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Child prostitution in the US is an orphan

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America Today - US News in Russian

At the stairs leading to Doi Suthep Monastery in northern Thailand, I met Praset and his sister Mali. In beautiful national costumes, children were photographed with tourists for money. But there are others - hungry, dirty, ragged. In poor Cambodia, I most often saw hands stretched out for alms. And the young Burmese who were sold by their parents had their backs bent from the weights. This post is about the children of Asia.

Mom is always there, but ...

Praset and Mali's workplace is located next to the stairs that lead to Doi Suthep Monastery in Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand. Clean and tidy children in beautiful Thai national costumes boldly approach tourists to take pictures. The reward is $ 1-2. Their mother sells souvenirs nearby.

This is a typical picture when children are near their mother. In this country, from infancy, they are always and everywhere taken with them, because maternity leave is only three weeks. Therefore, the baby often sleeps in a basket while the mother works in the market or kitchen.

The main elements of education:

  • an approving smile for all the pranks (you can get dirty, throw things and toys);
  • Thai "do not care" (parents do not run to a hysterically screaming baby); <
  • taking care of older children for younger ones;
  • helping parents begins from the moment the child is able to hold something in his hands.

Good luck selling a baby

Such an upbringing system develops independence. By the age of three, the baby may well entertain himself. And he will go to school from the age of 6.

Their peers from neighboring Myanmar are less fortunate. Almost half of the children do not study. They often roam the streets with an outstretched hand.

Others went to the army to work there as loaders or serve, because at the age of 12 they already give up arms. In this country, where a terrible military regime has been operating for decades, parents often find work, and their children do it. Construction, carrying weights, collecting garbage, rice, cotton. Calculations are made with adults, but in reality child labor is used.

America Today - US News in Russian News Feed: Password Recovery Login To be able to add a comment, we need to identify you.

The former Soviet republic came out on top in prostitution among the countries of Central Asia. Export of young girls goes from here to Dubai and Alma-Ata, as well as for fans of "exotic" to Russia: including the production of porn films.

I had barely left a cafe in Bishkek when a pimp appeared next to me: he mistook me for an American. “Girls, mister,” the guy stammered with an obsequious smile, thrusting a business card with a phone into my hand. - Good girls. The love seller was sent in pure Russian, however, he was not even offended. Prostitution in Kyrgyzstan is in an interesting state - women are not prohibited from selling their bodies, but brothels and pimping are not allowed. Previously, the "priestesses of love" of Bishkek grazed on Pravdy Street, but then they disappeared from it. Those that are cheaper - moved to Kuliyev Street (near the Osh market), more expensive - went to the Internet. According to the findings of human rights organizations, 25,000 girls are involved in prostitution in Kyrgyzstan, and this figure is most likely the tip of the iceberg. How the former Soviet republic suddenly became the center of paid sex in Central Asia, says the columnist "AiF".

"Go fuck for money"

Behind the Osh market are the cheapest brothels in Bishkek: sex takes place on narrow beds in shabby private apartments. Price per hour - from 500 soms (almost the same in rubles). They can make a discount of up to 400 (less than $ 5) if the client meets it faster. Here the popular contingent is "served": sellers from the bazaar, loaders and buyers. An elderly "mommy" who is walking along the sidewalk as if by chance negotiates a price with me. “What does it mean - 700 soms per hour is expensive? The police tortured them with raids, bribes, fines, we pay. the costs themselves are high. " "Are the girls fresh?" - I get used to the role of the client. “We make sure that everyone has no more than 10 contacts a day,” the “mommy” assures me. "And the doctor examines them?" “Uh-uh, uh-uh. ".

According to Aigul Timergenova, an employee of Tais Plus (an organization that defends the rights of prostitutes), traffickers in "human goods" travel to poor regions of Kyrgyzstan and persuade young girls to work in Bishkek as fashion models and actresses. “No, no one says right away: go and fuck for money, you won't catch a lot of people with such a bait. Next is the scheme, standard since the nineties - documents are taken away, kept in the apartment: they say, you owe for your transportation and food, rental housing. until you work, don't dream about freedom. By the time the debt is paid off, the girl “sits down” on the system: she lay in bed for half an hour, with “real” money in her pocket. Not everyone wants to get out of the sex business, it's still not to work hard at a construction site. Then comes the "promotion" - "rent" in saunas, bars, discos. By the way, in just six months, the police closed 32 saunas in Bishkek, where sex services were provided: but this does not help. One was closed today, tomorrow five will be opened. There is always a demand ”.

"I'll bring pilaf naked"

On sites where girls are more expensive, prices already start from 1,000 soms (one thousand rubles or 12 US dollars) per hour. There are two and three thousand: some beauties will be given only for 8,000. A night costs from 10 to 20,000 soms, with the stipulation: you can have sex "no more than six times." Oral pleasures are paid separately - the consumer should add another 500-1000 soms. The questionnaires contain information, as if buying at the bazaar: height, weight, breast size, nationality. Many ads are written in awful Russian with a bunch of mistakes: "I am able to strangle", "I ablate sexuality", "I professionally give pleasure."

“The residents of Bishkek speak Russian very tolerably well,” explains former police officer Aydar Sharipov. - These girls, judging by their poor literacy, are from the south of Kyrgyzstan. the neighboring villages of Osh or Jalal-Abad - Russian is not particularly popular there. " Personally, I am surprised by the announcement of 19-year-old Madina, offering an hour of sex for 3,000 soms, and. free pilaf. I called the ad and asked - is the pilaf at least tasty? “Darling,” a girlish voice replies. - I am from Osh, we have the best pilaf in the world, I learned to cook since childhood. When you see me naked with a plate, you swallow your tongue! "

Part-time job for female teachers

The transformation of Kyrgyzstan into a center of carnal amusement looks strange. Even in the Soviet Union, Central Asia was famous for its conservatism and strict morals. Girls in the provinces married virgins, and after the wedding night, a sheet with blood stains was proudly shown to the spouse's relatives. In the south of Kyrgyzstan, many women, according to Islamic traditions, cover their hair - they wear a headscarf-hijab; smoking and drinking alcohol are also strictly condemned. In some places in small towns in society, discussions were going on in all seriousness - shouldn't the wearing of mini-skirts be prohibited by law? And suddenly it was this republic that became a supplier of prostitutes to the "sex markets" of Istanbul, Dubai, Alma-Ata, Moscow. The answer is simple: let the customs in Kyrgyzstan not say that they are so free - but at the same time, they will not be stoned for "adultery", as in Iran and Afghanistan. And they don't go to jail for prostitution: all the more so if you constantly “grease” the police. Relatives are not told about the occupation: money is sent to the village or town, the parents are happy. At the same time, among the "priestesses of love" there are a lot of girls from dysfunctional families - running away from home, they most often know what kind of earnings they will face. “A very simple way to get money,” Gulnara from Jalal-Abad told me cynically (5,000 soms per hour). - You sell something: and then you have it again! ”. Popular and amateur prostitution, "bed part-time" - among students, and even, as they say, teachers with a penny salary. Sleep five or six times a month with regular customers - a decent amount is formed on your hands.

"Like in Thailand"

In various states, the "export" of girls from Kyrgyzstan is constantly suppressed. In Istanbul, pimps were arrested who kept 35 underage (!) Ladies in a separate room for "special" clients: the majority turned out to be ethnic Uzbeks from Osh. The same thing happened in St. Petersburg - a special studio was set up that shot porn with Kyrgyz citizens: the girls were first "sang" that they were being called to the set in a real movie. “Soon it will be here like in Thailand,” says businessman Muhammad Sahibov. “Tourists will go in droves to relax with cheap girls: local fairies are famous for being unpretentious and affectionate. People fly to Bishkek from India, Uzbekistan and Iran. " The “priestesses of love” themselves have their main dream - to leave for Moscow: after all, there you can easily meet a millionaire and marry him. “And never work again,” 18-year-old Saida rolls her eyes, receiving 2,000 soms from me for an interview (the girls do not want to talk to the press for free, demanding the usual tariff - Auth). - You have a lot of rich people? It's not a problem?". “You've watched the movie,” I say boredly. - This is not the film "Pretty Woman", millionaires do not marry prostitutes. " Saida purses her plump lips. She is sure that everything will work out, the rich man will definitely fall in love with her. Then a life full of money, luxury and happiness will begin.

. The capital of Kyrgyzstan for the surrounding countries is really a new Amsterdam or Pattaya. And as long as the republic remains poor and its economy is falling apart, the sex business will continue to gain momentum. The demand for paid love is growing.

While vacationing in India or Egypt in winter, you will most likely notice whole crowds of old tourists from northern Europe. Upon closer acquaintance, it turns out that the old people left their native country in the fall, and they plan to return home not earlier than spring. And so they have been doing since retirement: like migratory birds, they fly south in the fall, and return to their homes in the spring. After all, utility rates in Europe are even higher than ours. And it is more profitable for pensioners to go on a six-month tour than to pay for heating their houses. This fact gave us an interesting thought: why do other people go to travel? And we found out that recently many new, sometimes very strange, types of tourism have appeared, we will introduce you to 12 unusual destinations.

Shopping Tourism

Shopping tours in our country emerged in the early 90s, when many went to sell various trinkets to Poland, to sell products to Moscow and Gomel. This form has remained until now in settlements near the border. But the shopping tours themselves have evolved into highly prestigious travel. Now they go abroad for fur coats and designer things. A few years ago, some firms offered free trips to Greece if you pledged to buy a fur coat there. They were called that way fur-tour. The price was such that it covered the costs of both your flight and accommodation with meals. But people liked it. Now many people follow the sales in Europe and the United Arab Emirates and specially take vouchers there for this time. We even met girls who had never been to the sea or on excursions in the UAE for a week. And they went out into the street solely in order to move from one store to another. There are also quite interesting people who buy household chemicals exclusively in European stores. And although it is of the same brands as on the shelves of Ukrainian stores, its quality is much higher, according to convinced ladies. With such successes, we will soon go to the neighboring country for milk and bread.

Medical tourism

Israel has some of the best cancer treatment specialists. Doctors in Thailand have invented a new technology by which they can grow a lost organ directly on the patient's body (they grow mainly small organs: ears, nose, eyelids). In Germany, abdominal surgeries are performed with high quality, and Lithuania is famous for inexpensive plastic surgeries. And for all these services, people specially come from other countries. Now medical tourism has become one of the most cost-effective for both the host country and for patients who can receive the best quality services at an affordable price. Interestingly, Ukraine is also included in the list of countries recommended for medical tourism. It turns out that our teeth are treated very cheaply and with high quality and dentures are installed.

Medical tourism is beneficial both for the host country and for patients who can receive quality services at an affordable price

Selfie tourism

If previously popular places among tourists could complain that they are constantly rubbed, hugged or climbed on, now they can only complain that they can only see the back of the heads of tourists. Crowds of young people "snapping" themselves against the backdrop of some next attraction is selfie tourism. It involves traveling in order to take a photo of yourself in various parts of the world, and the places themselves can be seen somewhere from afar, peeking over the shoulder, or not quite visible at all. Despite the fact that most Internet users laugh at this new culture, selfies remain popular. Moreover, both among girls and among guys, even the older generation often adopts this hobby. In popularity among selfie tourists, the palm is held by France (especially the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe), England (near Big Ben, on the streets of London and, of course, in local double-decker buses), Germany, the USA, and the countries of East Asia.

Record Tourism

The most unusual tourism is tourism in order to achieve records. Such travelers apply to the Guinness Book of Records before departure. For example, 106-year-old Japanese Saburo Shochi was recognized as the oldest traveler. In total, he covered more than 56 thousand kilometers by public transport and visited 6 countries, including Bulgaria, Canada and South Africa. And the Englishman James Boothorp covered 18 thousand miles and 20 countries in 174 days by bicycle. To achieve this result, it took about 14 hours a day to pedal. Entered the Guinness Book of Records as the traveler who made the fastest round-the-world bike trip!

There are some Ukrainians too. Last year, Irina Galai became the first Ukrainian woman who did not climb Everest. True, she only got into the Ukrainian Book of Records. But isn't that an achievement too?

Philologist, copywriter, internet marketer. I read at least 2 books a month, I want even more.

Prostitution is a profitable business. Everyone understands this, and some even use the services offered by the priestesses of love. Why men go to prostitutes seems to be understandable (although we will dwell on this in more detail anyway).

But what pushes the girls themselves to sell their bodies? This is what we have to find out. And then we will go over the list of countries in which prostitution is not just a profitable business, but a legal one, and take an excursion into history.

Who is a prostitute? i

A prostitute is a woman who provides sexual services for money. People who have a special weakness for the purity of language and the subtleties of philology also insist: a whore is a licentious woman, and a prostitute is a girl of the most ancient profession. Although, of course, even a girl who is exceptionally well-bred and intelligent can receive such a title - simply because she crossed the road to someone.

The word prostitution itself comes from the Latin prostitutio, which means "to show off."

In addition to the term "prostitute" itself, it is also customary to use various euphemisms: confused, moth, priestess of love, a representative of an ancient profession, a girl of easy virtue, etc. The Russian language is rich, and the imagination of the Russian people is even richer.

Why do girls become prostitutes?

You can talk on this topic indefinitely. But let's better listen to the opinions of women who work in this area.

“Let's start with the fact that I grew up in a wealthy family. I had much more opportunities and privileges than others. But the divorce of my parents, which happened during my first year at university, changed everything.

I was addicted to drugs. At the very beginning of my addiction to crack, I told everyone that I would never go to sex for money. I was so naive. I didn't know what addiction and despair could push.

I don't remember my first time, but I remember the next ones. I had sex a day with twelve men. The busiest time is in the morning and at lunchtime, when all these white men in suits go to work or take a break.

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