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Finland - general information about the country

Finland is a state located in the north of Europe and washed by the Baltic Sea. More than a third of the country's territory is located beyond the Arctic Circle, so a variety of natural landscapes and winter activities will please even the most demanding tourist. And Finland for children will become a real wonderland, no matter what time of year you go on a trip. The locals are extremely sensitive to children, so the country has a large number of entertainment for a wide variety of tastes.

Benefits of holidays in Finland with children

Going to Finland with kids, you will find yourself in a country of carefree happiness with wonderful playgrounds, fun museums, children's ski and snowboarding schools. Finland has a temperate climate with cold winters and warm summers with predictable weather, so children never suffer from acclimatization. And even the most fastidious of them will appreciate local cuisine dishes - they can enjoy healthy desserts every day, eat hearty and festive meals.

Despite the fact that the prices in Finland are quite high, your travel budget will hardly change if you decide to bring a child under 12 with you.

For preschool children, many attractions here are free, and for schoolchildren there are significant discounts. Finnish ski resorts, hotels and shopping centers have flexible discount systems for couples with children.

In addition, if desired, excursions and visits to museums can be replaced with walks in nature and contemplation of the northern lights - impressions of the greatness of Finnish nature remain with young tourists for life.

Where to go in Finland with the whole family

Colds and snowfalls in the country of Suomi last from October to March, and the summer is short and not at all hot. However, at any time of the year you can find your own delight, as well as suitable entertainment for the whole family. If you are planning a vacation during the high season, make sure to book an apartment or a room in a hostel at least six months before the planned trip.

Winter time

Finland is replete with amusement parks, some of which are very special and unparalleled in the world. The Finns themselves include the Santa Claus Village, the Moomin Museum in Tampere, and the snowy village of Lainio to such wonderful places. Finnish ski resorts are well known to tourists from different countries, because here, despite the absence of high mountains, they have managed to stretch trails up to a kilometer long.

Finland for children: what to see in winter and summer, where to stay

In Finland, children only go to school when they turn seven. But what happens to them up to this point is no less important. And no, they don't learn to read, write, or solve equations. They build towers from blocks and play in the courtyard. On what principles the Finnish preschool education is built, found out the editor of The Guardian Patrick Butler.

The Finnish school system has been at the forefront of European rankings for the past 16 years. When Finland became the world leader in school education at the beginning of the 21st century, it came as a surprise both for the whole world and for the Finns themselves. Finnish high school students now have one of the highest average scores in reading, math and science literacy among the PISA countries.

PISA tests measure school performance. But work on these results begins long before children enter first grade.

Creativity instead of reading and math

The key to early learning in Finland is that it starts late. In Finnish kindergartens, the emphasis is not on math, reading or writing, but on creative play.

Children do not receive any formal education until they are seven and go to primary school. This may come as a surprise to parents who believe education is a competitive race. “We believe that children under seven are not ready for school,” says Tiina Marjoniemi, head of the Franzenia Children's Center in Helsinki. - They need time to play, run and jump. This is the time for creativity. "

The main goal of the early years of education is the health and well-being of every child

Preschool centers prepare children for school, but not in an academic sense. They are taught to communicate, be friends, respect others, and dress appropriately.

Learning through play

You might think that teachers in Finnish kindergartens are messing around: they don't teach children to read and write, but just let them play as much as they want. In fact, a lot of work needs to be done to properly organize the process of the game. "Free play" alternates with games under the guidance of a teacher. Center staff monitor what skills children show, how they develop. Kindergarten Franzenia has 44 staff members with children. In the younger group (up to three years old) - one adult for four children, in the older - for seven.

“Early on in development, play should involve the child in the learning process,” says David Whitbrad, director of the Center for the Study of Play in Education, Development and Learning at the University of Cambridge. - Once, carried away by a task that he likes, be it a role-playing game or assembling a constructor, he will feel motivated to improve. He'll want to tackle a bigger challenge next time. "

In kindergarten, a child wants to build a higher tower, and in school - write a dictation without mistakes

During the game, the child has to be attentive and persistent, he learns to make decisions and cope with problems. At four years of age, these skills speak more about your child's future academic success than reading.

Finland for children: what to see in winter and summer, where to stay Finland is a state located in the north of Europe and washed by the Baltic Sea. More than a third of the country's territory

Finland is a country that deserves attention. Not only because of the peculiarities of the geographical location and climate, but also as a state that, over the past three decades, has managed to build and develop a unique education system that has received recognition throughout the world.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the young educational model is highly appreciated. This is evidenced by the data obtained during the PISA global monitoring of student achievement.

Overview of the Finnish Education System

The main difference between the Finnish and Russian systems is that in the former they give a huge role to preschool educational institutions, they are put at the head of the entire educational system. It is believed that the most qualified teachers should be involved in this sector and in elementary school. The largest funding is directed specifically at the development of preschool institutions, making them available to every family.

Early childhood education

The child is required to attend a kindergarten or early training class at a school base. This also applies to families living in remote regions of the country. Thus, the state purposefully makes a contribution to every little citizen, investing in their future well-being and prosperity. It is at this stage that the fundamental principle of success is cultivated in a person - the craving for knowledge is stimulated.

In kindergartens in the state take children from nine months to five years, this is the only paid stage of education. While for Russians, the legislatively compulsory free place in kindergarten is provided, but from three to seven years and in the presence of a free place in the preschool. For children under three years, parents invite an educator at home for an additional fee, the so-called home education. Or use private kindergartens services.

Interestingly, the entire education system in Finland, including the kindergartens, is built on the principle of equality. There is no ranking of institutions for the degree of prestigidity, equipment, in demand and significance. Thus, the fee for visiting the kindergarten child depends only on the level of income of the parents. The maximum payment is 254 euros, the minimum is 23 euros.

This approach indicates a foundatory approach to the Finnish authorities to ensure the availability of education for each citizen. In the absence of a free space in a preschool institution, parents, self-engaged, the state appoints a benefit. There is no such practice in Russia.

School Education

From 6 years in Finland, training starts to school. These are free garden-based classes or mid-level educational institutions. Attend them in obligatory within one year.


Batch tours often resemble a small Babylonian pillar of - tourists, each of which has its own goals, tastes and interests, are going to the restricted space of the bus and are forced throughout the trip, which would seem to imply rest from worries, To tolerate each other and put up with the infringement of their own desires. Individual tourism, which is focused on a particular client with all his preferences and dreams, has been real salvation from these fairly common problems. Individual tours were very widespread in the market of domestic tourism, today their geography covers almost the entire globe, did not remain aside and such familiar to the Russians Finland. With this country, Russia has an excellent transport link to Russia, which makes it possible to develop a lot of exclusive tours, taking into account the wishes of tourists.

Features of the individual holiday in Finland

Only you have to decide how "independent" will be your trip to Finland. You can use the services of a travel agency, which will assist in booking hotels, choosing excursions, as well as ordering suitable transport, or you can book a hotel and compose the program yourself, and order only transfers at the agency. Regardless of which option you choose, you can be sure that your trip to the country of Suomi will be not only unique, but also carefree. How could it be otherwise when you and only you are in charge of your trip. Individual tours to Finland are complete freedom of movement: you travel wherever you want, visit only interesting places and stay there for as long as you wish.

By the way, tourists not only control the tour program, but also decide how long the trip will last.

You can go on a multi-day trip around the country with stops in different cities or arrange a European weekend, staying in Finland for two or three days.

Thematic directions of individual tours to Finland

Based on their own preferences, tourists independently determine the nature of their future rest. It offers travelers interested in health tourism, numerous spa and wellness centers, specialized medical centers and luxury spa complexes. The variety of care programs is also impressive: weight loss and silhouette shaping courses, detox programs, all kinds of fasting under the supervision of specialists, anti-stress, etc.

In addition, you can plan a trip to Finland for sightseeing and educational purposes: for example, go on a tour to New Valaam, get acquainted with the history of the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, make an exclusive journey along the Royal Road from Porvoo to Hamina. Music lovers will be able to enjoy concerts at the National Opera, the House of Music, the Helsinki Conservatory, and shopping lovers will get their portion of happiness while traveling to the largest Finnish galleries and shopping centers.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are many opportunities to spend their Finnish vacation with the benefit of body and soul. Canoeing and kayaking, rafting, fishing, hiking and biking, Nordic walking, dog and reindeer sledding, snowmobile safari, icebreaker cruise - you can play sports in Finland all year round.

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"The best country in the world" according to the 2010 version Finland is a unitary state in the Baltic, a significant part of which, about a third of the entire territory, is located in the Arctic. This country has an ancient and rich history, during which this Scandinavian state has come a long way from a primitive communal system through the Swedish province and the Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire to a sovereign parliamentary republic.

Today Finland is a dynamically developing country with a powerful, competitive economy.

Finland has two official state languages ​​- Finnish and Swedish.

The national flag is a blue (light blue) Scandinavian cross on a white rectangular panel. The coat of arms is a rearing golden lion crowned with a crown on a red (scarlet) shield with nine rosettes. Instead of the right front paw, a hand in armor with a silver sword with a golden hilt. With its hind legs, the lion tramples on a silver Saracen saber, again with a golden hilt.

The national currency before the adoption of the euro in 2002 is the Finnish mark.

Finland is Europe or not

Finland is located in Northern Europe, and the economy of this country has long been firmly integrated into the economy of the West. In addition, Finland is a member of a number of European organizations, councils and agreements, including the Schengen Agreement.

Finland's movement towards Western civilization was, rather, predetermined by the very history of this country, and by the fact that for more than six hundred years it was part of the Swedish state, which until the 18th century played a significant role in the history of the continental Europe.

Official country name

The official name of Finland is the Republic of Finland.

Why do Finns call their country Suomi

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