for damage is possible only if at least 15% of all baggage is damaged.
  • Liability insurance. This insurance is needed in case the traveler, accidentally or maliciously, causes harm to someone (something) on ​​the territory of a foreign state. In the event of legal proceedings, the insurer assumes the costs of reimbursing the injured party, unless, of course, the tourist caused harm to health or property unintentionally (note - the state of intoxication in this situation deprives the tourist of insurance).
  • Tour cancellation insurance. This type of insurance contract is concluded at least 2 weeks before the trip. The policy provides for the possibility of urgent cancellation of the trip due to certain circumstances (note - non-issuance of a visa is not included in the list of insured events).
  • Cancellation insurance. The traveler takes this policy in case the trip has to be canceled due to the non-issuance of a visa or other force majeure circumstances that do not depend on the tourist himself (note - injury, death of any family member, conscription, etc.). ). It should be noted that this type of insurance is the most expensive. The amount of such insurance can be up to 10% of the cost of your tour. You also need to remember that there will be no payments if the tourist has already been denied a visa, and, in addition, if he is under investigation or has any diseases. The policy will cost you 1.5-4% of the total cost of your trip.
  • Green Card - for travelers with their own cars. This type of insurance is a kind of "OSAGO", only on an international scale. You can get such a policy at the border, but it is recommended to do it at the insurer's office - it is calmer and cheaper. In the event of an accident abroad, the tourist simply presents the Green Card he received, and informs the insurer about the insured event immediately upon returning home.

It is important to remember that there will be no payments if the traveler ...

What can travel medical insurance abroad cover?

Unfortunately, not all vacations go without incident, and even if you are sure that "everything will go smoothly", you should foresee the troubles that may occur due to the fault of a third party.

Medical/insurance can not only save you a lot of money, but even save your life!

When going abroad, many people prefer to draw up an insurance policy in order to be sure that in case of unforeseen circumstances in an unfamiliar country, assistance will be provided.

In addition to standard programs, there is travel insurance for pregnant women. It is important for pregnant travelers to know all the nuances of the procedure, what to look for and how to choose the right insurance company.


When traveling abroad, special insurance is provided for pregnant women.

Because the standard policy does not cover pregnancy-related costs.

A pregnant woman will be offered an extended travel policy.

It differs in a different list of insured events, and also covers the costs of some additional medical services related to bearing a child.

However, the regular tests that a woman needs to take at this time are paid out of their own pocket.

Terms and Risks

As for the conditions, each insurance company determines their list individually. There is no fixed list of cases when insuring pregnant women when traveling abroad.

Usually, the policy contains the following list of cases, the costs of which are covered:

  • if necessary, terminate the pregnancy for medical reasons;
  • in case of premature birth, this includes multiple pregnancies;
  • if during childbirth there was a rupture of the perineum of grade 2 or 3;
  • childbirth entailed a deep rupture of the vagina or cervix of grade 3-4;
  • rupture of the uterus;
  • damage to the reproductive organs systems of a woman during childbirth, which led to the loss of appendages on one or two sides;
  • the appearance of toxicosis in the late stages of a severe degree;
  • diabetes mellitus first appeared during gestation;
  • acute pathology of a surgical type, which required an operation during pregnancy;
  • the presence of postpartum inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs, which were detected no later than 60 days after delivery. These include diseases of peritonitis, mastitis, thrombophlebitis, sepsis, abscesses and any pyoinflammatory processes;
  • the appearance of obstetric bleeding;
  • complications during childbirth that required urgent surgical intervention; <
  • complications due to anesthesia during a caesarean section;
  • diseases of the child requiring treatment in a hospital, which appeared before the end of the early neonatal period;
  • childbirth trauma to the baby;
  • any bodily injury to the baby that requires treatment for at least 10 days;
  • disability of the newborn due to bodily injury during childbirth or due to pathology;
  • death of mother or child.

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