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TOP-12 of the best and most interesting children's camps in the Moscow region

Children are a restless and freedom-loving people, every minute they are ready to climb somewhere, run in, jump, look, meet and exchange news. But often, parents who are tired of work simply have neither the strength nor the time to occupy them with something. The conclusion is actually simple - it is enough to get rid of your child for at least a few days, so that at least a few weeks afterwards he can enjoy relative calmness: while he tells all his friends where he was and what he did.

So, the question is not simple - where to send the child? Of course, to a children's camp in the Moscow region! Firstly, it is very close, the road will not be exhausting, and there are plenty of opportunities to visit. Secondly, it is inexpensive. Thirdly, the camps near Moscow are open all year round, and each season has its own advantages and entertainment for the children!

Summer children's camps

Summer camps in the Moscow region are a dream of 99% of parents and 100% of children. Summer is a great opportunity to sunbathe, swim, go on interesting hikes and, of course, make new friends. In addition, each camp in the summer focuses on something special: sports, creativity or intellectual development.

Children's holidays in the Moscow region in the summer begins in late May - early June and ends at the end of August. It is beneficial for the health of the child that he is in his climatic zone, breathes clean forest air, lives according to a verified regime, eats right, and moves a lot.

Wonderful nature of the Moscow region

Children's camps in winter

The winter camp in the Moscow region is an ideal opportunity for working parents to send their child to a well-deserved rest after two quarters at school. The best winter health camps in the Moscow region will definitely offer a festive program: costume shows, sports, many clubs, New Year's gift workshops, active games on the street, skiing, skating, discos.

Children's rest in the camp in the Moscow region for the winter holidays has a different duration - from 7 to 14 days. New Year's races begin on December 25-30 and last until January 2-9, but there are winter shifts of 7-10 days, which begin on January 2. When choosing the timing of the trip, it is important to decide where the child will celebrate the New Year: with his family or with peers, in the camp.

Spring and Autumn at Children's Camp

Spring and autumn in a children's health camp in the Moscow region is not only a good rest for children, but also an emotional uplift during a difficult "seasonal period". And since the change at this time lasts 7-9 days, the cost of vouchers is traditionally very attractive. Weekend camp vacations are also popular in spring. For one day, children are immersed in an enchanting action with a rich program.

The subtleties of choosing a camp strongly depend on the age of the child. For example, a program that is interesting for children 7-12 years old will not suit teenagers. If the child is active and restless, it is better to choose a sports-oriented camp, and for children with a technical bias - a camp with robotics clubs and computer classes. To choose the perfect option, it is better to turn to professionals. In particular, the 12 Months tour operator offers a wide range of camps in the Moscow region, the choice is yours!

Children's camps in the Moscow region

Long before the onset of summer holidays, many parents are wondering which summer camp to send their child to. To help solve this difficult task, we have prepared a rating of children's camps in the Moscow region in 2019. Institutions in it are ranked according to an independent assessment of the Moscow travel agency "Mosgortur".

Dream - Children's Health Camp

  • Location - Podolsk district, village. Lukovnya.
  • Accepts children - from 7 to 15 years old.
  • Site - . echta-podolsk. u/

This camp has everything you need for both active leisure and creativity. Excursions are organized every shift: "Tula Samovar", "Falcon Mountain", "Babenskaya Toy", etc.

Every day, entertainment and educational activities are held for vacationers, including: the game "Fort Boyard", Neptune Day with a theatrical performance and "bathing" of counselors and administration, acting and design contests, etc.

There are regular competitions in football, chess, shooting sports, indoor hockey (floorball) and many other sports disciplines. Intercamp Spartakiads are held every shift. For the little ones, funny starts are held.

A comprehensive five meals a day is provided for children, they live in rooms for 6-8 people.

Sokolenok - children's health camp

  • Location - Podolsk district, resty village.
  • Accepts children - from 7 to 15 years old.
  • Site - . ockurorty. u/dol_sokolenok

A clean and well-groomed camp is located in a mixed forest. Children live in two-storey buildings, in rooms for 4 people. Five meals a day are organized for them.

Children's camps in the Moscow region - a tourist's note. Useful articles on

We have prepared a selection of the best camps near Moscow (based on ratings and reviews from satisfied parents), where the child does not just spend time, but learns something new, develops mentally and physically.

Children will definitely be interested here - they will dance and play paintball, drive cars, run through the forest with bows, collect robots, make movies or learn the language with native speakers.

For your convenience, all camps mentioned in the article are marked on a map of the Moscow region:

Creative & Themed

Children's fantasy camp "StormGrad"

  • 1 shift. 31.5 - 13.6 2020. Marvel vs DC: Breaking the Masks
  • 2nd shift. 15.6 - 28.6 2020. Middle-earth: Fate of the Outcasts
  • 3rd shift. 30. 6 - 13. 7. Middle-earth: Between Two Fire
  • 4th shift. 16.7 - 29.7 2020. Warriors of Light: Human Time
  • 5. change. 1. 8 - 7. 8 2020. Elinor: Children of the Sands
  • 5. change. 8 8 - 14 8 2020. Elinor: Age of Legends
  • 6. change. 15.8 - 21.8 2020. Elinor: Heart of the World
  • 6. change. 22.8 - 28.8 2020. Elinor: Land of the First

In the children's camp Stormwind, a child will plunge into an adventure game together with more than two hundred like-minded people, among whom anyone will find their peers. Here, role-playing sessions are held in fairy universes, where children act out unique roles and write their own story or with the help of teacher-masters.

Tests and adventures, quests and riddles await the change of the child. Particularly active children can participate in activities and play out the plot for days on end, and more relaxed ones can engage in craft in the workshop. During the shift, everyone will learn how to handle a chambara (safe training sword), a bow and arrow, and make fires.

Preparation for each of the shifts, regardless of the season, is carried out throughout the year, due to which each program is thought out in maximum detail.

If you want to see our camp with your own eyes, you can come on a tour of the base on any day of the shift, where in just half an hour they will tell you how, where and with whom your child is resting.

Role-playing camp "Legend"

  • 2nd shift. 15.6 - 28.6 2020. Middle-earth: The Mystery of Time
  • 3rd shift. 30. 6 - 13. 7. Middle-earth: The Lost Squad
  • 4th shift. 16. 7 - 29. 7 2020. Warriors of Light: On the Guard of Good
  • 5th shift. 1. 8 - 14. 8 2020. Elinor: Contest of Hunters
  • 6th shift. 15.8 - 28.8 2020. Elinor: Guests from the Future

In the children's camp "Legend", a child will plunge into an adventure game together with children of their own age: from 7 to 12 years old. The role-playing program for younger children is specially organized so that the game is interesting for everyone, and there is no reason to worry that older children will “interfere”. However, there are children of 11-12 years old who are more interested in spending time with older children, such are assigned to older units.

Holidays are the happiest time for schoolchildren. But each parent at this time is faced with the question - what to do with the child's leisure time, so that he does not just have a rest, but gets positive emotions and a lot of pleasant impressions. Parents are also worried about the safety of the child, because not everyone has the opportunity to spend all the time with their child.

But there is a way out of this situation - to send the child to the camp, where he will be under the supervision of experienced teachers and will make many new and interesting acquaintances. If you are looking for a place to rest for your child, then the rating of children's camps in the Moscow region, which will be given in this article, will certainly help you make a choice. The camp data was evaluated based on the feedback from parents and the children themselves.

"Euroclub" children's health and language camp

The Euroclub children's year-round camp is located in the Istra district of the Moscow region.

  • Meals in the camp 5 times a day, all-inclusive
  • Children live in rooms with peers, euronumber, room amenities
  • For English lessons training groups are formed with the teacher Native Speaker
  • There are only children on the camp territory, 24-hour security, medical care
  • The Euroclub camp is in the Register of camps, is one of the three best camps in the Moscow region at the end of 2018 year
  • The author's program of the camp was approved by the Federal Institute for the Development of Education.
  • The duration of summer shifts is 2 weeks, in spring, winter, autumn shifts are 1 week each.

Developed camp infrastructure: gym and outdoor areas, tennis court, hydro-massage pool and salt cave, climbing wall, rope town, kids club, bowling alley.

The Euroclub Kids program has been designed for younger children, and its own program and daily schedule for teenagers. There is practically no free time: the guys are constantly busy in master classes, thematic games, sports sections, trainings, shows and quests. Top popular activities: Lapta, fencing, water polo, grapheli, laser tag, Brain-ring, football league, jolie jumpers, arrowarium. Lots of classes for both girls and boys.

The trip to the camp is carried out by buses from Moscow, accompanied by the traffic police. A doctor is constantly in the camp. Children are in touch with their parents by mobile, parental days are provided.

Detailed information about the camp, photos, reviews, booking vouchers on the official website of the Euroclub children's camp - . uroclubs. u

DOL "Rainbow"

Going out into the countryside for a weekend is always a great idea and a great way to spend time with your family surrounded by the beauty of the Moscow region.

But not everyone is ready to go even on a short hike on their own - there is no experience and necessary skills, tents and kayaks. Then a great option is to go with an organized group and an experienced instructor, where the route is thought out and passed many times, and all the equipment and even food is provided by the tourist club.

Such trips are offered by many clubs, you can choose options for every taste and budget (even free), guided by your physical fitness and personal preferences. Most travel clubs rent out camping equipment, and they can also accommodate other trifles in the planning of the route, such as camping lunches and pre-prepared first-aid kits.

Adventure Club Tour Club

The Adventure Club is a long-term trekking experience and several dozen instructors - experienced travelers from St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities. Who said you need to spend the weekend in front of the TV? Book weekend tours and get a lot of impressions from picturesque places and communication with cheerful, pleasant people. You can go on hikes with your family, friends or alone - in the hope of meeting a close-minded person. During the walk, you will take unforgettable photos that you will proudly show to your friends and colleagues.

For tourism lovers, the ideal option is to go on a weekend hike in the picturesque places of Russia with an experienced instructor. Interesting routes, a rich program, evening rest and a delicious dinner await you.

The club offers more than 50 weekend routes in the Moscow region. You can choose the conditions that are right for you, taking into account your physical fitness and personal habits. There are options for cycling routes, kayaking, and of course hiking.

Main routes of weekend tours:

  • One-day rafting on the Moskva River - MosKaBai
  • Shiroka Oka - rafting with a walking bath on the shore.
  • Multitour on the Kirzhach River - For children and their parents
  • Hiking - Zaokskie Dali
  • Multitour - Seligerskaya Tale
  • Hiking - Around Pleshcheeva Lake - A Trail of Contrasts
  • Hike with training - First aid in the conditions of autonomy
  • One-day hiking trip - English club in Muranovo

Tour Club "Kulik"

The Moscow region in the tours is not accidentally chosen as the main direction. This huge region of our country is rich in an incredible number of natural, historical and architectural monuments. It will contain several climatic zones, flora and fauna are incredibly diverse. Meshchera, Volga, Prioksky steppes, endless fields of the Vladimir region, the richest cultural and historical heritage of Suzdal, Volokolamsk, Dmitrov ... This list can never be finished. And all this is literally one step away from Moscow. In two days off, you can see, feel, remember so much that this baggage will be enough for almost a whole life.

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