I want to become a patriarch

I want to become a patriarch

In modern society, problems related to street children and children living in dysfunctional families are being progressively solved. Also, in many families, children are born with various deviations in health: deafness, blindness, neurological diseases, and so on. Such children need to be in specialized educational institutions - a boarding school and an orphanage.


It is customary to call a boarding school a special institution that exists at any educational institution, which serves for the residence of students, carried out mostly for the parents and their substitutes. Most often, an institution of this kind is usually called such an educational institution as a "boarding school".

In this place, children can stay around the clock, it is created solely for educational purposes to develop certain skills of self-service in children, to unleash their creative potential.

Boarding schools are usually divided by:

  • Contingent (for orphans, children with disabilities, difficult teenagers, and so on).
  • General educational profile (in-depth study of subjects, sports boarding schools, cadet corps).
  • Correctional boarding schools (there are 8 types, differ in the diagnosis of the disease).

Boarding School Education

Children living in this kind of institution can stay in it permanently. However, at the request of the parents, or their substitutes - guardians and trustees, the inmates of the boarding school can leave the walls of their place of residence for some time on weekends, during holidays and for a good reason.

Pupils of boarding schools are provided with all the necessary things:

  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Clothes and footwear.
  • Household inventory.
  • Toys and so on.

At the end of the boarding school for children left for any reason without parental care, they are sent for further education to the place assigned to the child. This procedure is carried out compulsorily. It is common in the case of deprivation of parental rights by parents, who, in the absence of a child, do not have the right, according to legal legislation, to sell or exchange their living space. In fact, after graduating from secondary education, a child is returned to the same family from which he was removed when he was little. For the most part, former boarding school pupils come to the ruins, or return to the immoral environment in which they were in childhood.

How does a boarding school differ from an orphanage?

MOSCOW, September 4 - RIA Novosti, Alexey Mikheev. “We are here with a weirdo,” the director of the orphanage laughs and points to a small tree. A handle from a century-old giant, planted in St. Petersburg by one of the saints, grows right at the gates of a two-story house in the north of Moscow, where twenty-five children live. Some of them were literally saved from death.

All children here have a difficult fate. Many did not study at all, someone studied for a long time and forgot everything. They try to make "real men" out of them, who do not whine, do not cry and take care of those who are weaker. In this orphanage they dream that it will be the same in every state orphanage.

Cook so that an adult won't eat

They get here in different ways. There are orphans, there are children whose parents have been deprived of parental rights. But most of them are from difficult families and are here temporarily while mom and dad are going through a "trial period". Pupils go to services, some help in the church and sing in the church choir. One graduate even went to sing at a monastery in the Vladimir region, in the famous Zosimova hermitage.

According to her deputy and chief assistant Andrei, the overwhelming majority of such parents are themselves from state orphanages. They have no idea what a family is and how to live in it.

"They were" looked after "all the time - nannies, cleaners. This mother, who returned the child to us" with a profit ", was first given one apartment, then another, and she does not know basic things. what she has prepared, an adult will not eat, let alone a child. Having no experience, they cannot pass it on to children. And this can really last for generations: one creates a family, then his children end up in an orphanage ... It's easy to send a child there - "I myself grew up there, it's normal there!" - Andrey gets excited.

Where the future patriarch grows up

Opening for orphanages who drink sweet tea from a saucepan all their lives: sugar exists "in nature" separately. "What is it?" They ask, seeing him on the table. Food, it turns out, needs to be cooked, and bread does not grow on trees.

"All this takes a lot of effort. In addition, in studies they have to be raised from scratch altogether. One boy did not even speak, only made sounds. Where he came to us, no one can explain. six years, and in development - less than two. Now he serves in the altar, studies well. God compensated him for his backwardness with phenomenal memory - we stage performances, so he is able to remember all the roles, one can recite everything. We call him "walking flash drive" - laughs Andrey.

Another pupil, before getting here, fell from the fifth floor - right on the feast of the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos (his mother went headlong into the sect and forgot about everything in the world). But not a single scratch was found on it! He was baptized already here, in an orphanage - in honor of Patriarch Tikhon, whose memory falls just on the Annunciation. Now he lives with an Orthodox family, helps in the church and wants to become a patriarch.

"According to the charter, unfortunately, we can accept only 25 children. But we take on the principle" whom God will send, "says Natalya.

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