IN; Tatarstan business earned on; tourists 28 billion rubles; In 2018 3.4 million guests visited the Republic

Sights of the Republic of Tatarstan: what to see with children

Tourist flow to Tatarstan in 2020 has almost halved, and tourist spending has decreased by 40%. The players believe in the recovery of the market, and the authorities are launching two large-scale projects - eco-resorts in Kamsky Ustye and Vysokogorsky District. On the territory of the clusters, 22 investment projects have been developed, most of which are initiatives of entrepreneurs.

The tourist flow to Tatarstan in 2020 amounted to 1.9 million people, which is 47% less than in 2019. The volume of services rendered, which is all the expenses of tourists for accommodation, food, transport, shopping and entertainment, decreased by 40%. Sergey Ivanov, Chairman of the State Committee for Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan, spoke about this during the final board meeting.

He noted an interesting trend that emerged during the New Year holidays. “Despite the decrease in the tourist flow, the duration of guests' stay in Tatarstan has doubled compared to last year. This allowed hotels, restaurants, and other industrial facilities to generate income similar to last year in this period.

Grants and cashback supported the travel industry

In the crisis year of 2020, Tatarstan tried to get the most out of state programs to support the industry at the federal level. Thus, 108 applications were submitted for the competitive selection for the provision of grants. 18 projects became winners, which received grant support totaling 47 million rubles.

This year the funds received will be used for:

10 projects related to the development of the glamping network in the Republic of Tatarstan;

8 projects aimed at developing the tourism industry.

Tatarstan actively participated in the cashback program and took the fourth place in terms of the number of trips made by tourists to our republic through this program. Another positive news is related to the launch of the mechanism for obtaining electronic visas from January 2021.

Domestic tourism and individual travel trending

Key new trends in tourism in 2020 are:

reducing the number of organized groups, including minimizing school groups;

Business in; Tatarstan will be given money for; ecotourism

Tatarstan has a leading position in domestic Russian tourism.

This Volga republic unites two major cultures: European and Asian. This is the specificity of the tourist routes of Tatarstan, where historical sites harmoniously coexist with modern entertainment centers. Therefore, they often go here on vacation with their children. Famous Kazan water parks attract hundreds of tourists. The sights of Tatarstan are not ignored either.

The Bulgar settlement is a popular attraction of Tatarstan

Different peoples and tribes have left their historical mark on the territory of present-day Tatarstan. Buildings, architectural complexes and entire cities, which today have become the sights of Tatarstan, tell about them. Bulgars also made a significant contribution to the historical values ​​of these places. You can get from Kazan to the Bulgar settlement both by car and by water in summer. It is worth going here with children: this historical and architectural museum-reserve has united many memorable places.

In general, the museum of the Bulgarian civilization tells about them. For those who came to Bulgar by water, it is convenient to visit it: it is located in the building of a river station. The main square introduces tourists to several monuments. The cathedral mosque appeared here in the 13th century. Monolithic towers at its corners appeared a century later, when the mosque was converted into a defensive structure. Now tourists contemplate the ruins of this monument.

The Assumption Church, located nearby, was built on the site of the palace of the Tatar Khan in the 18th century. Now it is a museum of the history of Bolgar. This is not the only museum on the territory of the settlement. The museums of medicine and Islam are also located in the central part of Bulgars and may be of interest to children.

The beauties of the nature of Tatarstan

The Republic of Tatarstan is comfortably located in a picturesque place where the Kama River connects its waters with the Volga. Forests and steppes are characteristic of this area. Such conditions became favorable for the nature of Tatarstan, which is often called the attraction of these places.

The National Park "Nizhnyaya Kama" was created with the aim of preserving the representatives of flora and fauna listed in the Red Book. The Natural Museum is located at the junction of climatic subzones, which makes it unique. Not every tourist will have the opportunity to see all the inhabitants of the Red Book, but everyone can enjoy the amazing landscapes here. This natural landmark of Tatarstan is one of the most famous. The park is located next to Yelabuga. To get to it, you need to turn onto Tonaevskoe highway, which will lead to your destination.

Families with children come to the blue lakes of Tatarstan with pleasure. These places of the state nature reserve are called surprisingly picturesque. The complex includes three lakes, the most popular is the Big Blue - children like it very much. It is also a favorite spot for divers. To get to this beautiful place formed by nature, you just need to go down to the Kazan metro. If you get off at the Aviastroitelnaya station, you will need to change to the 20th bus. If you get off at the station "North Station", you will need bus number 40.

Elm mountains, Proval and Lesnoye lakes, Chatyr-Tau mountain - all these are pearls of natural attractions of Tatarstan, where unique representatives of flora and fauna are preserved with special care.

Sviyazhsk - a city on the island

Getting to it is quite simple: Sviyazhsk is separated from Kazan by 60 kilometers. It became an island when the level of the Kuibyshev reservoir was raised. Since 1551, when it was founded, its fate has changed more than once. There was a time of prosperity, and then Sviyazhsk was the spiritual center of this territory. Three monasteries and nine churches operated here. Now it is a calm district village. Monasteries and temples have been restored. In summer, many tourists and pilgrims come here, including children.

Tourist flow to Tatarstan in 2020 has decreased by almost half, and tourist spending in the republic has decreased by 40%. The players believe in the recovery of the market and are launching two large-scale projects - eco-resorts in Kamsky Ustye and Vysokogorsky District.

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Tourist flow increased by 9.6% over the year. On average, tourists spent 25 thousand rubles in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Tatarstan summed up the development of the tourism industry. In 2018, Kazan hosted the 2018 FIFA World Cup, during which the city was visited by six times more tourists than in the summer of 2017. In addition to the World Cup, new museums and hotels were opened in the republic.

Tourist flow to Tatarstan increased by%

In 2018, the tourist flow to Tatarstan increased by 9.6% and amounted to 3.4 million people. The republic was visited by 345 thousand foreigners, which is 24.3% more than in 2017. At the end of the year, Tatarstan ranks first in the Volga Federal District in terms of the number of tourists in hotels and hostels - the republic accommodates a quarter of all those who come to the Volga region, said Sergei Ivanov, head of the Tatarstan State Committee for Tourism.

According to forecasts, in 2018 hotels and hostels of the republic will earn 13.4 billion rubles from tourists - this is money for services rendered to them. The volume of travel services, taking into account related industries - food, accommodation, transport, shopping and entertainment - increased last year by 37% and amounted to 28.3 billion rubles. The volume of services for the period of the World Cup amounted to 11.2 billion rubles, which is six times more compared to June-July 2017.

What hotels, museums and flights have appeared in the republic

In 2018, the museum of the archaeological tree "Tatar Slobodka" was opened in Sviyazhsk, Museum Street in Bolgar, and the museums of tea culture "Chak-Chak", "Weapons and the spirit of a warrior" in the Kremlin, in Tetyushi in Kazan - the museum of the history of fishing, in the Laishevsky district - the museum of the history of the festival "Karavon".

Among the hotels are the new Kol Gali Resort and SPA complex in Bolgar, the Kamsky Trophy complex in the village of Kamskoye Ustye, the Volga House residence in the Verkhneuslonsky district, the renovated Ramada Alabuga hotel in Yelabuga. In the village of Yamashurma in the Vysokogorsky region, a place for rural tourism was organized, in the Laishevsky region - a route for ethnic tourism. In these locations, bus stops have been updated, roads have been repaired and signs have been installed.

The number of direct flights from Turkey, Georgia and the Republic of Belarus has increased in Tatarstan, a new flight to Tehran has appeared - according to Ivanov, in 2019 the republic expects to attract as many tourists from Iran as possible. In December 2018, the passenger traffic at Kazan airport amounted to 3 million people. And in the popular vote of the National Geographic Traveler magazine, Tatarstan won in the nomination "Russian gastronomic tourism".

World Cup results, struggle with apartments for rent and weak English

Kazan during the 2018 World Cup was visited by 300 thousand tourists from 36 countries, including Australia, Argentina, France, Colombia, Spain and France. Before the World Cup, the State Committee for Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Emergency Situations checked 196 hotels and hostels. At the same time, about a thousand advertisements appeared, where citizens of Kazan offered tourists daily rent of apartments. Prices, at times, went off scale.

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