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Combining fundamental scientific training and high-quality education of an innovative type with the traditions of the classical linguistic school, to be a flagship in the creation of the latest social and humanitarian technologies for the training and education of creative individuals with high-quality professional knowledge, linguistic communication skills and foreign language competencies, ready to sustainable competitiveness and success in a future professional career, capable of further self-improvement in the field of intellectual and spiritual qualities and constant improvement of living conditions in the Russian and global multicultural environment.


  • Develop and build up one's scientific and pedagogical potential;
  • Develop and implement innovative scientific and educational technologies as priorities;
  • Generate new creative projects that foster the expression of talent and the flowering of student initiative;
  • Prepare world-class graduates who are able to communicate fluently with peers in foreign languages ​​in a variety of training areas;
  • Teach students to plan meaningfully its educational and career trajectory;
  • Integrate the quality control of education in a single system, including monitoring the functioning and the quality management system;
  • Expand the circle of foreign educational institutions-partners in the field of educational services.

We remember the past, know the present and anticipate the future.

Institute of Foreign Languages ​​and International Tourism

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There are as many entertainment places in Pyatigorsk as there are attractions. Regardless of whether you come on vacation with children or on your own. There will be a suitable option for spending your leisure time. Below I have compiled a list of the most popular places. Read, choose, relax with pleasure.

Lake Proval

Entertainment for children in Pyatigorsk

Many vacationers are concerned about the question: "Where to go with children in Pyatigorsk?" There are many options. The resort has enough entertainment and cultural centers for families. These can be walks in parks, various excursions, and so on.

Electric Vehicle Tours

Quite an unusual kind of leisure that appeared in Pyatigorsk not so long ago. There are three routes. It all starts in the Flower Garden Park. Some end there as well. Children especially enjoy walking in open electric vehicles. Whichever route is chosen. Even to Lake Proval or the Arch of Love, or to the place of Lermontov's duel.


The Pyatigorsk cable car is also in great demand and not only among city guests. Children will be interested in seeing the city from a bird's eye view. Adults will surely appreciate the viewing platforms. The views that open from them. And also the famous meadow, the observation deck "Crossroads". By the way, you can also make a sign indicating your city with your child and place it there. Everything you need is in place.

  • Prices: one way adult ticket - 210 rubles; children - 50.
  • Address: b. Gagarina, 2
  • Read more

Kirov Park

Official website of Pyatigorsk State University

Pyatigorsk is one of the ancient cities, stretched out at the foot of Mashuk Mountain. It has been known since ancient times as one of the most effective balneological resorts in Russia. The city was recognized as a resort already in 1803. But long before this, and there is documentary evidence of this, the ancient tribes of local residents used local sources and thanks to them they lived for more than a hundred years.

The city of Pyatigorsk is beautiful. In addition to being a real museum of the Caucasus mineral waters, it is also considered a city with numerous natural, cultural, architectural and historical monuments.

How to get there?

There are many ways to arrive in Pyatigorsk: plane, bus, train, taxi and private car.

Mineralnye Vody is a city that is tacitly recognized as the main gateway to the North Caucasus. It is through it that 90% of tourists who come to these regions pass. An international airport is located here, where aircrafts from Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and other countries arrive every day. If your way to Pyatigorsk passes through Mineralnye Vody, try to set aside a few days in your schedule in order to stay in the city and get acquainted with its atmosphere, culture and sights.


As mentioned above, the airport closest to Pyatigorsk is located in Mineralnye Vody. The flight is carried out by many well-known Russian airlines, and it will not be difficult to buy a ticket. Its cost depends on the point of departure. For example, planes running between Moscow airports (Vnukovo and Domodedovo) and Mineralnye Vody will take a tourist from point A to point B and back for 3000 rubles. Residents of the cultural capital - St. Petersburg, will have to pay 2 times more: a ticket for them will cost 7,500 rubles. (for a round trip). The flight time will be from 2 to 3 hours.

There are two ways to get from the airport to the city itself:

  • Minibus to the station + train
  • Price: about 30 rubles. (for a minibus) + 200 rubles. (train);
  • Travel time: 40 min.
  • Taxi
  • Price: from 700 rubles;
  • Travel time: about half an hour.


After spending an extra half hour on the Internet, you can find bus tours to Pyatigorsk. Such a trip will take a little less than a day. The official websites of carriers indicate the fare in the range from 2000 to 3000 rubles.


If you are in Pyatigorsk for treatment or are just relaxing, you will probably want to leave the city after visiting the city itself, because there are many interesting things in the vicinity of Pyatigorsk. Especially for you - a selection of the 12 best excursions. Those who have already visited them left the most favorable reviews.

We should explore the surroundings of Pyatigorsk!

Excursion in the Elbrus region

This tour will last 12 hours. "Excursion to the Elbrus region" - bus and pedestrian, cost - 1200 rubles per person. It is a group one, you can take your children with you.

Go to the highest point in Europe - Mount Elbrus.

First, you will reach the Cheget glade, and then you will climb the cable car to the Cheget mountain. Please note: the cable car consists of three sections. The first two are closed wagons, but the third, which is laid to the place where the camp is set up for acclimatization of climbers, is a chair-type lift. You will find yourself at dizzying heights in the open air, and you will even be slightly swayed by the wind!

After the descent, your path will lead to the narrow Tereskol gorge (at the same time it is a settlement).

Attention! The cable car is not included in the tour price, it is paid additionally.

Dombay - nature and legends of Karachay-Cherkessia

Group bus tour "Dombay - nature and legends of Karachay-Cherkessia" is always relevant. It will take a whole day. The price for 2021 is 1200 rubles per person (but you will also have to pay an additional fee for the cable car).

The beautiful mountain lake Kara-Kol, perfectly preserved Christian temples of the X century - this is what awaits travelers. Be sure to sample the waters from the Ulu-Muruju mountain river.

Pyatigorsk is the oldest and largest city in the Caucasian Mineral Waters region.

Pyatigorsk has several twin cities: the Bulgarian city of Panagyurishte, the city of Debyuk (USA), the German city of Schwerte, the Greek city of Trikala, the Hungarian city of Heviz.

Pyatigorsk covers an area of ​​103.7 km². The population as of January 1, 2016 is 145,448 people. The city is located at an altitude of 520-630 m above sea level.

Since January 19, 2010 Pyatigorsk is the center of the North Caucasian Federal District.

Head of the city - Lev Nikolaevich Travnev.

Arriving at the nearest airport Mineralnye Vody, located 25 km away, you can easily reach the city in about 30 minutes. The city can be reached by train, car or bus. The city is connected to various cities by direct connections. The city itself is also easy to get around. It has a well-developed transport network: tram, route taxis, buses and taxis

Whichever side you drive up to the city of Pyatigorsk, the dome-shaped Mount Mashuk and the 110-meter television tower on its top, illuminated at night, seem to float above the city as a reference point for you.

The most famous for tourists are the Flower Garden and Proval districts. They are located in the east of the city. This is the center of the resort life of the city and all the most famous sights, sanatoriums, hotels, restaurants and tasting rooms are located in this part of the city. Excursions around the city and the North Caucasus begin from the Tsvetnik Park.

The most attractive residential area for a long time was the White Daisy microdistrict, located in the northeastern part of the city. There is everything for a full life: shops, schools, kindergartens, a railway station, a clinic, banks, gyms. Thanks to the developed transport network, you can easily go from here to any part of Pyatigorsk. In the center of the microdistrict there is a Komsomolsky park with a walking area, playgrounds and a cinema "Drugar".

Back in the 70s of the last century, around the current PSU and the Pyatigorsk Medical and Pharmaceutical Institute, another district was formed - Student Town. Pyatigorsk can be called a city of youth! There are thirteen universities in the city, and a total of 77 educational institutions. The most famous university in the city is Pyatigorsk State University (formerly PSLU). It was in the depths of this university that the famous Pyatigorsky KVN teams <


In the northern part of Pyatigorsk, the microdistrict "Beshtau" spread. Location at the foot of the Mountain of the same name and gave the name of the microdistrict. It is also often called the Quarter. Today it is the most dynamically developing area of ​​the city. In this part of the city there are schools, a stadium, a grocery market, hospitals, libraries. In the summer of 2014, the largest in the region of the Plaza Plaza shopping and entertainment center opened here.


In the center of the city "Mountain Post" is located. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Cossack posts were equipped on the hill, which ensured the safety of Russian military and resort settlements in the Valley of the River Shaken. Around one of these posts and formed the Mountain Post. Today Mountain Post - Armenian District Pyatigorsk, it is this place that chose this people for their mass settlement. Here is the Armenian Apostolic Church, and the Representative Office of Yerevan State Medical. In addition, there is a secondary school and one of the buildings of the Pyatigorsk State Technological University.

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