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We open a children's clothing store

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Intellectual, sporting achievements of children are important for parents. The desire to broaden their horizons, give new knowledge and improve the skills of the child makes them turn to professionals. Education is a promising direction for your own business.

When is the best time to start

At first glance, opening a children's development center does not leave any difficulty: business does not require special skills, it is not associated with seasonality. A more detailed analysis of the work of developing organizations turns out to be different. It is important not only to prepare the legal basis for the work of the center, to organize its work, but also to choose the right time for the start.

The most inappropriate period is summer. This is a time of rest, long walks on the street, and therefore the influx of people will be small.

The best time to start is September-October. Autumn is associated with the beginning of educational activities.

Areas of activity

Before choosing a business line, it is important to determine the needs of potential customers.

In the central part of the city, there is a need for organizations specializing in organizing leisure activities for young children. Due to the increased population density, there is a shortage of kindergartens, so mothers who plan to start work before the end of maternity leave do not have the opportunity to take up work. On their part, the maximum demand for early development centers and leisure organizations is guaranteed.

In "sleeping" areas there is often a shortage of centers for physical development: dance clubs, sports clubs, centers for the study of foreign languages, teaching the fine arts.

How to open your own children's development center

The demand for clothes for children remains stable from year to year. Each family invariably spends part of the budget on kids, because they grow and their wardrobe needs to be constantly updated.

Therefore, the business project of opening a small shop with an assortment of suits, dresses and pants will be profitable and profitable. Such a business can be opened in a small town or metropolis - there will be good demand everywhere.

You don't know how to start a children's clothing store from scratch and there are many unsolvable questions?

  • How much money do you need to invest in this venture?
  • What difficulties may arise during registration?
  • Which suppliers are better to work with?
  • How to prepare the best business plan yourself?

Then this article will be useful for you. But first things first.

Collection and analysis of information

Before starting your own business, you will need to collect information that will further help you understand the needs of buyers and assess the profitability of the enterprise.

According to analysts, the structure of spending on baby products is as follows: 34% are for clothes, 12% for shoes, 18% for toys and 36% for other goods, including diapers and food.

On the forums of active mothers of the city, in already open children's departments and centers, you need to find out the following:

  • the number of similar outlets;
  • their location, assortment, permanent contingent;
  • ease of placement of equipment, its variety and number; <
  • level of customer satisfaction: what to like, what causes negative emotions, what is lacking in the range of products.

Another way to get information is to get a job as a sales assistant or administrator, and see the situation from the inside. So, you will gain valuable experience before starting your own business, you will be able to avoid common mistakes, learn the needs and difficulties of staff. Having understood the nuances of profitable sales and the organization of the workflow, you will be able to understand whether the lesson is within your power, you will be able to carry it out, whether it is interesting. If there is no free money, and you have to take out a loan to open a store, then an entrepreneur with at least minimal experience in this area will have a better chance of paying it off and getting profit.

How to attract buyers?

Business idea and information on how to open your own children's development center and what is needed for this - what documents, permits will be required for the organization

In the confrontation between parents - adherents of free education and supporters of early childhood development, the latter have been confidently winning for many years. More and more parents are thinking about developing activities for their children almost from the cradle, and opening a children's center can become a profitable business idea. What is needed to implement such a project? Let's try to draw up a step-by-step plan on how to open a children's development center.

Step Formulating the concept

Before drawing up a business plan, you need to decide on the format of the future center. Universal children's groups with different age groups, where parents can "throw" a child for a few hours while doing business - a service in demand, but such a "kindergarten for an hour" has nothing to do with developing education. Clients - parents need to understand who they trust their children and what they pay money for, so think carefully about the concept of work:

  • the age of the adopted children;
  • the principle of group formation (age limits, other criteria);
  • the main direction of development (comprehensive, creative, intellectual, physical, emphasis on a foreign language, etc.);
  • the programs and methods used;
  • the short-term or long-term stay of children in the center;
  • the presence of individual classes, psychological and correctional work with children.

This is the so-called "pedagogical" part of the project, which will make your center attractive and serious in the eyes of potential clients.

Who exactly these potential clients are will largely determine your next steps. If you are counting on children from wealthy families, be prepared for the costs: from renting expensive premises to hiring the best teachers. If your category is "economy class", you can get by with little financial blood, choosing a small room in a residential area and limiting yourself to a minimum of services and hired personnel.

Next, decide on the schedule of the institution, the number and types of activities, the preliminary schedule, the composition of specialists for working with children.

Step Register a business

To open a children's center, you must register as an entrepreneur. This is where the Education Law comes into play. It is possible for individuals to engage in children's leisure, tutoring, preparation for school and other services without licensing only in the form of individual teaching activities.

Having issued an individual entrepreneur without a license, you can personally conduct classes, take the administrator and technical staff to the center, but you cannot hire teaching staff to work with children, being in this status. Invited teachers must also be individual entrepreneurs, otherwise you will have to obtain a license for an individual entrepreneur or immediately register a legal entity, be licensed and become a full-fledged educational organization.

For starting a business by a person who has not been "cooked" for many years in the educational system, the first option is preferable: it is simpler and cheaper. The official name of the center, which appears in all documents, will sound like your full name with the prefix IP, and in everyday life and advertising materials, you can call your company whatever you like: a development center, a club, a baby school, etc.

  • Register as an individual entrepreneur or LLC by submitting documents to the tax office at the place of residence.
  • When filling out the application, indicate the correct activities according to OKVED, for example, 85. 2 (babysitting), 93. 5 - personal services, 92. 1 - club activities.
  • Select the optimal tax regime. Most likely it will be "simplified": it is not difficult to conduct accounting and submit reports to the STS on your own.
  • Open a current bank account.

Step Obtaining a license

The demand for goods for children remains high and stable. Thanks to this, children's stores of a narrow profile, specializing, for example, only in the sale of baby food or children's shoes, bring a decent profit. Therefore, opening a large store with a rich assortment of goods will become a highly profitable and profitable enterprise.

It is more convenient for every customer, especially the parents of a little man, to make all purchases in one place than to go to several retail outlets with a meager list of goods. To organize this type of business, nothing supernatural is required. However, those who are interested in the question of how to open a children's store should know about the nuances and intricacies of this business. By the way, if you love children and are interested in business ideas related to working with children, I recommend reading a business idea on the topic of opening a home kindergarten.


There is a high level of competition in the children's goods market, there have long been giants of this business and small stores of various types. And to take its rightful place, you need to at least keep up with competitors. But there is no reason to assert that competition strongly impedes the successful development of large stores of children's goods. Indeed, from year to year, sales are only increasing. To start this large business, you will need a solid start-up capital, since each item of the expenditure side of the business plan is associated with significant investments.


At the moment, the best option would be to locate a children's goods store in large shopping and entertainment centers and nearby buildings. According to statistics, the location of a large store in a busy residential area, which until recently was quite successful, is now better to abandon. Finding a suitable rental space in a good entertainment center is quite difficult. After all, we are talking about how to open a children's store with an area of ​​at least 40 square meters. meters excluding storage facilities, which are necessary for storing large-sized baby goods (for example, strollers or car seats). In addition, a free trade zone should not be close to serious competitors. For these reasons, the search for square meters can become protracted, thereby forcing many to abandon this business at an early stage.

You can take the risk of being close to a competitor, but this will require a detailed analysis of its customer flow and assortment. For example, if a competitor sells mainly baby food, clothing and footwear, then you can start selling baby carriages, cribs, and highchairs. In this case, the stores will be complementary and will become more attractive to customers, since the missing product in one store will certainly be found in the next one. The amount of rent for such a site starts from 60,000 rubles and is directly related to a specific shopping center and settlement.

Room design

After choosing a suitable room, start arranging it. Of course, the interior of the store should contain bright colors, colorful pictures depicting characters from popular cartoons. To create an original children's interior, you can use the services of professional designers. As a rule, there are no problems at this stage. The cost of finishing the premises varies from 130,000 to 150,000 rubles, depending on the agreement with the specialist.

Please note: You can download a ready-made business plan for a children's store from our partners with a quality guarantee!

Supplier selection

Step-by-step instructions for opening a travel agency

So you've decided that you want your own travel business. Now you need to officially register it. Most choose LLC (Limited Liability Company) as a legal form, but some also work under an individual entrepreneur (Individual Entrepreneur). In the case of an individual entrepreneur, in conflict (judicial) situations, an entrepreneur pays immediately with his property, with an LLC (at the first stages of the conflict) - the authorized capital, which can be only 10,000 (ten thousand) rubles.

Choosing a name - it can be anything, even one that has already been used by someone. It is not at all necessary to give an official name with a tourist bias. If suddenly the travel agency activity does not work out, then you can use this legal entity for other matters. I was guided by the rule "what you call a ship, so it will float", and for almost 10 years now the travel agency created by me has been stable in the tourism market and has repeatedly been among the sales leaders in Moscow. The name of the travel agency may be the same as the name of the LLC, or it may be different or it may not be at all. If you decide to work under a franchise, then you don't have to think about it. If you decide to develop yourself as an independent brand, then it will come in handy at least for maintaining social networks and some minimal advertising. Experience shows that it is not worth thinking about it for too long - the main content is here, not the appearance.

Next, you decide who will be the CEO and who will be the founder. If you are alone - everything is simple, if in a company with a girlfriend or husband, then agree before registering the company. Also at this stage you need to choose a taxation system for the company. It is better to consult with an accountant who knows the specifics of the agency business and, in particular, travel agencies. Most work on a simplified income minus expense tax system with a 15% rate.

List of documents

You can prepare all the necessary documents yourself:

  • application for state registration of a legal entity;
  • decision on establishment;
  • company charter;
  • Notice of accepted taxation.

Or you can contact a company that specializes in such services. The most important thing is not to forget to register the OKVED code 79 in the types of economic activities of the future company. 1 - the activities of travel agencies. Without it, the partners will refuse to enter into a contractual relationship, and the activity will be illegal.

Types of travel agencies Choosing a location

After your company is legally “born”, you can start working. At this point, it would be great to know exactly what you want to sell:

  • "last minute" tours are usually the cheapest;
  • tours to a specific country or continent (for example, only to Africa);
  • exotic tours (to Costa Rica, Peru, the Philippines - where it is long and difficult to get to, where there are no ready-made counted tours);
  • expeditions (North Pole, Antarctica, etc.) .);
  • group excursion tours (only groups - schoolchildren, adults, when a whole group of quite possibly unfamiliar people follows the entire route);
  • river and/or sea cruises;
  • tours to luxury hotels 5 * around the world;
  • children's camps;
  • yoga tours;
  • only individual tours directly under wishes of each specific Client;
  • author tours, etc.
Or just a universal travel agency, which is the majority. If you have not decided yet, then you can not yet refer and advertise yourself as something highly specialized. In the course of work, you will understand who is most of all, why and why they are contacting you, with whom and with what you like to work more, and, if necessary, retrain only in the sale of luxury Maldives. But you need to understand that a stranger most likely will not go to buy a tour for half a million in a dark room under the stairs of some half-abandoned mansion in a crooked alley. Therefore, it would be great to think over and calculate your possibilities about what kind of office and where you want to have.

At this stage, you can consider working on a franchise. It can be a brand of some famous tour operator (Coral, Sanmar, Intourist, Anex, Tui, Pegasus, etc.) or a network of travel agencies (Hot Tours, Last-minute deals store, 1001 tour, Pink Elephant, Fly, Geography, etc.). ). They usually have preferences for the location, size and design of the office, which on the one hand narrows your search, and on the other, imposes certain obligations and adds costs. At the initial stage, perhaps this is a good option - the attractiveness of the brand can give Customers, but this is not certain.

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